CSM certification guide: Certified ScrumMaster exam explained

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What is the CSM certification? The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) qualification, available through the Scrum Alliance, is an entry-level certification aimed at providing professionals with an awareness of the methodologies and values of Scrum, including team performance, accountability, and iterative progress. Agile practices are being rapidly adopted in project and product management across many industries, and the Scrum master is an important leadership role in agile development.

Project Management Q&A – Maintaining Your PMP Certification for Free

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What free options would you recommend for maintaining my PMP certification ? After spending over £400 to get your PMP certification you will probably want to avoid any extra costs maintaining and gaining up to date knowledge.

Everything You Need to Know About Six Sigma Certification


And are there different levels of Six Sigma certification? Six Sigma and Six Sigma certification, which is offered at various levels, can be confusing. These requirements also differ depending on the level of certification you’re seeking. What is Six Sigma?

The PMO Conference 2018

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For PMO practitioners wanting to gain their P3O© certifications in two days, there’s the accreditation days to take part in. For PMO practitioners wanting to upgrade their status to PMO Expert, there is a AIPMO certification course running the week after the conference.

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What is PMP Certification?


With over 750,000 professionals with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification across the world, the popularity of the diploma is clear, but what exactly is a PMP certification? So, we’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about PMP certification.

5 Reasons to Get Your PMI-RMP® Certification

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I recently had a project manager ask me which of the PMI certifications he should pursue. Certainly, the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® and the Project Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) ® certifications supercharged my project management career.

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CAPM certification guide: Certified Associate Project Manager exam explained

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What is the CAPM certification? The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers several globally recognized certifications in project management and the Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) certification is a great way to jump-start a career in the field. The new CAPM exam was launched in May 2018 and, in addition to proctored exams at approved test centers , the exam is now also available as an online proctored exam to accommodate individuals with busy schedules.

Certification Proliferation and Confusion

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Don’t even get me started on Agile certifications which have splintered and multiplied faster than the brooms in Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This is more like a career quest, rather than a 2018 learning aspiration.   We need the same with certifications.

Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications

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Which Agile Certification program should you follow? Classifying the Agile Certification Providers. Major Project Management organizations with Agile Certification programs These include the PMI and other national and international project management professional associations.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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This article, How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Would you like to make 2018 a successful year for your projects? What will you be doing in 2018 to have your most successful year ever?

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Hitting the Ground Running with CAPM Certification

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Sugar-free mints Calculator Timer What You’ll Learn ​ This course includes activities specifically designed to help you learn and remember key information that you will need to successfully pass PMI certification exam. The purpose of this program is help you become CAPM® certified and it is modeled after Cheetah's very successful Cheetah Exam Prep® for the PMP® Exam course.

Everything You Need to Know About the PMP Certification

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With that information in hand, if you were to ask us how important the majority professional certifications are today, we’d have to say: Not very. An exception to that rule would be Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.

Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

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This article, Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Are you looking to do a project management training course or take a certificate course this year? Certification: CAPM®, PMP®.

PMP certification: How to ace the Project Management Professional exam

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Following are details about the PMP certification and why it is so valuable, as well as insights into the layout of the exam, the prerequisites, costs, and tips on how to ace the exam. What is the PMP certification? The PMP certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the most industry-recognized certification for project managers. Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam can be challenging.

PMP Certification - the Cheetah Difference PLUS 30% Off

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Project Management Professional (PMP) – Cheetah has a 17 year proven track record and 98% pass rate. And right now use code SUPERSTARSUNDAY to get 30% off all training through Cheetah Learning including their #1 rated PMP Exam Prep. Accelerated PMP Exam Prep – 100% Passing Guarantee after 4 days of Prep. You take the exam on the fifth day and Cheetah guarantees you will pass. Cheetah takes you across the finish line.

Reasons to do a PRINCE2 Certification

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In this post, guest blogger Simplilearn explore just why PRINCE2 is the most popular project management certification in the UK. There are several project management certifications out there in the market and most people aren’t sure of which certification course to take.

