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To Fix Your OKRs – Go Back to First (Familiar) Principles

David L Marquet talks about Intent-based Leadership. Figuring out the right Cadence . It’s all about finding the “goldilocks” cadence that provides frequent enough transparency and the opportunity to inspect and adapt at the right level. The Scrum framework provides one example of how such a cadence could look.

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Enable Lasting Technical Change by Building Empathy & Trust

Leading Agile

Solve those problems with your leadership, let me know if I can help. As you already know, there are zero ways for you to invoke any lasting change to the teams without team partnership and without leadership buy-in. The process is straightforward – on a regular cadence execute these themed conversations with the team.

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Your Strategy Planning Meeting Agenda (with Template)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s no fixed cadence for strategy conversations. Do an ice breaker exercise if your attendees won’t think it is cheesy (mine would). Think about what you are meeting for and what the leadership teams are expecting to get out of it. When do strategic meetings happen? Some businesses use quarterly meetings. 9.30am: Welcome.

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The Three — Wait: Four — Elements of Empiricism

To help with inspection, Scrum provides cadence in the form of its five events.”. The answer to that question is feeding a whole industry; think servant leadership, radical candor, or psychological safety, to name a few. Inspection enables adaptation. Inspection without adaptation is considered pointless. Source : Scrum Guide 2020.

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How to Pass Implementing SAFe SPC Training Exam in your First Attempt


Implementing SAFe Student Workbook: materials and exercises from Lesson 1. Implementing SAFe Student Workbook: materials and exercises from Lessons 2 and 3. Cadence synchronize with crossdomain planning. Cadence synchronize with crossdomain planning. LeanAgile Leadership . Business Agility. Organize around value

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7 tips for setting more effective goals

6: Establish a cadence to inspect and adapt different goals . You can start exercising better goal setting wherever possible, including in your life outside of work. Conflict ensues because the infrastructure team sees “in-progress” work requests sitting too long as a threat to their goal achievement. Practice helps!

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Are These DevOps Obstacles Getting in the Way of Your Agile Transformation?

Leading Agile

Different change cadences. The package is changing at one cadence and maybe you’re trying to innovate and change at another cadence, right? You want to be able to mark things that aren’t available because now you can move the package, something moving at different cadences. So get numbers.