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The Definitive Guide to Project Success Criteria

Girl's Guide to PM

I get asked about project success criteria a lot – in fact, it’s one of the most searched terms on this site. So I thought it was about time that I pooled all my resources into one definitive guide to project success criteria. Let’s start with a definition of project success criteria.

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8 goals every project manager should aspire to achieve

Moira Alexander

While a chief responsibility of a project manager is to deliver projects on time and on budget, that’s no longer enough — the pandemic of 2020 has left a lasting worldwide change. Global uncertainty has complicated life for project management offices (PMOs) worldwide.

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The Best Way To Keep Track of Employee Hours


If you want to run a successful business, employee time tracking is a significant aspect you shouldn't ignore. There are a lot of reasons why companies track employee hours.

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What Is Microsoft Planner? Uses, Features & Pricing

In the world of planning, there’s no shortage of software offerings that let you plan and execute your project. Microsoft Planner in particular, which is included in the Office 365 suite, is a major player in the project planning software space.

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What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this white paper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

Do your compensation systems discourage team work?

Kiron Bondale

I’ve previously written about the importance for an organization’s operational capabilities which support delivery capabilities to evolve when there is a move to increase business agility.

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New Professional Body for PMO Professionals Launched

Arras People

The House of PMO , a new professional body for PMO professionals was launched today by Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden – the team behind the PMO Flashmob and The PMO Conference. The House of PMO (HoPMO), headquartered in the UK with an international reach, creates a home for PMO professionals where they can develop themselves, support the development of others and contribute to the development of the PMO profession.

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Work Order Template

Depending on the type of project, the workload might be split with or even fully carried out by contractors. Working with contractors that are not part of the core project team requires careful management. That’s where this work order template comes in.

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The Principle of Calculated Risk

Musings on Project Management

"In carrying out the task assigned. you will be governed by the principle of calculated risk. which you shall interpret as avoidance of [risk] exposure. without good prospect. as a result of such exposure. of greater [benefit]" (*)Admiral Chester Nimitz to his subordinate admirals, Battle of Midway, June, 1942"You will be governed by the principle of calculated risk"What does. Risk Management

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5 Things Better Than Conference Calls

Girl's Guide to PM

I spend a lot of time on conference calls, especially now I am lucky enough to work from home. If I’m completely honest, I know how to use my mute button without even looking at the phone. It’s useful for blowing my nose and slurping tea but also for making sure other people can’t hear me typing. Yes, I am prepared to confess this in a public arena: I do other things while on a call. I check incoming mail. I file things.

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How to Measure DevSecOps Progress and Ensure Success

Speaker: Shannon Lietz, Director of DevSecOps Team, Intuit

The new DevSecOps team is up and running, and you feel ready to take on rising security threats while delivering quality software updates. But that leaves just one question: how do you monitor your new program as effectively and efficiently as possible? Join Shannon Lietz, Director of DevsecOps at Intuit, and award-winning innovator, to learn the answers to these questions so you can lead your DevSecOps team to the top!

The Value of an Agile Project Management Office


Imagine this scenario as you start-off your day: You open your business site and the message says: “it doesn’t exist.” You then try to login to your email account, which also displays the same message. Your heartbeat goes up and you rub your eyes in disbelief. You remember receiving emails from customers about payments via payment apps, but there too, the same message is displayed, “this account doesn’t exist!” Overall, you feel like the character of the 1998 movie, Enemy of the State.

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Best Workfront Alternatives of 2021


Workfront is a popular SaaS tool that provides you with a fully-fledged online work management solution. The Workfront software provides a range of solutions for your company or organization. These solutions include workflow management , project management , portfolio management , task management , and resource management. However, while the software is a popular choice among many it may not be the right choice for every organization.

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Big words in risk management

Musings on Project Management

Sometimes, people use big words and I have to pause and look them up -- using an online dictionary, of course. Here's three of the biggies from the domain of risk management which are explained below with some examples: Knowledge errors and omissions: There's a project event coming up. The circumstances and factors for success are not really random. it's the knowledge base for the assumptions. Risk Management

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And Then There Was One


While the pandemic of 2020 slowed any major deal making in most markets, the project portfolio management (PPM) software space apparently missed the memo.

