Innovation Project Management

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We are excited to bring you this blog post on Innovation Project Management, which is adapted from Dr. Harold Kerzner’s new book of the same title. Below, he explains why this topic is so important, the types of challenges that innovation project managers face, and much more.

How Smart Managers Create an Innovation Culture

Likely with good intention, since it is culture that enables groups of talented but different people to come together in a way that allows a project to be completed, a team to grow and success to be sustained. Another popular word that gets tossed around often is innovation.

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Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen

I recently spoke at Dubai International Project Management Forum ( DIPMF ) and was struck by the innovative theme of the conference. Already when I prepared for my presentation the organisers said, “Innovation is a big thing down here”, and indeed it is. Innovation

Efosa Ojomo on Market-Creating Innovation

International Institute of Learning

Efosa Ojomo is Senior Research Fellow and Lead of Global Prosperity Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Of the three types of innovation [market-creating, sustaining, efficiency], how do you determine which one to focus a team’s energy?

Mike Cottmeyer at Innovate Virginia 2019

Leading Agile

If you want your Transformation to be sustainable, you’re going to need to find a way to systematically overcome the structural, procedural, and cultural barriers that get in the way of Transformation. Agile Transformation @ Innovate Virginia from LeadingAgile

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Project Innovation and “Crossing the Chasm”

Tony Adams

How do we plan with certainty when we are working in an disruptive environment that requires rapid, innovative thinking? How does an organisation’s business and innovation context affect the way it approaches project management? Where are our innovation priorities?

DevOps Deeper Dive: DevOps Accelerates Open Source Innovation Pace

Brad Egeland

This is why organisations look towards DevOps (Development and Operations) services, for they can garner an innovative open-source culture and speed up the software development process. Today, most of the enterprises collaborate like never before to innovate the open-source sphere.

Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

The IIL Blog

Companies are recognizing that brand loyalty accompanied by a higher level of quality does not always equate to customer retention unless supported by some innovations. According to management guru Peter Drucker, there are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation [Drucker, 2008]. Innovation is often viewed as the Holy Grail of business and the primary driver for growth. The question, of course, is “How do we manage innovation needs?”.

Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tad Haas’ How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG webinar, How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success. Tad: The conversation today is built off a white paper called Innovation and Portfolio Management Office.

Project Innovation – a Value Chain Approach

Tony Adams

We talk a lot about using innovation to create exciting and funky products, and to deliver a competitive advantage. Value chain thinking gives us a powerful toolkit to help pinpoint innovation opportunities within our project delivery practice. Exploiting these opportunities gives us a leg-up to deliver innovative business outcomes to the market, faster and cheaper than our competitors. Identifying Innovation Opportunities Across the Value Chain.

When is growth not the best choice? Why we chose to build Planio as a sustainable business instead of drowning in VC dollars


But the honest truth is that non-stop growth isn’t sustainable. Or do you want to build a sustainable company that supports you and your team for the long-term? A “sustainable” business isn’t just about funding. A sustainable business is more creative and innovative.

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Diversifying a City’s Economy by ‘Innovating Out’ From the Core


Diversifying a City's Economy by 'Innovating Out' From the Core. In a recent article , James Lochrie – a national tech leader – points out the amazing transition happening in the Calgary innovation ecosystem as we move from primarily “energy tech” innovation to a more broad-based collection of startups that cross industry boundaries. And, in particular, one that has been built up over the decades to sustain an energy/resource sector?

Design Thinking, Innovation Workshop

Tony Adams

This week, I went to a fabulous 2-day workshop with the good folk at Monash University, during which we spoke about innovation practices in both commercial and non-commercial project environments.

8 Sustainability Trends for 2017


Here – courtesy of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership – are your 8 Sustainability Trends Driving Business in 2017. Tech-driven innovation disrupts societies and industries.

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Never work weekends again: The keys to a sustainable work pace

Guerrilla Project Management

A conversation with Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, on how agile methods enable his team to build a sustainable and humane work pace while still meeting the needs of his business. A conversation with Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, on how agile methods enable his team to build a sustainable and humane work pace while still meeting the needs of his business.

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33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0: Vote for the Best!


I’ve assembled a list of blogs that give me substantial food for thought when I write on innovations in project management. tools empower innovation and collaboration in the business environment. The post 33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0:

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6 Practical Tips For Improving Your Team’s Digital Skills


We can and we must develop a flexible, sustainable approach to innovation in an era of constant change. Finding a way to integrate learning and work to cultivate a continuous study process could be your golden ticket to hacking innovation. Innovation Work management

2018 88

Getting the Most Out of Your Project Planning Sessions

Project Smart

As a manager or team leader, you should be full to the brim with innovative ideas about how you can improve both your workflow and business objectives.

