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15 Free PMO Templates for Excel and Word

A PMO, or project management office, can be an internal department or an external group or agency that defines and maintains the standards for a company’s project management. However, all three can use PMO templates to support project programs and portfolios. We’ve collected 15 free templates that are suitable for a PMO.

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The PMO Game Changer: A Value-Driven Project Resource Management

The Lazy Project Manager

What is a Value-Driven Project Resource Management? Project resource management by PMO has changed significantly in the last 20 years. It has evolved into a highly value-driven resource management solution. How Value-Driven Resource Management can be a Game Changer for the PMO? The SAVIOM Solution.

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Review PMO Services and capabilities

Henny Portman

The book PMO Services and Capabilities – Including an overview of AIPMO’s competence framework – Competences per PMO service – Techniques and tools per PMO service is written by Robert Joslin. Each organizational unit is unique, each organizational unit needs its own set of PMO services.

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Maximizing PMO Value During Economic Uncertainty


In times of economic uncertainty, PMO value is critical. PMOs don’t just make sure that run-the-business work and projects are completed, they also operationalize the strategic plan. Maximum PMO value ensures the work delivered aligns with company strategy. Certainly, the PMO is not immune. Adopt a Modern Mindset.

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Conducting a PMO Assessment

Bridge the Gap Consulting

My favorite is the PMO assessment. Whether considering standing up a new PMO or revamping an existing, doing an assessment is a key initial step to setting one up. Though there are PMO maturity models, which are all good, I don’t like to talk about those right away. Yeah, I talk about this a lot when discussing PMOs.

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Why Proactive Change Management is the Right Approach to Transformation (Part 1)


You know the saying: The only constant is change. It’s true in business — it’s certainly true in life — and it’s why proactive change management matters. Integrating and Standardizing a PPM System Before this biotech company came to Planview, its leadership recognized the need for managing the people side of change.

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Who does what in Project Initiation in PRINCE2®

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Come up with an approach for each of these: change management communication management sustainability management benefits management commercial management quality management risk management issue management digital and data management.

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