Project Management Trends (2018 Edition)

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This article, Project Management Trends (2018 Edition) , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Here are the top project management trends for 2018 I think you should be watching out for.

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Only $79 - Make Sure You're Ready for the PMP Certification Test

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Register by April 27, 2018 and get this course for $79. It's important for you and the people you serve that you're successful with becoming PMP certified. So Cheetah Learning has created this program for you to reduce your risks and increase your chances of success with becoming a PMP.

Four Top Project Management Tools and Services to Check out in May 2018

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Perhaps you're looking for the best place to start your journey to project management professional (PMP) or similar certification. Feeling lost on what to do with PMP and certification?? Cheetah Learning is not like the other training and certification programs or organizations.

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A Full Immersion Approach to Project Management Training and Certification

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You earn PDUs, train, take the (and pass - 100% guaranteed) the PMP exam and other certification options , and move on to a new and improved project management career that - on average - will earn you $20,000 more each year. Use code BRADCCPM for 10% off training and certificationThe Full Immersion Approach: To give you the best chance of passing, Cheetah Learning uses an intense immersion approach with well proven advanced accelerated learning techniques.

Where to Go When Project Management Training and Certification is Your Priority

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Feeling lost on what to do with PMP and certification?? Cheetah Learning is not like the other training and certification programs or organizations. Use code BRADCCPM for 10% off training and certification

Top 5 Project Management Certifications To Become A Great Project Manager!

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There are many certification courses for project manager you should do. We here bring the great options in project management certification. Here you can know the various options available in certification and how to continue in your post. PMP certification prerequisites.

Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of CAPM Certification

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In this post you will find advantages and benefits of doing Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM) certification. You have heard a lot about Project Management Institute’s (PMI) career oriented certifications, especially CAPM.

Did You Know About 9 Components of PMI’s CAPM Certification Cost?

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CAPM certification cost is very high. How would you respond to this question – is it beneficial to get professional certifications? You would say certifications are very important for career growth. The post Did You Know About 9 Components of PMI’s CAPM Certification Cost?

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What's More Painful - a Root Canal or Project Management Certification?

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​Just reading this subject line - "What are Your Project Management Training Options" almost makes me feel like I'm asking you "when do you want to have that root canal?" But this is precisely the problem with improving projects - it doesn't have to be as bad as a painful dental procedure to learn more effective ways of doing your projects.

5 Reasons Why PMP Certification Should be on Your List of New Years Resolutions

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Have you made your New Years resolution list yet for 2018? If not then there's still time to add PMP certification to that list if you are a project manager. I can give you five good reasons why certification should be on your list. Some employers require certification.

8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018

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8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018. That’s why we pulled together a list of can’t-miss administrative professional conferences for 2018. Dates: April 25, 2018. Dates: October 23 – 26, 2018. Dates: July 28-31, 2018.

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What is a Project Management Certification? And Why Do I Need It?

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Project Management certification demonstrates an individual’s experience, knowledge, and skill in project management – and in many companies, it’s a requirement for new and current project managers. Questions increase the relevance and value of the certification.

Free PMP Certification Study Material Could Be No. 1 Deadly Sin

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You would be looking for free PMP certification material for the exam prep and studies. The post Free PMP Certification Study Material Could Be No. Who wouldn’t? Free is always good. There is an old adage. There is no free lunch.

Free Project Management Certification Training Material - PMP


PMP (Project Management Professional) is one of the most valued certifications for any project manager. PMP Certification List of Free Quality Mock PMP Exam Questions Project Management Academy - 50 free PMP questions Greycampus - Downloads PMP 20 sample questions, Flashcards, Toolkits.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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How to become a project manager- education and the most important PM certificates you can get out there. Certifications. Are project management certificates still worth it? What you must remember is that certificates are not everything. The PRINCE2 Certification.

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7 Ways To Gain Your PMP Certification Faster

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You know you need the PMP certification training to get that next promotion at work. 1) Know Your Why For PMP Certification. Take 5 minutes to journal about why you want to pursue this certification. Do you know why the PMP certification is so widely respected in the market?

