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From ‘a meh thing’ to amazing! How PMaaS can help build innovation into IT Projects

Project Accelerator News

It’s never good to hear a passionate project manager describe their projects as “meh”! Bex lives and breathes IT Project Management. She leads a team that, by any measure, would be considered successful: always delivering business case; always on time (and usually early); always within budget. So, when she shared her reason for wanting to move on was, “I just don’t feel we innovate any more”, it got me thinking: How can we build innovation into our IT Projects?

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Using Generative AI to Drive Corporate Impact

TechEmpower - Project Management

Generative AI is revolutionizing how corporations operate by enhancing efficiency and innovation across various functions. Focusing on generative AI applications in a select few corporate functions can contribute to a significant portion of the technology's overall impact. Key Functions with High Impact Generative AI is revolutionizing sales by enabling dynamic pricing and personalized customer interactions, boosting conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


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What’s Limiting Your Agility?

Leading Agile

We’re going on record to tell you that dependencies will be your biggest challenge along your Agile Transformation journey. Dependencies reach far beyond the delivery teams and have most likely taken root in all aspects of the business. Your organization probably looks something like the picture below. When you try to apply Agile in an organization that looks like this, it creates a lot of cognitive dissonance for the people in the organization because these dependencies are incongruent wi

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Project Decision-Making


Making good decisions is a critical project management skill. The challenge is to create a fair, efficient, effective, and transparent process for our teams and stakeholders. In a McKinsey survey , only 20% of respondents stated their companies excelled in decision-making. The path to the answer is often as important as the solution. Making better decisions requires understanding the organization and establishing context-sensitive processes.

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Understand Digital Debt, Form a Team, Set Goals, and Plan Roadmap for Transformation

Understanding digital debt is crucial before digital transformation. Assemble a team to assess internal operations, market pressures, and digital debt's impact. Define future digital vision with measurable goals. Refine hypotheses and conduct market analysis. Develop a roadmap for transformation with defined projects, cost estimates, and governance.

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Epic Project Management: The DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill Cleanup

PM for the Masses

Mark J. Woeppel shares his experience leading a massive project to clean up the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 oil spill. The post Epic Project Management: The DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill Cleanup appeared first on PM for the Masses. Mark J. Woeppel shares his experience leading a massive project to clean up the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 oil spill.

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Harnessing Emotional Connections A Guide For Effective Project Management

Tactical Project Management

People working on a project aren’t simply robots carrying out tasks. Learn how to harness emotional connections for effective project management The post Harnessing Emotional Connections A Guide For Effective Project Management appeared first on Tactical Project Management.

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What Is Organizational Strategy in Business? (Examples Included)

The most successful companies always have one eye on the future so they can not only survive but thrive. That doesn’t happen without an organizational strategy to plan for the organization’s long-term success. Organizational strategy has many layers. We’ll first define the term and then go into the organizational strategy levels, as well as explain its importance in business.

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The Role of Values-Based Leadership in the Digital Age

The IIL Blog

By Deepak Bansal At the heart of the continuously disruptive digital revolution, leadership demands a paradigm shift. The volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) nature of today’s digital business landscape calls for leaders who can navigate the stormy seas of digital disruption with resilience, agility, and a firm ethical grounding.

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5 ways productivity culture kills business agility

Agility is supposed to be about enabling people to do their best and most creative work. And we believe this happens through collaborative and empowered self-managing teams who focus on customer value and work in iterative and incremental ways that enable learning, feedback, and validation. And yet, we often see so-called agile practices and frameworks being used in ways that are more about trying to control outcomes and people.

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Strategic Project Finance Essentials: A Project Manager’s Guide to Financial Metrics

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar - Sopheon’s Director of Product Management

Empower yourself as a project manager with insights that directly influence the financial landscape and strategic direction of your organization! Join us for a deep dive into the world of financial strategy, as we dissect key metrics that drive CFOs and business leaders’ investment decisions. This session will equip you with the necessary tools to craft compelling business cases as well as a comprehensive understanding of the crucial distinction between capital expenditure and operational expend

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Some Big Words about the Risk Register

Musings on Project Management

Every PMO plan includes some form of risk management, and a favorite way to communicate risk to your team, sponsors, and other stakeholders is the (ageless) risk register.So much has been written about the ubiquitous risk register, it's a wonder there is anything more to be said.

