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The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence


Now, you might be thinking what exactly a dance has to do with cadence in Agile? Let’s start first with the definition of cadence. Cadence – Definition and Basics. One can define cadence in Agile as follows: Cadence is a regular, predictable pattern of development work in Agile. Working with Single Cadence.

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How We Reduced Cycle Time from 164 Days to 8 Days in 6 Months

CADENCE & RELIABILITY. CADENCE: What was the sprint cadence you folks started off with? What was sustainable cadence after improvements? To shorten the feedback loop and reduce risk, our business stakeholders are part of our Scrum team and conduct UAT inside the Sprint. UAT is part of DOD. .


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How effective are your agile ceremonies?

Kiron Bondale

The Scrum Guide calls sprints the heart of Scrum as these time boxes set the cadence for all other events. Each agile framework provides its own ceremonies but given that Scrum is still the most commonly referenced one, let’s focus on that framework’s events.

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Unpacking Agile Transformation: The System of Delivery

Leading Agile

Through our work at LeadingAgile, we’ve come to believe there are three core systems necessary to instantiate and sustain an Agile enterprise. Think about things like how we write user stories, how we estimate work, how we run planning cadences, how we deal with technical concerns, and how we measure done.

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The Agile Fluency Model with Diana Larsen

Delivering teams deliver on the market cadence. Diana co-authored several influential books: Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams, 2nd ed. The Agile Fluency® Model is based on four zones reflecting a team’s progress in becoming agile. Quote: Focusing teams produce business value. Optimizing teams lead their market.

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Comparing Nexus and SAFe - Similarities, Differences, potential synergies

PS Some people feel the term Sprint isn’t the best choice if we want to emphasize “sustainable pace”. . The Nexus Sprint Review and the System Demo are similar events happening on a similar cadence - every several weeks (Sprint/Iteration). Nexus Sprint Goal - Program PI Objectives - just at different cadence/frequency.

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Maintain a sense of change urgency through agility

Kiron Bondale

According to John Kotter’s model for leading change, the first step to overcoming inertia requires us to instill a sense of true urgency in those we need to support, implement and sustain the change. The specific cadence varies based on the complexity and duration of a transformation.

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