CAPM Exam Prep: 7 Sure-Fire Steps To Pass The Certification Test

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Or, have you already started preparation for the CAPM certification test? CAPM is an entry level project management certification. The post CAPM Exam Prep: 7 Sure-Fire Steps To Pass The Certification Test appeared first on PM-by-PM. Do you want to start CAPM exam prep?

2 Mandatory Requirements To Gain Eligibility for The PMP Certification

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I have written this post to discuss about PMP certification eligibility criteria. PMI has mandated 2 key pmp certification requirements to appear for the exam viz. PMP certification is one of the most […]. The post 2 Mandatory Requirements To Gain Eligibility for The PMP Certification appeared first on PM-by-PM. Study & Tips PMP Certificate PMP Exam PMP Training

Interested in PMP Certification - Contact Me to Get More Info About that Next Step

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The code is BRADPMP for PMP exam prep and certification If any of your team or contacts or clients aren't PMPs but want to go that route, I can get them a great discount with Cheetah Learning for individuals or a bigger discount for team signups of 3 or more. Let me know. they are PMP exam prepped and then certified within a 5 day period and it's a 100% pass guarantee. Contact me for the code to the PMP training discount or any other specialized training Cheetah offers.

What Are The Dates for the 2018 PMI Exam Changes?

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This article, What Are The Dates for the 2018 PMI Exam Changes? If you’re interested in taking the PMP you’ll know that the PMP® exam is changing in 2018. Last day to take current PMP® Exam: 25 March 2018. PMI-ACP® Exam: 26 March 2018.

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New Project Management Training and Certification Option is Changing Lives and PM Careers

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A new training and certification offering specifically offered only through Cheetah Learning - the worldwide leader in PM training and certification - is changing careers and lives with it's unique focus on PM skills, life changing skills and leadership.

The Best Business Analyst Certifications to Enhance your Career

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In this guest post, Simplilearn , a global training provider (who are also part of the Arras People training directory), provides an overview of the most popular Business Analyst certification courses in the UK. In this article, we’ve analysed the popular questions of Business Analyst certifications and have answered them for you. Is a Business Analyst Certification Really Worth it? Yes, a Business Analyst certification is definitely worth it.

Cheetah Learning is the January 2018 Project Management Application or Service Provider of the Month

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Cheetah Learning isn't just about training you and getting you to your goal of project management professional (PMP) certification. I have once again selected them as my App/Service Provider of the month and you should definitely consider them for your training and certification needs. Cheetah fast – that's how you want to learn important things, right? Concepts and processes that will make you more successful as a person, as a project manager, as a member of society.

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2 Requirements To Gain Eligibility For CAPM Certification Exam

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What are the eligibility criteria to appear in the CAPM certification exam? You might be looking to get the CAPM Certification but you may not know where to start the journey. In this post, you will find the CAPM certification requirements that are mandated by the PMI. The post 2 Requirements To Gain Eligibility For CAPM Certification Exam appeared first on PM-by-PM. What are CAPM requirements?

Preparing for CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

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Note: This is a sponsored post relating to the CompTIA Security+ certification. While I haven’t earned this certification myself, the cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly and it is worthwhile to learn more about the industry. CompTIA Security+ is a well-known certification that is provided to individuals who possess the baseline skills required to perform some of the core security functions. To pass this certification test, you need to work hard.

PMP Success Stories 2018 – Meet Simone


PMP Success Stories 2018 – Meet Simone Perch. She took and passed her PMP certification after completing ExamsPM’s training program. It took me nine (9) months–I started on January 1, 2018 and earned my certification on September 5, 2018. What tips and tricks would you give someone who is currently going through this certification journey? The post PMP Success Stories 2018 – Meet Simone appeared first on ExamsPM.com.

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How To Prepare For CAPM Certification Exam?

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She has written about how she prepared for CAPM certification exam and what study material she used. The post How To Prepare For CAPM Certification Exam? In this blog, you would normally read about experiences of newly anointed PMP credential holders. But today is different. In today’s post you would find CAPM exam experience of Regan Forrester. She has also recommended a few sure-shot […]. appeared first on PM-by-PM. Project Management