7 Steps to Create a Useful Knowledge Base


What is a knowledge base? Self-Service Best Practices: 7 Steps to Create a Useful Knowledge Base For Your Customers. Choose who your knowledge base is for (or make multiple ones). How to write an effective knowledge base article.

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The Knowledge-Based Economy: Are You and Your Company Ready for the New Era?


Until recently, knowledge was for the few. The post The Knowledge-Based Economy: Are You and Your Company Ready for the New Era? To learn something, you would need to take a course, turn to a specialist or spend weeks at a time looking through books and other sources. The internet was still unavailable for most of us, and the amount of information that could be found on it was far […]. appeared first on For Managers | Personal Development Hacks. Leadership

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Everything You Need To Know About TimeCamp!


Project Management faq frequently asked questions knowledge base real time tracking app time management time tracking app time tracking software TimeCampWe decided to make the most basic information about our software more accessible to the public. Thus, the idea of this article.

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How to More Efficiently Manage Plans with GanttPRO: Archived Projects and Extended Project Cards

GanttPRO Project Management

Project management as an activity requires deep background and knowledge base as well as an overall profound understanding of all processes. At the same time, it is difficult to keep […]. News GanttPRO Project Management Tips Updates

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Enterprise Agile Coach Masterclass with Two ICAgile Certifications (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)


Each of these modules contains at least two high standard knowledge-based certifications and each of these modules ends with a competency-based Certifications called ICAgile Expert.

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What is the focus of ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT Programs?


Each of these tracks contain at least two high standard knowledge-based certifications and each track ends with a competency-based Certifications called ICAgile Expert.

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PMI plus Disciplined Agile might be a marriage made in Heaven

Kiron Bondale

PMI now has the ability to incorporate the significant intellectual property of DA within their knowledge base and by doing so, enhance the value proposition of their standards and practice guides.

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Welcome to the New LiquidPlanner.com!


Take a look at the new Support Center where you’ll find our knowledge base , training videos , and information on professional services. The LiquidPlanner website has gotten an update recently. We’ve created a cleaner, more modern experience that’s easy to navigate and fun to explore.

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AI In Project Management: 7 Ways in Which AI Will Transform Project Management


4- Knowledge-Based Systems. Gone are the days when AI used to be dumb and can only act based on the data you feed. Today, AI-based systems are smarter than ever before and can learn new things with the passage of time.

Streamline Project Workflows with Inter-project Dependencies


Read all about it in this Knowledge Base article and let us know what you think by sending your feedback to success@easyprojects.net. During a project’s life cycle, assistance from various departments may be required in order to move forward.

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Feeling Stuck? LiquidPlanner Can Help


Knowledge Base. Browse the hundreds of help articles available in the LiquidPlanner Knowledge Base with the convenient new “search” bar, located at the top of each user’s Help tab. We are excited to announce the release of the updated in-app Help Tab.

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The perils of percentage availability…

Kiron Bondale

This is unfortunately the case for most knowledge-based work. Through education or experience most of us learn early in our project management careers about the dangers of using percentage complete for any activity where the work completed cannot be reliably measured.

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Why You Should Schedule Around People, Not Tasks

Girl's Guide to PM

Everyone is a project manager, because the nature of modern work is project-based. They’re simple, linear, and workflow based. Flow to Work: Knowledge Is A Skill. It’s about applying knowledge to new problems. This, in turn, creates more knowledge.

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10 Reasons Why Teamwork Matters in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Your team members have a lot of shared knowledge between them: use it. Surround yourself with people who complement your personal strengths so that you have all the skill and knowledge bases covered. This is a guest article by Melissa Lobo of Project Female.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019

Arras People

PRINCE2 – Top of the Pile: Love it or otherwise, the PRINCE2 certification still retains its position as the most common amongst UK based project management practitioners; with roughly two-thirds of the pool saying they have the Practitioner level of achievement.

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A Letter From Our CEO About COVID-19


Informed by company core values of Service First and Courage to Change , this decision was easy to make and straight forward to implement because we are cloud-based and use LiquidPlanner to manage our work. Many of our practices can be explored in depth in our blog and knowledge base.

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Defeating the multitasking monster

Kiron Bondale

Whether it is the waste generated by context switching, the elevated stress levels for staff or the increased cost of poor quality, few people would assert that it is a good practice for knowledge-based work. Multiple research studies have shown the negative impacts of multitasking.

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7 Problem-Solving Skills You Need to Improve to Get More Done


Brainstorming with your team only expands the knowledge base and improves problem solving, especially if they’re experienced and have seeped that experience into research of their own. When confronted with a problem, many of us like to procrastinate or avoid the problem altogether.

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Effective project sponsor briefing is essential.

Ron Rosenhead

So, here you are, in a situation where your knowledge base is low and the expectations of your sponsor and possible the project board are high. It’s a key strategic objective.

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How to Make a Scope Management Plan


Other factors to consider are the processes and procedures, which are key to any project’s success, and the corporate knowledge base. Our cloud-based project management software has the tools to implement your scope management plan and keep scope creep at bay.

