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Planning for those project disasters that no one wants to think about

Kiron Bondale

Harvard Business Review published an article this week about how boards can prepare for unexpected calamities such as pandemics, natural disasters or cyber-attacks.

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Improving Project Outcomes with proper Project Integration Management


Project Integration Management Project Integration Management improves the project management process by organizing and coordinating the activities.

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3 Types of Project Management Goals to Improve Success


When it comes to setting goals in project management, many people think of goals related to keeping a project on time and on budget. While there is a lot that goes into keeping a project within those constraints—there is so much more to project management than just time and money.

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How to Calculate Resource Utilization for a Project

Your most important resource when managing a project is your team. They need tools, equipment, materials and more to get the job done, of course. But without people who have the skills and experience to use those tools and materials, your project isn’t going anywhere.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Seven Stupid Mistakes Managers Make (and What to Do Instead)

Girl's Guide to PM

Darryl Rosen. This is a guest post on stupid management mistakes by Darryl Rosen, author of Table for Three? Bringing Your Smart Phone to Lunch and 50 Dumb Mistakes Smart Managers Don’t Make! You’re a manager and you glance down at an incoming text while an employee is talking to you.

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7 Best Online Invoicing Tools For Digital Agencies

The Digital Project Manager

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Plan v Objective

Musings on Project Management

"In war [projects] nothing goes according to plan, but always remember your objective" Israeli generalGood advice. And, of course, your objective always is -- or always should be: Apply your resources to maximize their value added while taking the least risk to do so.But our general's admonition begs the question: Is "nothing goes according to plan" the same as there's "no value in planning"? And Bayes estimate planning Project Management Project Value

What Really is the Waterfall Method?

Online PM Courses

Waterfall is a term we hear a lot in Project Management. But there are still too many project managers who don't know what it really means. The post What Really is the Waterfall Method? appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Instilling Organizational Agility for a New Normal


Organizational Agility is defined as an ability for an organization to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment [i].

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Are We Managing Risks on Our Tech Projects?

Brad Egeland

Managing risk is one of those afterthoughts for many of us. We should plan early for it, think of ways to mitigate it avoid it in certain areas, and help ensure our project’s success by dedicating a chunk of that early project budget to it.

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Training budget for project robots?

Musings on Project Management

Are you busy building your project budget?Are Are you going to include a budget for training your project's working staff? New developer and testing tools; New frameworks; New process and workflow management?If If that's a Yes and Yes, have you thought about this? You may need to train your project robots also. Really?Really! Really! Robots, whether mechanical and real, or virtual, all depend on training data. AI cost management Project Management

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How To Make A Gantt Chart In Excel (+ Free Templates)


Microsoft Excel is a popular tool to create data-driven charts. However, it does not come with Gantt charts. If you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Gantt chart in Excel, this article is for you. In this article you’ll learn: What is a Gantt chart?

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4 Ways PPM Tools Can Take an ESO to the Next Level


Embedded Services Organizations (ESOs) have become an important partner to large technology companies seeking to ensure fluid product implementation that maximizes customer success.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Why Most Projects Fail

Brad Egeland

I wish I could tell you in one concise article why projects fail. But you're smart and you know I'd be leaving something out – possibly an exact scenario that you're going through right now that may have even caused you to notice this article. I feel your pain – believe me.I

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Top 7 Leadership Articles: Summer Edition

Epicflow Blog

Leadership is a complex phenomenon that has been studied by scholars for many years and still is a relevant topic for research. Leadership can’t exist without communication, and to manage people effectively and be followed, you shouldn’t stop doing your best at developing your leadership skills.

How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. I suffered a debilitating concussion in 2018 after I was hit by a car. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures.

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Webinar Recap: Understanding Dependencies, Leads, and Lags with MS Project


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya Narayan Dash’s session, Understanding Dependencies, Leads and Lags with MS Project, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members.

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Leading Under Uncertainty

Speaker: Greg Coticchia, CEO & Founder of ENTRA

Organizations of all types and sizes are facing common challenges of how to deal with the uncertainty in our current professional and personal lives. How can you plan when you are uncertain of what's next? On a product level, how can you be sure of delivering the ‘right’ messaging, products, solutions, and services to customers? How do you survive to fight the fight another day? In this session, we will discuss important tips for you as a Product Manager dealing with uncertainty. At the same time, we will discuss another important aspect of dealing with uncertainty, and that is building trust, especially while many of us are working remotely or in new or different settings.

Will Cybercrime Kill Your Tech Projects?

Brad Egeland

Have you looked in your cyber mirror lately? We see reports and information about cybersecurity and cybercrime in the news and on social media repeatedly, but are we doing anything about it back home?

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Review Moose heads on the table

Henny Portman

If you want to make the transformation to a self-managing organization the book Moose heads on the table – Stories about self-managing organisations from Sweden by Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill is a good starting point.

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ProofHub Awarded The Best Project Management Software in 2020 By


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A Roadmap “Step By Step” Guide


Imagine you are a running a program containing five separate projects. The following “step by step” guide will help you set up a Roadmap for managing your projects.

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Using Continuous Customer Testing for Pandemic-Proof Product Success

Speaker: Luke Freiler, CEO and co-founder of Centercode

After weathering recessions with a wide range of iconic customers, CEO and Product Manager Luke Freiler has seen first hand the impact the Voice of the Customer has had in making or breaking tech companies during hard times. He's going to walk you through an agile process for continuous customer testing that saves you time and gives you full confidence in your products — no matter how many you're sending out the door this year.

5 Things the CEO Can Learn from the Project Manager

Brad Egeland

The CEO is the leader of the organization. They need to be in charge of the company in terms of where it’s headed, how it’s going to succeed over the next 12 months, five years, ten years and beyond.

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The Changing Role of the Project Manager in Agile

Virtual Project Consulting

The move to agile can be a daunting journey to highly experienced project professionals to position themselves as Agile Project Leaders. Discover the options and what you need to be successful.

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5 Things I Learned About Working From Home When I Was Too Scared to Leave My Home


Not long before my 22nd birthday, I went from being a social butterfly to a prisoner in my own home. No, I’m not talking about working from home during lockdown; this was in 2012, long before that. With apparently no rhyme or reason, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia.

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Project creatures that accelerate and enhance a portfolio of projects

Henny Portman

Proud to see that the PM World Journal published a next article that I wrote together with Marisa Silva. As you might recall, last year we (Marisa Silva and myself) went on a safari to hunt the project creatures that could negatively impact a portfolio of projects [ Silva, M. and Portman, H. 2019).

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Use Discovery and Delivery to Experiment Our Way to a New Normal

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Many of us are accustomed to planning for either discovery or delivery. We know how to plan for where we want to be for a product (delivery). And, we know how to plan to discover a market (discovery). Right now in 2020, those plans might not be worth anything. The world is still in upheaval—and no one has a crystal ball to know when we should plan more in-depth. Instead of planning for either discovery or delivery, we can use experiments—for all our work. When we focus on experimentation, small bets, and short feedback loops, we can create the kinds of products our customers will love.

3 Keys to Resolving Communication Issues

Brad Egeland

Proper, effective and efficient communication on the project may be the single most important ingredient to project success.

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What to Consider in a Two-Way Interview


A job interview for both an employer and a hiring candidate can be a stressful and time-consuming activity. A recent CareerBuilder survey reported that three out of four employers felt that they had hired wrongly for a position. Of course, this wrong hire comes with a cost.

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Product Manager vs. Project Manager: How the Roles Differ

The Digital Project Manager

The post Product Manager vs. Project Manager: How the Roles Differ appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Manager jobs Project Manager Jobs

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