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Lean Startup and Scrum

I remember the first time I heard about Lean Startup. A member of the audience asked, “What do you think about Lean Startup?”. Honestly, I had not heard of Lean Startup. After the conference, I bought Eric Ries’s book - Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses.

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Wie passen Scrum, Design Thinking und Lean Start-up zusammen? ????

Die gute Nachricht: Scrum ist ein Rahmenwerk, in dem sich Methoden wie Design Thinking und Lean Startup gut integrieren lassen. . Dazu muss ein Scrum Team die Bedürfnisse der Kund:innen verstehen und in Funktionalität übersetzen, so dass die Kund:innen Ergebnisse erzielen können. An dieser Stelle hilft uns Lean Startup. .

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Making your Scrum Events Lean – Identifying the Wastes

The new Scrum Guide 2020 mentions Scrum is founded on empiricism and lean thinking. Lean thinking reduces waste and focuses on the essentials.”. While Scrum Events remove the need for any other meeting, at times unintended wastes get injected in those events. Defects: Are we sharing meaningful information?

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Janna Bastow: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs

TL; DR: HoA #42: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs w/ Janna Bastow. In this energizing 42nd Hands-on Agile session on Lean Roadmapping, Janna Bastow, the go-to-authority on product roadmaps, talked about being lean while creating and maintaining your roadmap and how objectives and key results (OKR) may help meet that challenge. ??

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Could a Scrum GPT Challenge Scrum Masters?

TL; DR: The Rise of the Scrum GPT Fewer Jobs for Scrum Masters, and now we see the universal Scrum GPT entering the competition: Will Scrum Masters change from essential practitioners to a niche role? The job market is currently challenging for many agile practitioners, particularly Scrum Masters.

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Product Discovery for Scrum Teams

TL; DR: Product Discovery for Scrum Teams While Scrum excels at building and releasing Increments, it does not guarantee that those are valuable—garbage in, garbage out. Scrum teams can equally make things no one is interested in using at all. Get notified when the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book is available !

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Getting Hired as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

TL; DR: Getting Hired as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach Are you considering a new Scrum Master or Agile Coach job? Don’t worry; there are four steps of proactive research to identify suitable employers or clients for getting hired as a Scrum Master and avoid disappointment later. I just received my author copies ! ?