Six Essential Requirements of an Influencing Strategy

Project Risk Coach

This is a guest post from Colin Gautrey, an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. He combines solid research with deep personal experience in corporate life to offer his audiences critical yet simple insights into how to achieve results with greater influence. He is the creator of the Stakeholder Influencing Masterclass. While complex strategies may be fun, simple wins the day in my book.

Stakeholder management: Your plan for influencing project outcomes

Moira Alexander

Having and executing a sound stakeholder management strategy can drastically improve individual, team, project, and company performance. Stakeholder management is a key facet of project management — and one of high risks and high rewards. When key individuals and team members are informed and on task, your project runs smoothly. But when those impacted by or have an impact on your project are left out of the loop, your project can quickly fall apart.


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IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices

In Review – IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices. Due to its expansive influence, it’s essential to talk about risk management in IT. Evaluate and Rank the Risk: Once we evaluate the impact of risks and prioritize them, we can begin to develop strategies to control them. IT Risk Management Strategies. Strategies are a way to provide a structured approach to identify, access and manage risks. So, here’s some strategy.

20 Marketing Influencers You Should Follow on LinkedIn


20 Marketing LinkedIn Influencers You Should Follow in 2019 Do you know that over 2 million posts, articles, and videos are posted on LinkedIn every day, generating tens of millions of likes, shares, and comments every hour? Plan your marketing strategy with ProofHub. These are the people who are given the title of “LinkedIn influencer”. Now, you might be wondering: what exactly do LinkedIn influencers do? This is where LinkedIn influencers come to your aid.

5 Strategies to Improve Team Productivity on Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

So we’re looking for next level strategies to get more productive. Let’s look at some practical strategies for bringing new habits into your team’s culture. People are influenced by the people around them. Use change management tactics, like having change champions and buddies, to work with others and influence habits. Wouldn’t life be better if your team were, well, just a little bit more productive? If there was less chat and more doing?

What is Strategy?

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Strategy is a much overused, misused, and abused word. It's tossed around by those who are unfamiliar with Strategy Making roles in businesses. . Strategy is creating fit among a company's activities. The success of a strategy depends on doing many things well - not just a few. If there is no fit among the activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little to sustain the strategic deployment process. The Framework for IT Strategy . Strategy

The Digital Project Manager's List of top PM Influencers of 2019

Brad Egeland

If you want to stay top of the latest in project management and related topics like change management, business strategy, and leadership, make sure you’re following these movers and shakers: the top project management influencers of 2019. Here’s a list of the brightest minds and influential thinkers who are shaping the project management industry today.

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A Strategy for Engaging and Dealing With Difficult People

Girl's Guide to PM

In fact the best solution is to put a strategy in place before you are even faced with the problem, so that you will be better prepared and get a more successful outcome should you be faced with the dilemma. There is, unfortunately, no fail-safe strategy when dealing with difficult stakeholders. Planning an exit strategy is a smart move that helps you move roles. This is a guest contribution by Patrick Mayfield, non-executive director of pearcemayfield.

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Successfully Deliver Strategy… Fast


So far in this blog series, we have defined strategy, covered the basis of strategic planning, and discussed who to include in your strategic planning team. If you need a refresher on the first two phases of this rescue mission, read through parts 1 and 2 below: Part 1: Failing to Deliver Strategy… Slowly. Part 2: Begin to Deliver Strategy… Fast. Step 1: Start with strategy. The post Successfully Deliver Strategy… Fast appeared first on Planview Blog.

This Set of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies will Power You up

Online PM Courses

The standard ‘four-box’ approach to deriving stakeholder engagement strategies can easily leave newer project managers believing there are just four basic strategies they can use. In fact, there are many stakeholder engagement strategies you can choose from. But, if you don’t know the full range of strategies, you’ll find yourself responding in too coarse-grained a way. Let’s Set the Scene for Stakeholder Engagement Strategies.

The Mindful Project Manager’s Guide To Team Motivation: 11 Strategies For Keeping Your Team On Track


11 team motivation strategies to help your team do their best work (and love doing it). In this post, we’ve exhaustively researched how to motivate employees and teammates and put together a comprehensive list of strategies and techniques you can start using today.

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Learn How To Realize Positive Risk Response Strategies (Opportunities)


The next question is what the positive risk response strategies are? These are strategies: To make it happen, or. These are Positive Risk Response Strategies. What are the strategies for dealing with positive risks? Following are the five strategies for positive risk responses: Escalate : You escalate the risk to your seniors because you do not have the authority to execute steps of risk response strategies.

Can Agencies Positively Impact Client Strategy?

