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Winning Estimation Tactics for Agile Teams: From Calibration to Confidence

Estimates are notoriously bad. In the world of agile development, inaccurate estimates can lead to missed deadlines, blown budgets, and frustrated teams. Human biases, lack of historical data, and the complex nature of software development add layers of difficulty. But why is estimation so challenging?

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SWOT analysis in project management: definition, instruction & example


How to perform a SWOT analysis Once the SWOT analysis is completed: 5 key approaches for strategy development Concrete example: SWOT analysis in a software development project Conclusion 1. Understanding these strengths allows the project team to target them in order to maximize the project's chances of success.


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Agile Metrics — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Suitable agile metrics reflect either a team’s progress in becoming agile or your organization’s progress in becoming a learning organization. At the team level, qualitative agile metrics often work better than quantitative metrics. A team may have deliberately built some temporary solutions to speed up experimentation.

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What’s the Profile of a Good Project Manager?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Because of this, Systemation became intimately aware of the project managers’ strengths and weaknesses in performance and was able to reflect back on the assessment results and draw specific conclusions. If the score was low, they tended to be seen as emotionally volatile and not safe for their team members to get behind and follow.

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29 Agile Methodology Statistics and Trends for 2022

TrustRadius Project Management

Agile development is a relatively young workflow methodology. At the start of the millennium, software devs pioneered the development of agile, and here we are. We also examined the most important trends, exploring the attributes that make agile poised to succeed in the future. Agile Development Explosion in Popularity.

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Online Banking Fraud Trends and the Role of Detection Software


It then raises a virtual alarm when it detects something fishy, alerting security teams or automatically taking action to protect your accounts. Unlike human security teams, detection software doesn’t suffer from alert fatigue. Fraud detection tools can be utilized to stay safe from online banking fraud.

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Importance of Scenario Planning and Analysis in Business

Scenario planning is a strategy used to consider possible future events for an organization or project to develop an effective and relevant long-term plan to respond positively to that change. It considers trend analyses and qualitative data, but also examines quantitative data and past events. What Is Scenario Planning?

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