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Scrum: An Evidence-Based Management Approach

How to Problem Solve with a Professional Scrum Master In today's rapidly changing and complex business environment, the need for an evidence-based, flexible strategy is paramount. What Is Scrum? Scrum is a widely-used Agile framework that assists teams in managing and delivering complex projects effectively.

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The Three Daily Scrum Questions Won’t Die — Making Your Scrum Work (29)

TL; DR: The Three Daily Scrum Questions Won’t Die The Daily Scrum serves a single purpose: inspecting the progress toward the Sprint Goal by reflecting on yesterday’s learning. One of the recurring issues is the continued popularity of the “three Daily Scrum questions” from the Scrum Guide 2017.


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How To Lead Scrum Masters With Liberating Structures?

As an Agile Coach, he’s responsible for about 50 Scrum Masters. For about one hour we talked about how to be a servant leader for such a group of Scrum Masters. Regardless if you’re an Agile Coach or Scrum Master, servant leadership is the desired mindset, behavior, and attitude. What are ways to lead, inspire, and guide them?

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Blog Series: From Scrum Master to Agile Leader - Part 1 - Exploring the Gaps in Scrum Mastery

As professionals, we have coached, trained and mentored thousands of Scrum Masters and consulted the organizations they work with, and we’ve consistently encountered similar issues that not only limit Scrum Teams from thriving, but also restrict empiricism from working. That’s Mechanical Scrum.

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What Is Personal Scrum?

For 10 years I have been using an adapted version of Scrum to organise my personal and professional life. I call this the Personal Scrum System. The Personal Scrum System is simple, and it works! Big Goals take time to achieve, and the Personal Scrum system will allow you to work towards them in small and meaningful steps.

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What Makes Scrum Teams Effective? A scientific investigation of 1.200 Scrum teams

This post is a non-technical version of an academic paper about Scrum teams that I wrote with Daniel Russo. I am an organizational psychologist and Scrum practitioner with a love for survey development and statistics. How can you make a Scrum team more effective? I created a free online app called the Scrum Team Survey.

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How can Product Owners get maximum value from Scrum?

Scrum is a lightweight framework for solving complex problems. It's the Scrum Master's job to bring the Scrum framework to life. In my experience, there is another important success factor: Is the Product Owner able to exploit the benefits of Scrum? And yet that is no guarantee that the product will be successful.