Function Point

How can your agency positively impact your client’s business strategy? From an organizational structure to go-to-market strategies, there are a number of ways that creative agencies can assist their client in achieving their goals. The marketing industry has seen this first hand as social media and influencer marketing have become successful mainstream tactics for a majority of campaigns. Principal / Director of Strategy.

Top 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation


How To Improve Lead Generation With These 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies Generating and converting leads is one of the top priorities of every business. The following SaaS marketing strategies are your way to go. 5.Collaborate with Influencers These days, influencers seem to be everywhere.

How to Manage Stakeholder Engagement: 15 Practical Strategies

PM Basics

So, unless you are entirely sure, continue to explore the factors influencing the stakeholder. Likewise, you may want to reduce the involvement and influence of a stakeholder. Here are a few things that will help you make correct decisions: 15 Strategies to Control Stakeholder Engagement. It will be a great addition to your skills that help to influence stakeholders and build lasting relations. Here is another concept that influences stakeholders.

The product launch playbook: 25 tips and strategies for a flawless launch


Research the market and turn your ideas into strategy. Put everything together in a launch day strategy (and use your project management tool to track it all). Reach out to influencers, mentors, and contacts to amplify your reach. Debrief your go-to-market strategy. So, the first step in your product launch strategy is making absolutely sure that people want what you’re selling. Research the market and turn your ideas into strategy.

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4 Strategies for Dealing With Difficult Stakeholders


This means you must arm yourself with strategies to deal with them amicably and continue working on the project despite possible roadblocks. 4 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders. A stakeholder is anyone who is affected by your work, has influence or power over it, or has an interest in its success. Key Stakeholders – People with a strong influence over the work and a vested interest in its success. Who influences them?

Resist Business B.S.—Why Wouldn’t We Rebel When Strategies Fail?


Strategy fails for two reasons: either the strategic plan is flawed or the strategy is a mess. The root cause of both failures is confusion around about what strategy is and what it is not. The trouble comes when strategic objectives and executional tactics are also considered strategy. We’ve all seen a set of tactics presented as a strategy. Why Wouldn’t We Rebel When Strategies Fail?

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Why You Should Align Strategy, Financials, and Execution


Now, let’s get into the first two process areas by examining why it is crucial for your organization to align strategy, financials, and execution. A strategic plan generally incorporates a hierarchy of Missions, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics (MOST), which work together to set a business’s direction. Strategic planning involves assessing the current business direction, as well as any market drivers or internal drivers that may influence the organization’s focus.

Top 6 Tips For Handling Your Ecommerce Business Projects


In order to avoid budget overrun and not fall behind business schedule, a clear strategy is crucial for your eCommerce project management. For example: an influencer marketing campaign can have goals like 200% ROI through custom URLS and 150% increase in website traffic.

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Soar Higher in 2020 – Learn and Develop New Skills

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Research published in the Adaptive Leadership Skills: What’s Needed Today e-book from Strategy Execution highlights several recent shifts in the way work is done, which have all served to make continuous learning essential for modern businesses, from big data and new customer strategies, to automation and machine learning. Adaptive Strategy Execution Programme Leadership Strategy Execution

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Project Management Life Cycle-Iterative & Adaptive


If you have question about an example of adaptive strategy? Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle PMP adaptive life cycle life cycle pmp Predictive Life Cycle project life cycleAll projects across industries follow a life cycle approach. Often I have seen there are so many questions in mind for many PMP® aspirants on different types of life cycles. Why do we need anything other than predictive life cycle, which goes quite sequential and looks perfect?

Cultivating an Adaptive Mindset

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In today’s complex business world it’s a ‘growth mindset’ that is required from our leaders to navigate the complexity of our new business context and successful execute strategy. We are not only struggling to lead and execute strategy in our current VUCA world, but there is more ahead. This mindset needs to cross the boundaries of fundamental aspects that make our business function; Work, People and Strategy. Work, People and Strategy.

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Project Management Vs. Leadership – How nTask evolved From an Early Start up to a Robust Industry Competitor


There are case studies done on various companies, where students debate a plausible exit strategy and how the said business could have survived whatever issue is highlighted in the case study. Although project managers have to encompass coordination, influencing and other organizational activities to the company’s advantage. That’s not a good strategy from a long term perspective. nTask Blog Project Management leadership project management strategy

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How is Design Thinking Used to Get Project Results?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

On a basic level, the design thinking process can be broken down into three main steps, which are covered in the Strategy Execution design thinking course, entitled Design Thinking for Results. However, it is crucial that project managers are willing to take a step back, in order to limit the influence of their own biases. Adaptive Strategy Execution Programme Project Management Project Management Skills Strategy Execution

How to Deal With Pre-assigned Project Resources

Project Risk Coach

Here are some strategies to help you obtain the resources you need. Influence. If so, influence the people you know and make your case. Ask your connections to influence the decision makers. Looking for ways to improve your project success?