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Tableau Gantt Chart: A How-to Guide With Pros, Cons & Alternatives

Tableau is an analytics platform that allows organizations to visualize their data on powerful yet user-friendly data analysis charts and diagrams powered by machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. While Tableau doesn’t have project management features, you can still use it to make a Gantt chart. In this blog, we’ll learn how to make a Gantt chart in Tableau and explore its key features and limitations.

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Unlocking ITIL4: Defining Value and Navigating Career Growth

The IIL Blog

By Sophie Hussey and Georgina Otubela What is ITI and how can it benefit your organisation and support your career development? In this article, we explore the foundational concepts of ITIL 4 and discuss how the ITIL framework has supported their career progression. Why ITIL and what’s in it for you? Regardless of whether you work in a technology function or the wider business, there are many learnings from the ITIL4 framework that can apply.

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Durch die Agile Jobkrise navigieren: Strategien für den Erfolg ??

In Kürze: Die Agile Jobkrise – Wie Sie eine herausfordernde Situation meistern Während die derzeitige Agile Jobkrise offensichtlich ist, gibt es auch Hoffnung für Praktiker, die bereit sind, ihre Fähigkeiten zu verfeinern, Wissen zu teilen und sich mit Gleichgesinnten zu vernetzen. Dieser Artikel skizziert umsetzbare Strategien, um in schwierigen Zeiten erfolgreich zu sein, und betont, dass Wachstum und Erfolg durch die Nutzung der Stärke der Gemeinschaft und leicht zugänglicher Ressourcen errei

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20 Common Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Project Managers

You’ve read the PMBOK® Guide several times, taken the certification exam for project managers, passed, and you are now a PMP®. So why do you keep making rookie mistakes? This whitepaper shows 20 of the most common mistakes that young or inexperienced project managers make, issues that can cost significant time and money. It's a good starting point for understanding how and why many PMs get themsleves into trouble, and provides guidance on the types of issues that PMs need to understand.

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Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile: Strategies for Success


As the Agile project management framework reaches adoption maturity at lean, progressive and disruptive startup firms, many teams at established organizations are struggling to fully embrace the Agile project management framework at scale. This is substantiated by the fact that large enterprises are slow to embrace change, and Agile is predominantly driven by a shift in mindset, culture and process of operating at speed.

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RFI in Construction: A Quick Guide for Contractors

An army of subcontractors each with their own specific discipline complete construction projects. But how do they know what to work on? An RFI in construction is a request for information. This construction document helps subcontractors understand what they need to do if they have any questions. First, we’ll explain what an RFI in construction is and then list what should be included in one.

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What is the Rational Unified Process – RUP?

Online PM Courses

In this video I want to answer the question, what is the Rational Unified Process, RUP? And how does it work? The post What is the Rational Unified Process – RUP? appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Entlassungswelle bei Agile Coaches: So nutzt du als Scrum Master diesen beunruhigenden Trend zu deinem Vorteil

Anfang letzten Jahres bahnte sich ein bedenklicher Trend an: Das bekannteste Beispiel hierfür war Capital One, das mehr als 1100 Stellen im Technologie-Bereich strich. Dies war Teil einer breit angelegten Maßnahme zur Kostensenkung und Effizienzsteigerung. Capital One schrieb : „Die agile Rolle in unserer Tech-Organisation war für unsere früheren Transformationsphasen von entscheidender Bedeutung, aber mit zunehmender Reife unserer Organisation ist der natürliche nächste Schritt die Integration

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.

