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Scrum Methodology: Roles, Events & Artifacts

The scrum methodology was developed as a response to rigid project management approaches such as the waterfall method, which didn’t adapt to the needs of agile product and software development teams. We’ll explore the scrum methodology in-depth, but before that, let’s start with a simple scrum definition. Scrum Values.

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In-Depth: The Evidence-Based Business Case For Agile

What is the business case for Agile teams? We think we do well to base our beliefs about Agile more on evidence. This post is our attempt to bring an evidence-based perspective to the business case of Agile teams. Each post discusses scientific research that is relevant to our work with Scrum and Agile teams.

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How to improve the self-managing capabilities & skills of your team?

This is the essence of "self-management", and it is critical to Scrum teams and other kinds of Agile teams. Self-managing teams are central to Scrum and other Agile methodologies. High autonomy is an important contributor to successful Agile teams ( Donmez & Gudela, 2013 ; Tripp & Armstrong, 2018 ).

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Scrum: A Brief History of a Long-Lived Hype

Scrum has been around for a while, they say. The Scrum Guide holds the definition of Scrum, they say. The first, official version of the Scrum Guide was released in February 2010. So, how was Scrum defined before 2010 then? What else happened along the road to the way that Scrum is defined and represented?

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Why Use PRINCE2 Project Management for Managing Multiple Scrum Teams?

International Institute for Learning

I hear people often talk about Scrum projects, but what does Scrum have to do with project management? In this article, I am not looking at Scrum from a software development perspective but rather from an organization-wide and project management perspective. In Scrum , we have three roles.

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20 Years of the Agile Manifesto

Agile Manifesto Poster Scrum just turned 25 with a big celebration last November. This week marks another big milestone in the agile community, the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. To celebrate the moment, you can order a special Agile Manifesto 20th Anniversary Poster Combo. Ward Cunningham (2013).

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Scaling Scrum with Nexus and Kanban

Everybody wants to Scale Scrum. So you have a couple of Scrum Teams that are working in adjacent areas and you're starting to face some challenges in delivering value in a coordinated integrative way. This is more or less the time you started searching for "scaling agile" "scaling scrum" and exploring your options.