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Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

Top 5 Roadmap Tools in 2021 (+ Free Software)

GanttPRO Project Management

A good project manager needs to keep everyone on the same page and provide project objectives that are crystal clear and understandable for everybody in a team. Successful project implementation […]. The post Top 5 Roadmap Tools in 2021 (+ Free Software) first appeared on GanttPRO.

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Embracing Metrics for Success In Agile Transformation

Leading Agile

In the Agile community, there’s this idea that we don’t want to gather metrics, typically because we’re afraid managers are going to use them in an unhealthy way.

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Your How-to Guide for Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Reviews


Weekly, monthly, and annual reviews are a major element of the Getting Things Done methodology brought forward by David Allen. Getting Things Done is a methodology aimed at improving personal productivity that helps you tackle life and work in the most efficient way possible. The Getting Things Done work-life management system alleviates any overwhelming feelings or habits you may have and replaces them by instilling focus, clarity, and confidence.

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The Most Competitive Jobs in Every State

Brad Egeland

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across many facets of life, not the least of which is the economy. ​ By the end of 2020, nearly 11 million Americans were unemployed.

2021 118

Business Monitoring Systems: Using ML to Analyze Metrics

This whitepaper discusses how automated business monitoring solutions like Yellowfin Signals revolutionize the way users discover critical and relevant insights from their data.

Benefits Management: What Every Project Manager Needs to Know [and Do]

Online PM Courses

Benefits Management is coming out of the shadows. Benefits Realization is now on the list of skills your sponsors and clients require. The post Benefits Management: What Every Project Manager Needs to Know [and Do] appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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12 Best Free & Paid Collaboration Software For 2021


If most of your team’s communication happens via email, it doesn’t take a lot for things to go wrong. Information is lost, misunderstandings creep in, and snowball into project and team failure. Using the right collaboration software helps you nip communication problems in the bud.

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Trello vs Which One to Choose in 2021


The software market is a diverse emporium with a lot of different players competing for the same crown. Whether it is project management or task management or something completely different, the software market always has a dozen applications up its sleeve.

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New Professional Body for PMO Professionals Launched

Brad Egeland

The House of PMO, a new professional body for PMO professionals was launched today by Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden – the team behind the PMO Flashmob and The PMO Conference.

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4 Approaches to Data Analytics for Your Application

Selecting the right solution for your embedded analytics is crucial to the success of your application. But with so many solutions and vendors, how do you make this critical selection? Learn about the different approaches to analytics and the pros and cons for each.

Adopting Agile is Never Really About Agile

Leading Agile

Webinars Learn the Physics of Agility Sign Up. Why Adopt Agile? We adopt Agile because we want to solve our problems and deliver better business outcomes.

2021 76

Maximize Your Learning With Online Scrum Master Certification Training


Professional Scrum Master training is highly interactive training for 14 hours, and students learn by doing it in class. We use multiple tools and techniques to facilitate online training to make it practical for you.

2021 52

Effective Task Management Strategies for a Productive Year 2021


No matter what you are working on, whether it is a project you are doing solo or working with a team you are bound to be engulfed by a load of different tasks that need to be completed. However, managing these tasks efficiently is a feat in itself. That is why you need to adopt different task management strategies to help streamline and simplify the entire process. With the right task management strategies, you can ensure that your work gets done on time and in the best way possible.

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Managing the Requirements We Don't Know

Brad Egeland

When we come into an engagement as an outside consulting project manager or consulting technical resource, we often come into the project cold.

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How to Select an Embedded Analytics Product: 12 Criteria to Consider

This report is designed to help readers select an embedded analytics product. It provides 12 criteria to consider when evaluating embedded capabilities. It also comes with a companion spreadsheet that enables users to score and compare products along these 12 dimensions and others they may add.

Planning Sprints and Releases with Jeff Howey

Leading Agile

Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Soundcloud. This week’s SoundNotes features a question submitted by a student during a recent Certified Scrum Master class.

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How to Make Professional Development Meaningful This Year


We’ve all felt it—the dynamic tension between the need for continued learning and the wish to get our to-do lists done. In the 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey , eighty percent of CEOs identified that the need for new skills is their most significant business challenge in the current environment.

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Evidence-based Management: Gathering the metrics

Gathering the metrics for Evidence-based Management in software organisations can be a strenuous task and I have a number of customers that are fretting on what to collect and from where. Here I try to create an understanding of the ‘what’ that we need to collect.

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