Project Management Trends [2020]

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There are trends in all industries and professions. Project management is no different: we see trends come and go, or stay with us and develop over time. Recently I’ve been reflecting on what the shifts are and where that is taking us as project managers.

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How to Make a Process Improvement Plan

Project management is made up of processes. Project managers and their teams depend on those processes to ensure that a project runs smoothly. But what about those processes? Too often processes are relied on as if they were somehow perfect and cannot be touched.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

So, save the date and mark your calendars, whether analog or digital: here are the top project management conferences of 2020. Change Management 2020 Conference. 2020 Project Management Symposium. The Power of Projects 2020. The Resource Planning Summit 2020.

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Best Resource Management Software of 2020

2020 Best Resource Management Software Rankings. There’s also little automation, which would help streamline the process greatly. The post Best Resource Management Software of 2020 appeared first on

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Project Management Processes - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project

Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

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The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members).

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Top 10 Books on Change Management (2020 edition)

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In other words, if you want people to use what you create — or to shift their ways of working to the new standards and processes you implement — then you have to help them through the transition. The Catalyst (2020) is so good!

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The Best Gantt Chart Software of 2020

It also allows users to create templates that they can use to save time and standardize critical processes. When it’s time to analyze project processes, team members can export all data, including information saved in a Gantt chart, into a PDF or Excel file.

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New Presentations for 2020

The Lazy Project Manager

It has been 10 years since The Lazy Project Manager was published and I have had the pleasure of presenting on this topic in 25 countries so far, but now, at the start of a new year, 2020 no less, I have decided that this will be the last year that I deliver ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ keynote. But, of course, this means that there is room for some new material as well and I am delighted to share three new presentations/keynotes that I will be presenting in 2020 (and beyond).

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Best Project Management Software of 2020

In order to help you sift through all of the best pm software platforms online, we’ve spent months doing research, testing different software, and putting together this list to help you confidently answer the question: “What’s the best project management software of 2020?”.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs

Agile Project Management: The new go-to for marketing teams in 2020

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However, beyond the bad news we’ve had to deal with since the beginning of this year, these changing circumstances have ushered in a different kind of enthusiasm for making process improvements in how we work together as well. Which Agile process techniques are most popular among marketers?

2020 242

Off-Payroll Working Legislation (IR35) Update

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Well, well, well, surprise email of the year arrived at 21:04 pm on Tuesday 17 th March 2020 from Mr Williams at HMRC. Again, much work has been undertaken by public sector bodies to generate SDS’s and put in place an appeals process.

2020 303

15 Awesome Tools I Use To Manage My Projects

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You’ll probably have a similar list of things that you use to speed up your project management and support other aspects of the systems and processes you use. Project management software tools are essential to manage projects efficiently. But they aren’t the answer to everything.

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4 Project Management Trends of 2020: What to Prepare for?

Epicflow Blog

Project Management web resources are awash with articles about 2020 project management trends. The fact that AI as a project management trend in 2020 is discussed so vividly doesn’t make it true. We don’t share this opinion, which is why soft skills cannot be named a 2020 trend.

2020 78

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

Make an impact as a T-Shaped project manager

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As Project Managers, we need to reach into an in-depth toolkit of systems and processes to find the correct ones for each project. It’s a gradual process and enormously challenging for someone in a new industry. This is a guest post from Charlie Davidson. Charlie Davidson.

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2020 Trends and Challenges in Manufacturing

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Speed (payment operations are processed out of hand). In turn, it sets up new challenges and necessitates engaging innovative techniques in their processes, such as robotics, AI, IoT, and other solutions. . 2020 Transformations in Manufacturing Due to Coronavirus .

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Project Management Process & Phases

ProProfs Project Management

In simple terms, the Project Management process is the art of managing all components of a project from starting to closure using a structured scientific methodology. Let’s learn about the whole process while discussing 5 project management steps of a project life cycle.

The Best Self-Help Books to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

But we do know that when it comes to business, leadership, personal productivity and work-life balance, a slew of seriously helpful self-help books has recently been published that can help you make 2020 your best year yet. In the process, he’s collected some actionable tips.