Dr. Harold Kerzner’s Project Management Predictions for 2020

International Institute of Learning

Strategic projects (such as those involving innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship) may require different skills, a greater understanding of risk management (especially business risk management), and the use business metrics in addition to the traditional time, cost and scope metrics.

2020 84

Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

From the top down, the entire organization must be committed to sustaining quality improvements for them to be achieved. Control: In order to make sure that these improvements are sustainable, monitor them by creating a control plan.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

One of the largest series of conferences for project managers in North America, the Project Summit has industry innovators who help professionals be more productive, and learn best practices, skills and strategies to succeed.

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Celebrating Women in Project Management

Even after all that time, women in project management are still a hidden key to our global and economic sustainability. It’s a process, a mindset and a shift to keep our global economy sustainable, innovative and engaged.

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Key Growth Strategies for New Businesses

Look to Your Competition: They can give you a canary in the coalmine view of the market and whether it can sustain growth or not. Make innovation one of your strategies, because things change, and the only way to stay on top of that change is by never becoming complacent.

7 Logical Fallacies That Can Harm Your Decision Making (With Examples)

Plus, being innovative requires taking risks and being aggressive. That means a retreat from innovation, which is bad business. Logic appears to have been thrown out the window nowadays.

2018 410

An Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The field is anything but static, with developments continuing to this day, including taking into consideration issues of sustainability, as well as other ethical concerns, and incorporating risk management.

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Healthcare PMO: BCBS Roundtable Exchanges Thought Provoking Ideas


These include realizing Agile-at-scale, embracing the changing world of work, and creating an innovation culture. Then there is the pressure to innovate and deliver the right products and services to BCBS members quickly. Creating an Innovation Culture: “Crowdsourcing is powerful.”.

The Agile Fluency model

Henny Portman

Delivering teams deliver on the market cadence (agile sustainability). Optimizing teams lead their market (innovative business agility, agile’s promise).

Agile 65

Diversity and inclusion can increase team performance

Susanne Madsen

As project managers we want our team members to be innovative, to solve problems and to identify risks before they turn into issues. In teams where there is diversity of thinking, levels of innovation can be up to 20% higher and 30% more risks can be spotted.

2019 78

How to Handle Digital Transformation Pain Points

Epicflow Blog

One of the major challenges is that despite claiming to love innovation, people still resist change. Going digital is not only about bringing innovation but also about changing the culture, being flexible and ready to introduce new programs.

2019 100

How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

The lesson I need to remember is that, whilst experimenting is an integral part of innovation, the most successful programmes are those that recognise the ongoing needs of business-as-usual and balance the tried and tested with the new.

2019 355

The Calm Before the Project Management Storm

Arras People

Where is the drive, the creativity, the innovation, the flexibility, the usefulness? Yet the lip service played to the challenges of climate change, sustainability, globalization, diversity is staggering in its hypocrisy.

2017 195

Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

The IIL Blog

Building High-Performance Teams necessitates that we utilize innovative tools and techniques to engage the audience. Sustaining motivation through the number of reported productive hours. By Dr. Willis H. Thomas, PMP, CPT .

A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Continuous innovation and improvement are regular practices. Agile processes promote sustainable development. Innovation happens quickly these days, and teams need to be able to adjust.

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10 Construction Conferences In 2019


Building Innovation Conference and Expo. The Building Innovation conference brings together a team of building professionals that work together and gain insights into the different aspects of high performance and resiliency in the industry.

Why Are Daily Scrum Meetings Important for Successful Project Management?


Making people a part of a self-organizing and self-engaging team makes them more innovative, creative, and appreciated for their experience, knowledge, and expertise. Sustainable work practices assure people don’t get tired or burn out from overwork load or stress.


Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


To trace the origins of this concept that sounds so innovative, we have to go back to the year 1956. Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big-Data technologies, they will be able to deliver more creative and innovative solutions to their customers.

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Agile Project Management Principles


8-Agile processes promote sustainable development. Your project development team should be able to stay focus and work under conditions which are sustainable. Project teams often run into problems when the development is not sustainable.

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Top 20 Project Management Methodologies & their Scions: Which One You Should Choose & Why?


It follows the project lifecycle even after delivery and focuses on maximizing sustainability. This allows you to come up with new and innovative ideas to redesign your products. Innovation centric organizations adopt this methodology because it allows them to stay true to their corporate culture of innovation. Project management has evolved quickly from a set of principles to a comprehensive domain of knowledge.

How to use Agile Principles to Transform your Business?


They benefit and sustain the company in the long-run. Show the side that being agile means to move away from the comfort zone and innovatively do things. Businesses are moving forward – if you are not moving with that speed, you are losing quite a lot of business.

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6 Ways to Manage Projects Like a Nordic

Girl's Guide to PM

The Nordic countries are frequently featured in the news for their egalitarian lifestyles, high performing education systems and technological innovations. This is a guest article from Kayleigh Töyrä, coming to us from Bristol but with her roots firmly in Finland.

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