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White paper: Exploring the delta in AgileSHIFT

Henny Portman

Happy to see that my white paper Exploring the delta in AgileSHIFT is now live on the AXELOS content hub. I hope this white paper will be useful and feel free to give me your comments. Enterprise agility is key. To download: AgileSHIFT_wp_Exploring-the-delta-in-AgileSHIFT.

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Mike Cottmeyer’s Agile 2018 Talk: Deck and White Paper

Leading Agile

The Talk, The Presentation, and The White Paper. That’s why we’re giving you his deck to take with you, and a white paper that will continue to build the case that a systems-first Transformation is truly the only option. If you weren’t there for the talk…no worries.

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Whitepaper: The Stages of Agile Transformation: Moving from Theory To Practice

Look no further than tryScrum's white paper on the Stages of Agile Transformation. In this paper, we discuss the stages of Agile transformation based on extensive research and collaboration with experienced Agile coaches. Are you looking to embark on an Agile transformation journey for your organisation?

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Modern Challenges of Hybrid R&D Teams in Manufacturing

If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing hybrid R&D teams in manufacturing, we encourage you to download How R&D Teams Increase Speed & Quality with Hybrid Work Management , our white paper on this subject. This blog touches on many of the topics explored in the white paper.

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Why Operational Reporting is Still Critical in Modern BI

This white paper shares why, in a world full of new features, traditional reporting is still a critical requirement for businesses. Read further to understand the reasons behind its lasting relevance and why it should continue to be an integral part of modern analytics solutions.

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From Predictive to Agile – How to Choose the Right Project Management MethodologyBy Harold Kerzner and Cyndi Snyder Dionisio

International Institute for Learning

In summary, this white paper highlights the significance of choosing the right development approach and tailoring the methodology to suit the project’s requirements. These product and project characteristics are used to tailor project approaches, lifecycles and methodologies accordingly.

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Upcoming White Paper: The Stages of Scrum Mastery

It is my conviction that Scrum Masters can be benefited by gaining insight from this white paper to Inspect and adapt their style. . . Signup for the White Paper. The White Paper will be published by and shortly. Sign up here to get a copy and provide feedback on my writing. .