What challenges will project managers face a decade from now?

Kiron Bondale

Improvements in virtual reality technologies, near zero communication latency, increased global literary, self-serve professional development and crowdsourcing becoming commonplace should help to reduce the impact of human resource constraints on knowledge-based projects.

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Double Grouping, now supporting Booking Categories

Hub Planner

Booking Category Groups Knowledge Base . Reading Time: 2 minutes Hub Planner Double Grouping Reports now supports Booking Categories. Hub Planner releases a new update to the Resource Management Softwares reporting platform. Now, add a secondary grouping by booking category.

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Project Management Careers Q&A – PMO Manager Career Path

Arras People

It’s important that your current PMO experience – especially in functions and services that are relatable to portfolio management such as investment appraisals, prioritisation, enterprise resource management and so on are already part of your knowledge base. A role like this also requires much more business knowledge and acumen than one which is focused on “doing the projects right” kind of PMO.

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Are your lessons garbage or gold?

Kiron Bondale

I’ve also recommended that incorporating lessons into standard practices is better than just consolidating them into a repository, no matter how easy it might be to search that knowledge base. In either case, time is wasted and knowledge is lost.

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Hub Planner release Booking Category Groups to the suite of Resource Management features.

Hub Planner

Knowledge Base. Take a look at the Booking Categories knowledge base for an in depth view of how the Premium Extension will work. Booking Category Groups Premium Extension Knowledge Base.

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The New and Improved LiquidPlanner Help Center


The new Help Center has three main categories: Knowledge Base – Detailed documentation and guides on how to get the most out of LiquidPlanner. In a self-service business world, it’s important to have quick access to the right kind of help articles.

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How to Identify and Hire a Strong Project Manager


Does this individual have the knowledge base and abilities to perform the technical aspects of the job? Hiring a new project manager can be stressful and time-consuming.

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Online repositories or project documents (Part Two)?

Kiron Bondale

This week, I’ll concluded the assessment by covering the pros and cons of an online repository-based approach. Even if a tool is developed in house, build and maintenance costs will be significantly greater than what’s required with a document-based approach.

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5 Ways Project Team Collaboration can Drive Innovation


The team can then use this as the context for developing innovative solutions or for applying knowledge from previous projects effectively. Below are five ways you can ensure continuious collaboration, to help manage knowledge and drive innovation.

5 Ways Project Team Collaboration can Drive Innovation


The team can then use this as the context for developing innovative solutions or for applying knowledge from previous projects effectively. Below are five ways you can ensure continuious collaboration, to help manage knowledge and drive innovation.

Factors Driving Project Management Within An Enterprise Environment


Implementing a best practice knowledge base centre such as a Program Management Office (PMO).

15 Killer Project Management Best Practices to Make You a Better Manager


While this developer might have experience, he doesn't have the formal knowledge or executive powers to perform his project management role adequately. their formal PM knowledge, certifications, etc.). One way to solve this problem is to use developer-based estimating.

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Factors Driving Project Management Within An Enterprise Environment


Implementing a best practice knowledge base centre such as a Program Management Office (PMO).

KeyedIn: Professional services organizations face one of world’s greatest balancing acts


— 11 April 2013 — Running a Professional Services Organisation (PSO) is one of the world‘s greatest balancing acts, according to KeyedIn™ Solutions, the cloud-based solutions company. KeyedIn has answered the need by creating a set of tools specifically focused on Professional Services Organizations to help them manage projects and programs more knowledgeably, efficiently and profitably – with an ongoing improvement in client satisfaction.

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AI Assistants for Project Managers

Leading Answers

Knowledge Based Expert System (KBES) – these work from decision trees of IF - THEN statements to provide expertise. Machine Learning – this builds on Knowledge Based Expert Systems and Artificial Neural Networks to create predictive analytics that can provide validation and advice.

What Does it Feel Like to be a Project Manager (True Story)

PM Basics

You will lack systematic knowledge of project management. It is difficult without solid knowledge. You will have a solid knowledge base. You will gain enough knowledge and experience. Someone will want to achieve perfection and get even more knowledge and skills.

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Let’s Be Agile Together!

Arras People

My employing organisation had a methodology for project delivery, which changed and evolved over the years as our knowledge base increased; that base accounted for not only our own learning, but those of the wider project management community.

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Agile Planning: What Is It & How You Should Do It

ProProfs Project Management

On the other hand, you can opt for agile planning if you are creating a knowledge base as new requirements don’t cost you a dime. Besides keeping your team working in an expected manner, you can release features based on your plan. Change is the only constant. Heraclitus.

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7 Signs Your Project is Bound to Fail


Our advice: Start a knowledge base of all project processes for your company. You can create docs as task lists within your project management tool or use a knowledge management tool, such as Tettra. If project success rates were a movie, they’d be a horror film.

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October Product Update: Focus on What’s Important with New Alerts


See the Alerts article in the LiquidPlanner Knowledge Base for more details. We’re trying to elevate the importance of schedule- or effort-based risk, which is something that we can generate with our scheduling engine.

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