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Seven Aspects of Project Risk in 2020

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Ahead of its January meeting in Davos, the World Economic Forum published its Global Risks Report 2020, based on the input of 750 experts and outlining the biggest risks faced by economies over the next 10 years [1]. 1] World Economic Forum, The Global Risks Report 2020, 15 th Edition. [2]

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Comparing Agile Methods: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban

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The Scrum Master is the person whose role is similar to that of project manager: someone who leads and manages the Scrum process. Scrum teams have awesome change management processes. These show the tasks and what stage they are in the process of getting done.

2020 253

Float in Project Management: A Quick Guide

Let’s assume you’re building your new kitchen, and you have 90 days to complete the process because you have a big party planned in three months. Projects are made up of a large number of tasks, and keeping track of those tasks is a primary role of a project manager.

2020 300

Product Planning Fundamentals: Develop a Product Plan in 6 Steps

It also includes ongoing improvements and changes to a product, so the process is never really completed. Product planning utilizes many of the same processes, documents and tools that are used in project management. The product planning process begins with an idea.

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10 Career-Limiting Mistakes To Avoid

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You will not revise and standardize your processes. They aren’t always up-to-date with the latest processes and practices.

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How To Close A Project In PRINCE2

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Closing a project in PRINCE2 uses a variant of the Managing Stage Boundary process, as this closure activity happens at the end of the last stage. What Are the Objectives of the Closing a Project Process?

How to Make an Agile Workflow for Your Team

They need direction, but if you’re too hands on then you can often stifle their process. Agile is about flexibility, bringing together teams and processes in order to create a more effective way to work. Managing a team is a balancing act.

2020 366

Project Controls: A Quick Guide

Project controls are a set of tools, processes and people skills that are used together to help project managers have the right information, at the right time, to make the right decision. If something bad is going to happen on a project, it’s likely related to time, cost or scope.

How to Become a Project Manager in 2020


What’s the process to become a project manager? How to become a project manager? This guide answers all your questions about becoming a project manager and landing a great job. Great pay, exciting work, unlimited growth opportunities - does this sound like an ideal career to you?

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How to Run a Planning Meeting (Checklist Included)

Related: Best Project Planning Software of 2020. Having critical success factors in place means that you can prioritize not only the planning process but the project execution. simplifies this process. Meetings—there can be too many.

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How the Stage Gate Process Will Make You a Better Project Manager

Online PM Courses

The Stage Gate Process has the potential to transform your project management, deliver more successful projects, and make you a better project manager. The post How the Stage Gate Process Will Make You a Better Project Manager appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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4 Unusual Reasons Why Stakeholder Management Is Important

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There won’t be any surprises as they’ve seen the process the whole way through. Why is stakeholder management important to project success? Because we need people to get the project work done.

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How to Make a Cost Management Plan

It is typically made up of four processes: resource planning, cost estimation, budgeting and cost control. The second stage, cost estimation , is a process that’s iterative—meaning that it’s designed to change as the project changes.

2020 308

Virtual Project Management: Benefits, Challenges & Tools

Virtual project management is the process by which one manages projects via remote or virtual teams. You can’t just walk into their office and get an update or see where they are in the process. Streamlining process is how projects work more efficiently.

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4 Must-Have Features for a Kanban Tool

Kanban tools were born from the lean manufacturing process at Toyota in the 1980s. Kanban tools are primarily used to execute work, but execution is only one phase of a robust project management process.

2020 254

How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

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It’s widely known that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is changing in July 2020, but what exactly is going to be different? It was going to change at the end of 2019 but now the date is 1 July 2020. Processes – this is where all the technical PM skills will sit.

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A Project Manager’s Takeaways from the State of Resource Management 2020


The Resource Management Institute (RMI) just released its 6 th Annual State of Resource Management Report for 2020 and the new insights it provides will prove extremely valuable to project managers (PMs) who want to achieve improvements in their organizations. Process.

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How to Make a Construction Schedule

But they just facilitate the process. When it comes to budgeting your project , you’ll need to go through the process with your band and determine when they’ll release funds. has workload calendars to help with this process.

Best 2020 Online Courses, Events, and Resources for Project Managers

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All you need is a laptop or a PC, a good internet connection, and a webcam because you’re gonna be supervised during the examination process. It will be ongoing until July 31, 2020, and students will have free access to their courses until the end of September.

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4 Tips for Developing a Risk Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

When will you review risks and your risk management processes? Steven Covey introduced the concept of Quadrant II activities—working on things that are important but are not urgent. Planning is a powerful Quadrant II activity that can save you time and energy.

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