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Strategic Project Management: Planning Strategic Projects

This can be either by adding efficiency to the company’s operations or aligning with its strategic plan. It views a project through the lens of how it connects to the overall strategic plan of the company. A strategic project is connected to a company’s larger strategic plan. Not necessarily.

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How to Make a Construction Phase Plan (Templates Included)

Construction projects come big and complex as well as small and simple, but one thing they all share is a construction phase plan. The construction phase plan is a critical construction project management document that helps to ensure a safe project. What Is a Construction Phase Plan? Learn more.


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Cost Estimation for Projects: How to Estimate Accurately

Good cost estimation is essential for keeping a project under budget. Many costs can appear over the life cycle of a project, and an accurate estimation method can be the difference between a successful plan and a failed one. Estimation, however, is easier said than done. An Overview of Cost Estimation.

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How to do Rolling Wave Planning

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Rolling wave planning, also known as progressive elaboration, is an iterative planning technique to use when it’s difficult (or pointless) to schedule too far ahead. The APM Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control Guide (2015) defines rolling wave planning as ‘the planning density that is achieved at different moments in time.

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What Is a Capital Improvement Plan & How to Create One

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have more plans than they have funds. A capital improvement plan can guide an organization when it’s trying to figure out which large projects or purchases in which they should invest. But what exactly is a capital improvement plan? What Is a Capital Improvement Plan?

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Project Intake Process: Prioritizing Project Requests & Proposals

ProjectManager is award-winning project management software that estimates project costs and creates budgets to show the viability of the request. ProjectManager’s Gantt charts help you estimate costs and create budgets. Expected project benefits: Forecast the return on investment or estimated revenue expected.

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10 Best Procore Alternatives of 2024 (Free + Paid)

Construction project management relies on good planning, experienced contractors and powerful construction project management software. Worse, all those features add to the complexity of the software as there are countless pricing plans and different offerings. Our list goes from best to good. 5 Capterra review: 4.1/5

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