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How to Create a Performance Measurement Baseline for Your Projects

Projects are planned and then life happens. Ideally, project managers know better than to execute their project plans without a performance measurement baseline. What Is a Performance Measurement Baseline? This is one tool project managers use to see where they are versus where they planned to be.

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What is the Management Reserve for Project Budgets?

Project Risk Coach

Let's explore management reserves for projects, who controls them, and how to estimate the reserves. We handle the known/unknown risks by creating a contingency reserve using estimating techniques such as the Expected Monetary Value (EMV) Method. How Do You Estimate the Management Reserve? Unforeseen risks knock at your door.

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9 Types of Artifacts in Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The 9 types of artifacts are: Strategy Logs and registers Plans Hierarchy charts Baselines Visual data and information Reports Agreements and contracts Other – a bucket category for anything else. For example, an estimate is the obvious output of the estimating process, so estimates aren’t mentioned again as a separate project artifact.

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Phrases Used for Technical Performance Measures

Herding Cats

Call me when you find a customer who thinks it is cheaper to not plan and forecast the short, medium, and long term expected performance in exchange for a planned cost, delivered at the needed date to fulfill the business mission. Measuring progress must be in units meaningful to the decision maker. For the planned cost?

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Webinar Recap: Project Performance Measurement – Part 1: Overview Of Project Performance Measurements


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Fletcher Hearn’s session, Project Performance Measurement – Part 1: Overview Of Project Performance Measurements, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello, and welcome to part one of MPUGs Project Performance Measurement course.

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Why project work doesn’t get completed early…

Kiron Bondale

I usually advise my students to encourage their team members to not provide padded work estimates, but rather to make schedule contingencies visible and tie these contingencies to milestones rather than to individual activities. If they are measured based on the accuracy of their predictions (I.e.

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Best PMI-ACP Exam Prep Books

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Chapter 5 covers the agile project management model and then the rest of the book covers the process and project lifecycle in detail, with chapters on governance, scaling and performance measurement. It talks about measuring and monitoring velocity during an iteration too. Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.

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