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Project Management Basics: Definitions, Methods and Tools

If you need more help with project management, check out all of our resources and project management tools for reaching your full potential. That means assembling a team, getting the tools and supplies they need and securing a site and the necessary resources. The more tools in hand, the more manageable the project and your tasks.

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Task Prioritization Templates, Tools and Techniques

Task prioritization is a powerful tool when executing a project. Our robust task list tool is one of multiple project views. Task Management Templates There are other tools that can help you with task prioritization. To-Do List Template A to-do list is an essential task management tool. It’s ready when you are.

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5 Must-Have Resource Management Tools

Resource management tools are an essential part of any project management software. Every project has materials, tools, equipment, people or resources to manage. In other words, resource management is making sure you have the right people, tools, materials, etc., at the right time to execute the project. Learn more.

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Resource Management: Process, Tools & Techniques

To do so, they need to use resource management techniques and tools. Resource Management Tools. These are the tools that project managers use to apply resource management techniques to plan, use and monitor project resources. In some project management software tools, however, this is more than a simple view. Try it free!

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From Planning to Results, How to Choose a Tool to Manage Marketing Projects

With increased channels, tools, and pressure to achieve goals, your work management platform must be able to: Manage complex projects within tight time frames. Harness data from all channels to make decisions in real time. Prove ROI to the broader business. Download the eBook today!

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Five Reasons Why AI is Not a Replacement for Project Managers [It is a tool].

Green Project Management

There’s been heaps of buzz around AI taking over jobs across various industries, and project […] The post Five Reasons Why AI is Not a Replacement for Project Managers [It is a tool]. appeared first on Driving Sustainable Change.

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What we want from project management tools in 2022

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I want project management tools with the same level of usability. Tools that work without a huge learning curve. The amount of icons and menu options on an enterprise tool shows me that. The tech exists out there to move project management tools on leaps and bounds. I know what we do is complicated.

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Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Think your customers will pay more for data visualizations in your application? Five years ago they may have. But today, dashboards and visualizations have become table stakes. Discover which features will differentiate your application and maximize the ROI of your embedded analytics. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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Scale Your Resource Management Practice With Collaborative Work Management

We’ll go through everything you need to get started on your journey to better resource management, and the fundamental tools you need to fully leverage resources at your organization. In this eBook, we refer to resources as the people on a project team.

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Potholes in your Roadmap and How to Fill Them

Speaker: Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor

How to make sure your roadmap is a helpful tool, and not a weapon. She'll take you through all the opportunities to improve your organization's relationship to its roadmap that you may have missed along the way. We'll cover: How to balance feature and non-feature investments. March 28, 2019 11:00 AM PST, 2:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM GMT

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How Sales Enablement is Supporting Social Selling in 2022

Speaker: Brynne Tillman CEO | LinkedIn Whisperer at Social Sales Link

LinkedIn, even the free version, is an essential sales tool that every sales professional should be using, while leadership is continuing to turn to Sales Enablement to ensure that the business development team has all the strategies and tactics they need to be successful.

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Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided.

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The Innovative PM: Cultivating Creativity in the Evolving Hybrid Workspace

Speaker: Rachel Rai Henry, Founder of the Creative Flow School

Practical, in-depth examples of tools that support streamlining and auditing hybrid teams. How a creative approach to project management leads to less employee burnout and overall increased productivity. Best practices for boosting communication and connectivity in hybrid workplace management.

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Alternatives to PPM Tools for Today's Anywhere Workforce

This means moving beyond what most basic PPM tools offer to a tool that better fits their needs and sets them up for long-term success. But there are some important things to consider when adopting a whole new tool. To survive in the future of work and beyond, PMOs need to evolve.

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What is Data Storytelling? The Value of Context and Narrative

This blog acts as a beginner’s guide to what data storytelling means for your company’s business intelligence and data analytics, explains the importance of leveraging it today, and illustrates how Yellowfin’s own set of storytelling tools can enrich your insight reporting efforts.