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How to Make an Ideal Kanban Workflow for Your Team

A kanban board is simple to use, but it can be a powerful tool for teams. A kanban board creates a visual workflow that illustrates how a team works together and how work is produced. Such workflows help teams improve productivity by providing a glimpse into efficiency at each project stage.

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The 10 Best Online Project Management Software For 2020

The Digital Project Manager

The post The 10 Best Online Project Management Software For 2020 appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Tools

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How to Use a Project Decision Log

Girl's Guide to PM

What is a decision log? A decision log template in project management is the document you use to fill in all the decisions made relating to your project.

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Infographics About Work That Are Simply True [Comic]


The truth may be hard to swallow, but charts and plots can make it easier. There’s something about a colorful pie chart or data points mapped out neatly on a line graph that makes things seem that much more plausible.

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It’s the end of your project, but has the moment been prepared for?

Kiron Bondale

I’m sure some of you have led projects where everything appeared to be going swimmingly right up to the finish line only to find that you had somehow stepped into the project equivalent of the Hotel California.

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Back to Basics (Part 12): What You Need to Create a Meaningful Project Status Report


As a project manager you are probably familiar with this situation: Your boss asks you to present the status of your current project in the form of a project status report by Monday. Keep calm now!

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5 Methods to Gain Project Schedule Buy-In


“Dear Elizabeth: I am working with a group of very knowledgeable subject matter experts. They have 15-20+ years of experience in the field, many of those years in our company. We cannot deliver our technology project without them.

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What Is BugHerd? Detailed BugHerd Overview & Explanation Of BugHerd Features

The Digital Project Manager

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The 12 Agile Principles. Part Two.

Growing Agile

This is the second part of the blog series were we discuss the 12 Agile Principles. In this post we will focus on principles 4-6. “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.

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What flavor is your scope creep?

Musings on Project Management

Can there be scope creep in Agile? Doesn't agile define creep away in a stroke: "Scope is whatever is prioritized in the backlog that fits within the budget (OPM, other people's money) and the time." "The The backlog changes all the time, but that's not creep, it's just backlog management."

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Can We Still be Agile?

Leading Answers

How does work from home impact our use of agile approaches? If co-location is no longer possible, can we still be agile? Yes, of course we can, and in many ways, now we need to be more agile than ever as we try new approaches, learn and adapt how we work.

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Agile Portfolio Management in an Adaptive World – Q&A with the Experts


Agile Portfolio Management is a hot topic for many PMO leaders today trying to forge forward in a world where things are requiring a high degree of adaptability.

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Do You Know How to Craft the Perfect Project Name?

Online PM Courses

Does your Project Name matter? The name we hear can color our perception of a project. But naming projects is tricky, so how can you get it right? The post Do You Know How to Craft the Perfect Project Name? appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Managing Project Delays in the COVID-19 Age


Projects can get delayed for many reasons from third party suppliers failing to deliver on time, to poor communication between project stakeholders sometimes the deliverables are simply not realistic within the project constraints.

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Using Earned Value with Agile w/ Justin Polk

Leading Agile

Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud. This week is all about Earned Value and Justin Polk is back, spending time with Dave to discuss how Earned Value tools can be applied in an Agile Transformation.

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Decoding Project Management Tools: How to Choose the Right PM, PPM or Collaboration Solution for Your Business


When it comes to project management, there are a lot of solutions available in the marketplace. The challenge is not finding a product, it’s finding the right product to meet the exact needs of your organization.

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The Joys and Challenges of Vanemapuhkus, the Estonian “Parental Vacation”


They call it a vacation. The Estonian term vanemapuhkus literally translates, word for word, into “parental vacation”. Any parent who’s been on this so-called vacation knows that it’s almost always anything but. I’d describe it as a parental bootcamp.

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Business Project Manager Responsibilities: You Need To Know About


Business Project Manager Responsibilities: A Brief Overview Find out the key business project manager responsibilities that an experienced pro must fulfill to ensure a successful project execution and delivery. “As As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration.

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Recruitment Realities in a Covid-19 World

Arras People

Last week (1st July) John Thorpe was invited to speak on PMO Flashmob’s weekly virtual networking session PMO Working From Home.

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The Critical Importance of PPM Tools in Challenging Times


Even when the overall business climate is favorable, securing funding for project portfolio management (PPM) tools can be a Herculean task for portfolio management leadership.

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How to Build Trust and Effectively Lead Virtual Teams


Working virtually certainly has its perks. There’s no commute! Your lunch is just the short walk to the refrigerator away! You don’t have to wear pants!

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The Ultimate Redmine Guide: How to set up and supercharge the best open source project management tool


There’s a reason startups are obsessed with “community” and influencers tell you to find your “tribe”. Pretty much everything is made better when you bring together a group of the right people. Even software.

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The wrong kind of Project Manager!

Arras People

The latest monthly UK Report on Jobs from KPMG and REC ** published today indicates that whilst the job market remains significantly impacted by the effects of Coronavirus; there has been a bounce back from the depths seen in the immediate aftermath of the lockdown during June.

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Enterprise Agile Coach Masterclass with Two ICAgile Certifications (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)


ICAgile is the world’s leading certification body for agile which offers the practitioner with a clear and broad learning roadmap made up of separate tracks.

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Three Features to Love about Project for the Web


Project for the Web was released at the end of 2019. Since that time, Microsoft has added new features to the application on a regular basis.

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You're only as successful as your last customer thinks you are.

Brad Egeland

What does your organization look for in a consulting professional? A 'yes' man? Do you want someone who will listen to you and do exactly what you ask them to do? Hopefully not. My clients are intelligent and experienced, but they don't always know exactly what they need.

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Toggl Hire’s Smart Test: A Revolution in Hiring


Hiring needs a revolution. Recruiting with resumes is a time-consuming, expensive , and unfair process for both employers and candidates.

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How to Manage Virtual Teams: Best Practices


If you find yourself in the position of managing a virtual team , you’re far from alone. Statistics show that this kind of team structure is on the rise. And why not? With them, the benefits are enormous! The world is your oyster, allowing businesses to utilize the best talent from anywhere.

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Book review: The Power of Slow

Girl's Guide to PM

Normally when I read books to review I take notes as I go. But I have read The Power of Slow a couple of times, and I don’t have any notes on it. I think I just got sucked in to the book, and read it fast, which was probably not the point.

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Poor Quality can be Deadly

Brad Egeland

​Something happened to my family a couple of years ago that made me think of this topic. It had nothing to do with project management…but it had everything to do with something that was far more important to me – my son.

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An Audience with The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE [link]. Join Peter Taylor, for a 2 hour Webinar Extravaganza (with suitable breaks for remote attendance): Keynote: The Lazy Project Manager. Fun: Who wants to be a ‘Lazy PM’ Millionaire.

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Vendor Showcase Recap: Where There’s a Widget, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project! – By Project Widgets


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Ira Brown’s showcase session, Where There’s a Widget, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members.

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16 Free & Paid Project Scheduling Software Tools For All Budgets


The success of a project depends on how well you plan it. It can get confusing when it comes to picking a project scheduling software considering the number of applications available in the market.

Best Google Calendar Integrations for Your Team!


Many professions require attending various meetings every day. Writing all them down on a paper. Tools

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