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All technical debt is a risk to the product and to your business

This commercial product was built using traditional project management practices and delivered on a two-yearly cadence. On a two-yearly cadence, it takes four years to deliver on feature requests. Ignoring technical debt can severely undermine the effectiveness and sustainability of your software products. Reach out now for a ?

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How We Reduced Cycle Time from 164 Days to 8 Days in 6 Months

CADENCE & RELIABILITY. CADENCE: What was the sprint cadence you folks started off with? What was sustainable cadence after improvements? To shorten the feedback loop and reduce risk, our business stakeholders are part of our Scrum team and conduct UAT inside the Sprint. UAT is part of DOD. .

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Leadership Futures from the Next Generation: Adapting, Empowering, Thriving

The IIL Blog

Instead, there’s an expectation for staff to embody agility and an adaptive way of working, embracing a regular cadence of incremental improvement and actively working towards enhancing processes, strategies, and skills over time. That is why agile change and project management approaches are so popular.

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5 Tips for Making a Retrospective Meeting More Productive


Retrospectives should ideally be done at a regular cadence. Whether it’s reflecting on what worked well, pinpointing areas for improvement, or recognizing elements to sustain, a predetermined structure acts as a roadmap, guiding the team through a comprehensive evaluation. What if there is little interest in doing them?

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How effective are your agile ceremonies?

Kiron Bondale

The Scrum Guide calls sprints the heart of Scrum as these time boxes set the cadence for all other events. Each agile framework provides its own ceremonies but given that Scrum is still the most commonly referenced one, let’s focus on that framework’s events.

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Unlocking the Power and Mastery of Development Approach and Life Cycle

Project Pulse Journal

This domain facilitates strategic alignment, optimized delivery cadence, methodology customization, increased flexibility, and improved risk management. The desire for a project management framework that sustains deliverability, supports the required cadence, and remains faithful to an adaptable methodology is now within reach.

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Unpacking Agile Transformation: The System of Delivery

Leading Agile

Through our work at LeadingAgile, we’ve come to believe there are three core systems necessary to instantiate and sustain an Agile enterprise. Think about things like how we write user stories, how we estimate work, how we run planning cadences, how we deal with technical concerns, and how we measure done.

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