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The 3 Types Of Employee Engagement You Should Know

Girl's Guide to PM

This is a guest post by Matt Diggity. Wouldn’t it be great if project team members were engaged with their work, leapt at the opportunity to hit their milestones and proactively progressed their tasks without you having to chase them?

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5 Resource Leveling Techniques That Work

The Digital Project Manager

The post 5 Resource Leveling Techniques That Work appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. How-to Managing And Controling Topics

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How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure

Project Risk Coach

One of the reasons that project managers fail to properly estimate their projects is they miss key activities when developing their schedules. Why does this happen? The failure to engage stakeholders and create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

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A Quick Guide to Action Items & Action Item Lists

More likely than not, you have created an action item without realizing it. If you’ve ever written a to-do list, you’ve made yourself a set of action items—errands to run, household chores to complete, people to contact, etc.

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4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

Good Project Manager vs Bad Project Manager

Girl's Guide to PM

What makes a bad project manager? And how can you be a good project manager? In this extract from their new book, Jahn Karsybaev and Fred Obiero share the characteristics and behaviors of successful and unsuccessful project leaders. — Leadership. Fred Obiero.

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Seven Secret Tricks To Turn “SLUGGISH” Employees Into A Productive Workforce


Source: [link] “The problem with lethargy is that doing nothing validates the fear that nothing could be done.”?—? Bill Crawford With all due respect to employers around the world, employees can’t perform like a workhorse running on Energizer batteries all the time.

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Stakeholder Mapping 101: A Quick Guide to Stakeholder Maps

Stakeholders are people or organizations that are internal or external to the project who have a vested interest in its success. That interest can have a positive or negative impact on the project execution. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your stakeholders.

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The Agile Work Environment: What You Need to Know


You have probably heard of the term Agile. And if you are in the project management or development industry the word probably means more to you than simply the ability to move quickly.

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Selecting a Project Approach – with Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy | Interview

Online PM Courses

Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy understands traditional, planned Project Management & Agile PM… So, we spoke about Selecting a Project Approach. The post Selecting a Project Approach – with Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy | Interview appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this whitepaper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

The Platinum Rule: Treating Employees How they Want to be Treated


We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule?—?do do unto others as you would have them do to you. Since we were children, we’ve been taught that this is the absolute best way to ensure that your actions are considerate and helpful within your relationships. However, the Golden Rule has its limitations.

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How to Create a Team Charter (Example Included)

Just as a project has a charter to define its scope, so too must your team have a charter to put their work in context. Teams need to know the who, what, why, when and how of the project, and a team charter is the perfect way to feed them that information.

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Your Guide to Going Paperless in 2021


Creating a paperless office was first theorized in 1975, in a Business Week article by a man called Vincent E. Giuliano. The term “paperless office” is still going around but the need for organizations making the switch is becoming more and more obvious.

2021 78

Web Collaboration Software: Basics and Best Practices


It is widely understood — in fact, by now it is axiomatic — that collaboration (and web collaboration software) is important for organizational success. However, what can get overlooked is just how massive an impact collaboration has on performance.

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How to Measure DevSecOps Progress and Ensure Success

Speaker: Shannon Lietz, Director of DevSecOps Team, Intuit

The new DevSecOps team is up and running, and you feel ready to take on rising security threats while delivering quality software updates. But that leaves just one question: how do you monitor your new program as effectively and efficiently as possible? Join Shannon Lietz, Director of DevsecOps at Intuit, and award-winning innovator, to learn the answers to these questions so you can lead your DevSecOps team to the top!

Establish Project Scope: How to Master Your Toughest PM Challenge

Online PM Courses

Project Scope is simple in concept, but hard in practice. It's a measure of the breadth and depth of your project: everything you need to do. The post Establish Project Scope: How to Master Your Toughest PM Challenge appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Construction Contracts: Types, Best Practices & Mistakes

No matter the project or the team, it is important to outline expectations. This is especially true of construction projects.

Slack Vs. Discord – Battle Of The Best Communication Tool


Slack vs. Discord is an interesting battle, both the tools are loved by millions, provide similar services but are used by two very different communities. Discord is the go-to app for gamers all over the world while Slack is a business communication platform.

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How to Effectively Implement Time Tracking in Your Company


‘Time is money.’ We’ve heard that old, cliche adage a lot yet it’s still relevant. Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a team member, knowing where your hours are going is extremely important so that you can gain control of what you achieve during the day.

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2021 State of Analytics: Why Users Demand Better

As organizations become more data driven, their analytics requirements grow. Find out how knowledge workers use analytics and explore their needs and preferences.

5 Best Practices for Continuous Testing

Brad Egeland

In the software world, “quality” is a phrase you hear a lot; it’s defined as “the degree of excellence of something.” ” But, what exactly is quality, and why is it so heavily emphasized upon? ​ Tech projects either work or they don't. Halfway doesn't cut it.

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Strategic Project Management: How To Align Work With Business Goals?


Every business works towards meeting a set of objectives. But how do you create a project mix to achieve these objectives? How do you prioritize resources between these projects? And how do you ensure that you stay on track? Strategic Project Management can help you answer these questions.

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A Detailed Guide on Trello Pricing Scheme for the Year 2021


Being one of the best project management and task management applications out there, Trello is incredible when it comes to catering to the needs of their 50 million users and their task management activities.

2021 78

Talent coaching is seen as critical for personal development, internal visibility and networking

Susanne Madsen

Karine Mangion-Thornley is an executive coach and Senior Lecturer at Regent’s University in London, where she lectures in International Business, Global Management and Organisational Behaviour. She recently completed her PhD in the role that coaching plays in talent management.

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Business Monitoring Systems: Using ML to Analyze Metrics

This whitepaper discusses how automated business monitoring solutions like Yellowfin Signals revolutionize the way users discover critical and relevant insights from their data.

Defensive Project Management - Good or Bad?

Brad Egeland

As project managers, we expect to need to act proactively, aggressively, and yes, reactively on our projects. We make decisions to move forward with. We need to be innovative. Think of our project customers and what they may be needing. How to succeed on that next set of very difficult tasks.

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Do we really need SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, or Nexus to be agile?


Agility at scale topics appears in most of the conversation nowadays, either to solve multiple teams coordination issues working on the same initiative, in the name of business agility, or enterprise agility.

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Smartsheet vs. Airtable: Which of Them is Effective and More Reliable?


Project management applications are raging at full throttle in the PM industry these days.

2021 78

Epicflow Spring Updates: Task Completion, Personal Task List, Booking ID, Multi Assignment, Timesheet Filters, and more

Epicflow Blog

We at Epicflow are guided by researchers who have been in project management for more than 20 years and get inspired by our clients for creating new features and implementing improvements.

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Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs an Employee Monitoring Software

Brad Egeland

Whether you are an owner of a small business or working as a manager, you must know the importance of having productive, hardworking and high performing employees drive the success of your organization.

2021 99

PO Interview Questions — The Product Backlog and Refinement

TL; DR: Product Owner Interview Questions — The Product Backlog and Refinement. If you are looking to fill a position for a Product Owner in your organization, you may find the following 71 interview questions useful to identify the right candidate.

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Better Brainstorming Techniques: How the S.U.C.K. Method Unlocks Your Team’s Full Creativity


When you put a group of smart, driven people in a room together, great ideas are bound to happen. At least that’s what we’d like to believe. Unfortunately, brainstorming sessions don’t always work out as planned.

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