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The Value of SharePoint Consultants in Achieving Organizational Objectives

Productivity Land

SharePoint is a potent tool for companies looking to enhance teamwork, efficiently handle information, and simplify internal procedures. This is confirmed by the number of active users this platform has, amounting to over 200 million users per month. Unlocking SharePoint’s full potential, however, calls for more than technical proficiency, it also necessitates a thorough comprehension of business procedures, strategic planning, and the capacity to match organizational objectives with techn

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Google Sheets Calendar Template (2024): Manage Business Schedules Online

A calendar is a great planning tool for tracking tasks and deliverables’ due dates, especially when executing large projects that span across months. They’re useful throughout the project scheduling process and are easy to use. Plus, most people understand them, which makes them a fundamental tool for project managers. Another advantage of calendars is that they can be used in most project management methodologies, unlike other tools like Gantt charts or kanban boards, which are better for

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Copilot Studio and the PMO: Creating a Capable and Useful AI Assistant


Live Event: Copilot Studio and the PMO – Creating a Capable and Useful AI Assistant Wednesday, March 20, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST Earn 1 PDU: 1 Ways of Working Click to register now and join us live! Copilot Studio is an offering from Microsoft that enables power platform administrators to create chatbots without (a lot of) coding. Copilot Studio used to be called Power Virtual Agents, but it has been rebranded and enhanced with new features and AI capabilities.

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Funktioniert Scrum? So kannst du den Nutzen von Scrum messen

Agile Projekte sind fast viermal so erfolgreich und scheitern dreimal seltener als Wasserfallprojekte. So lautet das Ergebnis des Chaos-Reports. Die Umfrage untersuchte von 2011 bis 2015 etwa 10 000 Softwareprojekte hinsichtlich der Frage: Sind agile oder Wasserfallprojekte erfolgreicher? Da Scrum das am häufigsten genutzte agile Rahmenwerk ist, sollten wir die Frage, ob Scrum funktioniert, also bejahen können.

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Acclaim Projects Helps Deliver Innovation Projects on Time and on Budget

This large intercity transportation company for people and freight employs 100+ IT employees and contractors across North America and Europe and spends $10MM annually for approximately 50 inflight projects. The company needed the right financial tools to budget for innovation initiatives and real-time information on spending and forecasting. This transportation company turned to Acclaim Projects by Sopheon to help deliver projects on time and within budget.

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How To Cultivate A Healthy Team Environment


In the workplace, having a strong team is vital. When you have a team that all work together well and help each other, tasks will get completed to a higher standard, there will be more success and your business will flourish. Without a healthy environment, you’re more likely to experience things like high staff turnover, and unproductive staff members and your business will suffer.

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How to Choose the Best Task Management Tool for Your Team

Productivity Land

In today’s fast-paced work environments, having an efficient task management system is critical. Teams need it to stay organized, meet deadlines, and complete projects successfully. With so many options to choose from, selecting the right task management software can be challenging. This article will discuss the key criteria to help team leaders and project managers evaluate and determine the best task management tool for their group.

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Working with the Retrospective Board in Hybrid-Scrum Projects


Reflection and growth are part and parcel of life. These processes allow us to not only think back, but also act. In Agile, we reframe these as “inspect and adapt.” Retrospectives in Agile provide such opportunities to inspect, adapt and grow. When done correctly, retrospectives can bring out the real pain points and show when team members were mad, sad, or glad!

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How Cross-Functionality makes for a better Product Backlog (61)

We started this Scrum foundation series explaining we see four underlying concepts of the Scrum framework. In the past series of mails we covered the three pillars of Empiricism, the Scrum Values, and Self-Management. A self-managing team is taking decisions about who does what, when, and how. This ensures the team can move forward without unnecessary waiting time.

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From Concepts to Actionable Insights: Powering Digital Transformation Success

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar - Sopheon’s Director of Product Management

70% of most digital transformation projects fail. Learn how you can quickly improve that success rate. To be successful, digital transformation involves the strategic application of digitalization to improve a business’ entire system of production, procurement, sales, operations, human resources, and financial management. In short, to basically transform the way a company makes money and delivers value to customers.