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Common Ground for a Conversation about Estimating

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Neil Killick posted a good question, what's the common ground for talking about estimates. All estimates have two attributes - accuracy and precision. The values of these two attributes are what those needing the estimates are after. With the knowledge of the two values of these two attributes the decision makers can assess the "value" of the estimate. That request comes from those asking for the estimate. But that dysfunction is not "caused" by the estimate.

New PM, New Choices

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I wrote this article about the choices of approach we have and ways for new PMs to navigate them.). Likewise, there are defined, repeatable IT projects that can (and have been) successfully managed using meticulous planning, detailed estimation, and formal change control procedures.

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Releases and Deadlines in Agile

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Cadence Release - when a fixed period ends, go with what is ready to go. Cadence Release paradigm, is a flow-based approach. The variability of the development work is minimized through the planned cadence. The Capabilities are laid out Cadence Releases in the chart below.

Quote of the Day

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You’re going to see this coming out at a very fast cadence. A lot of times I like to have fun, certainly in doing estimating. There’s always a process. Well, it’s important to have a good process. But there are people who are building tools, but they remember the competency of what’s being organized, structured and delivered is on a very different cadence. Do I have an external intake process that begins that a lot sooner?

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Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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These risks can be mitigated with a good risk management process. For risks that are beyond the vision of the project team a properly implemented risk management process can also rapidly quantify the risks impact and provide sound plans for mitigating its effect. Related articles.

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Is Macroeconomics and Social Science the Same as Software Development?

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This is the basis of the Agile Product Roadmap and Product Release Plan (either cadence or capability based). But margin, management reserve, analysis of alternative is standard project management process of dealing with the indeterminate elements of projects. Related articles. Domain and Context Are King, Then Comes Process and Experience. Five Estimating Pathologies and Their Corrective Actions. Why Guessing is not Estimating and Estimating is not Guessing.

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Is Your Agile Project Healthy?

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If the answer is convincingly Scrum or Kanban, they are probably following a process. If the team is struggling to estimate effort using Planning Poker, they may propose an alternate sizing tool. There is an unclear or vague process for making decisions.

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An Incremental Paradigm

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We live in a golf course community , where our waste water is processed locally inside our area. The grass is green, the solid waste is hauled away for further processing, and we receive the benefit of lower costs. Related articles.

Handling Unplanned Work

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Process: Uncertainty about what to do when unexpected work arises. Band-aids: Working around the effects of the problem instead of improving the process. Process. They aren’t clear about the process.

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Questioning Agile Dogma

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High WIP levels and failure to recognize delivery capacity, identify scarce resources, and consider estimates led to intense pressure to deliver late in the project schedule. The first step has to be to bring the delivery process under control and measurement.

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Deliver Fast or Deliver as Planned (Update)

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The Plan for the delivery of value is shown in the Product Roadmap and implemented in the Cadence Release Plan, or sometimes in the Capabilities Release plan. The need is defined in the Capabilities Based Planning process. . Related articles.

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What’s Worse Than Not Automating Your Software Delivery Pipeline?

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The company wanted to automate their dispatching process. They asked a software developer what it would take, and he estimated something like 20,000 pounds over several months. When they had their process worked out using notebooks and slips of paper, they were ready to automate.