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Overcoming Resistance to Change with Change Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) age for businesses, leaders need to be adaptive, as well as able to foster informal networks and influence those who are not necessarily direct reports. In this respect, project leaders become change managers who collaborate with key stakeholders and thought leaders on other ways to influence an audience, to drive further involvement in the transition process itself. Adaptive Strategy Execution Programme Project Management

A Compendium of Works to Increase the Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Balanced Scorecard IT Strategy and Project Management. Strategy. Influences on IT Strategy: How IT Strategy Impacts the Development of Systems Based on COTS Products. Here are my collected works, presentations, briefings, journal papers, articles, white papers, and essays, used to increase the Probability of Project Success (PoPS) I've developed and applied over my career in the software-intensive system of systems domain.

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How to Create the Perfect Stakeholder Management Plan


Key project stakeholders are stakeholders who not only have an interest in the project outcome but also have the power to influence communication plans, policy, and other procedures. This influence can be exercised through levels of participation, review cycles, and more. .

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Strategy (#Strategy). Here's how to connect dots between strategy, mission success, programmatics, and technical performance management in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers. Capabilities Based Planning (V2) - Capability-based planning fits naturally with Strategy Based Planning and Business Process Improvement. Successful Digital Transformation Starts with a well defined Executable Strategy for Success - PMI San Diego Chapter , 11 July 2018.

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10 Ways to Engage Project Stakeholders

Project Risk Coach

Which stakeholders have the most power and influence? The stakeholder engagement plan is "a component of the project management plan that identifies the strategies and actions required to promote productive involvement of stakeholders in project or program decision making and execution ( PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition, Page 723 )." Let’s look at some practical ways that you can better engage and influence your project stakeholders at the right times in your project lifecycle.

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Decision Making in Complex Project Environments

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Leadership and Strategy Execution in a Chaotic World. This requires that leaders build and influence the collectives of individuals outside their sphere of control to nudge the complex adaptive system into the desired direction. For more on the PSC… Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education have partnered to create and deliver the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme. Adaptive Strategy Execution Programme

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Emergent Purpose

Pawel Brodzinski

A recurring theme was that we can’t enable autonomy unless we have alignment around a strategy, a goal, or whatever is the thing that orchestrates individual efforts. Nonetheless, I still felt like imposing a strategy onto Lunar Logic would be a bad move. Despite the fact that it’s an emergent property of any organization, we have means to influence the emergent purpose. When someone leaves an organization their influence on emergent purpose disappears.

2018 55

Adopting Business Agility at Moonpig: A Case Study

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

What we do to influence retention will change relatively often, but the outcome itself is constant. Like many organisations we were influenced by Spotify’s approach; whilst we ended up with something quite different, it shared the same principles and we adopted their terminology. Agile Strategy ExecutionA well-known start-up in the UK, Moonpig is all about making someone’s day brilliant.

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Quote of the Day

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Guiding principles embrace core values and are used to shape an organization’s strategy. Strategy. A strategy is a derived approach to achieving the mission, goals, and objectives of an organization. It elaborates the organizational strategy and documents the elements that influence it. An initiative is a specific set of actions that implement a strategy. Quotes Strategy

The Death of Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Leadership is that branch of management concerning the development, nurturing and utilization of influence as way of motivating others to some end or objective. Failure to execute strategy is seen as a project management issue. Bryan Barrow. This is a guest post by Bryan Barrow.

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Why Everyone Is Talking About Customer Experience & What It Means for Your Business


All of these influence buying decisions and can be achieved through customer experience. . So while your customer service strategy might be one facet of your customer experience strategy, the latter requires a bigger, more detailed plan of attack. . He provides examples from well-known brands that you can use to model your own strategy moving forward. Customer experience strategy is, by its very nature, a tactic that puts the power in the audience’s hands.

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What is Stakeholder-led Project Management?

Girl's Guide to PM

Develop strategies. In these projects, stakeholders are identified and communicated with in the ‘normal’ way, but their power and influence is relatively low. Role-based stakeholders have influence or power within the project because of the expertise they bring to the team.

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Virtual Learning in 2021: The 7 Trends to Look out for

International Institute for Learning

These 7 notable trends may influence our lives as L&D pros, learners, and employees: 1. Typical virtual classes are an hour long, and nearly half are part of a blended learning strategy, Huggett reports. By Pamela S. Hogle.

2021 52

10 PMO Problems and How to Manage Them

Project Risk Coach

How to manage: Identify high-powered, high-influence individuals who have a tendency to undermine initiatives. Define a strategy for how the organization will adopt new life cycles. One of my popular blog posts is 40 Reasons PMOs Fail. In this article, we go a step further.

2021 209