Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

The Lazy Project Manager

This is a rare situation that a PMO has reached this position of trust and influence inside an organisation but it is the potential future for the enterprise PMO that is successfully delivered and embedded with the right sponsorship within such an organisation.

10 Project Constraints That Endanger Your Project’s Success

Hence, it’s important to know all possible constraints, their influences on each other and the project management tools that address those constraints. Sustainability. There are three parts of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic. Tool for Handling Sustainability.

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What are the tipping points for your agile transformation?

Kiron Bondale

Such evidence is critical if there is to be sustained commitment and investment in the transformation. Team social pressure encourages appropriate agile behaviors without the need for sustained external coaching.

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Celebrating Women in Project Management

Even after all that time, women in project management are still a hidden key to our global and economic sustainability. It’s a process, a mindset and a shift to keep our global economy sustainable, innovative and engaged.

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The Best 53 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Influence – We considered Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) to predict how a website can rank on Google’s SERP. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence.

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What Does Y=f(x) Mean? How to Use This Powerful Six Sigma Formula

If outcomes are the results of drivers within a process, and DMAIC is a vehicle to identify the process and input variables that influence the process output measurements, then the two combined can offer a powerful partnership. You need to make sure that they are sustainable.

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Are your agile transformation blockers like agents in The Matrix?

Kiron Bondale

Delivery and control partners who cannot be influenced to transform their delivery models. Some such as technical debt or legacy integrations can be eliminated over time with persistence and sustained investment but others are a natural by-product of a company’s industry, the free market or globalization. Agile transformations are susceptible to a variety of impediments but sometimes these hurdles are not as high as we believe them to be.

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How to use data analytics to improve project outcomes

Moira Alexander

With these three areas under our purview, we are able to more effectively influence change across the organization. Specifically, we have impacted nearly every area that influences a fan's experience with the Bulls: Ticketing, Sponsorship, Digital Content, Marketing, and Concessions," he says. Finding the right time to use technology to sustain and accelerate a process. "We

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Three key ingredients motivating personal change

Kiron Bondale

The company they work for has ambitious growth plans and the practices and behaviors which helped their staff get the company to where it is today will not sustainably support the anticipated growth.

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Problems with your Product Owner?

Kiron Bondale

Managers who possess strategic vision, political influence and knowledge of a product are often unavailable to be committed to the extent required to effectively support a delivery team. Scott Adams continues to hit the mark when it comes to the dysfunctions plaguing the corporate world.

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Achieving Greater Agility - Your Way to Being an Agile Organization


In fact, an organization’s agility level is the most important factor influencing project success rates. Unless agile transformation is coming from the top down, it cannot be sustainable in the organization. Achieving and maturing organizational agility is the key object for established organizations in order to keep delivering business value. But what does agility really mean? And what does it take for an organization to successfully implement agile approaches?

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How do we encourage organizational adoption of an agile mindset?

Kiron Bondale

How much coaching assistance and time is required to realize a sustainable level of mindset change ? Changing mindset is all the rage in the agile community.

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Emergent Purpose

Pawel Brodzinski

Despite the fact that it’s an emergent property of any organization, we have means to influence the emergent purpose. When someone leaves an organization their influence on emergent purpose disappears.

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Pulse of the Profession 2018: The Project Manager of the Future


Invest in actively engaged executive sponsors as they will use their influence within an organization to actively overcome challenges by communicating the project’s alignment to strategy, removing roadblocks, and driving organizational change. Sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy. Be part of the technological trends that are going to have the largest influence on project work so you can participate in it!

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Culture Pockets

Pawel Brodzinski

Not everyone has equal influence over organizational culture. In fact, the higher in the hierarchy someone is the more influence they typically have. One specific type of decision I make, or at least strongly influence, is who gets promoted in my team.

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Reinforcement for running retrospectives

Kiron Bondale

While this has some value, it pales in comparison to the influence which a self-organized, self-disciplined team can use on a team member who chronically ignores or forgets a good practice.

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What is VUCA?

Arras People

influence everyone into action. sustained development of operational habits (new culture) that generate benefit flows. The complexity/ simplicity factors influence construction of the ‘right’ cross organisation communications approaches. No it’s not Spock.

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10 Essential Qualities of Great Project Managers

Project Bliss

Leadership skills such as consensus building, motivating teams, influencing team members and stakeholders will all serve you well as a project manager. It’s not sustainable to expect your team to work long hours and stressful schedules. Project managers work in a dynamic role.

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6 Ways to Manage Projects Like a Nordic

Girl's Guide to PM

The Nordics are big on sustainability and business ethics thanks to their passion for the rugged landscape and their championing of the underdog. Don’t pander to seniority and let people influence the project on all levels.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This may be by adopting a new tool or approach, learning some new skills in listening, influence, or negotiation, or maybe simply allocating more time to it. Rather, as with most years, your ability to thrive has much more to do with your ability to lead and influence.

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Pulse of the Profession 2018: Success in Disruptive Times by Managing Projects Effectively


Sustainable development, climate change, and renewable energy. Effective project sponsors use their influence within an organization to actively overcome challenges by communicating the project’s alignment to strategy, removing roadblocks, and driving organizational change.

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6 Tips to Boost Team Motivation for Your Agile Team


In this blog, we attempt to highlight the top six practices that you can implement and practice today to sustain and boost team motivation. When things don’t go as planned in case of project failure, team disputes or uncontrollable external negative influences, their morale can be affected.


The Agile Transformation Challenge All Organizations Face

The IIL Blog

To build a support system that you will need to achieve sustainable success, people’s feelings and concerns require the respect and attention that is too often trivialized. Be aware of your influence on others. By Erik Krisko, Enterprise Transformation Coach and Consultant.

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5 Ways to Lead a Change Management Initiative: Project Manager As Change Manager


social media marketing, product placement, SEO, sustainability, governance). The best people to enlist are the ones with a high interest in the outcome of the change and with a high ability to influence the organization.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Rather, as with most years, your ability to thrive has much more to do with your ability to lead and influence. It takes much more than attendance on a course to create sustained changes in performance,… Click To Tweet.

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A Growth Job

Herding Cats

Gives every jobholder the chance to influence, sustain or change organizational objectives. Is never permanent. Makes you like yourself. Is fun. Is sometimes tedious, painful, frustrating, monotonous, and at the same time gives a sense of accomplishment. Bases compensation on productivity. Is complete: One thinks, plans, manages and is the final judge of one's work. Addresses real need in the world are large - people want what you do because they need it. Involves risk-taking.

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The secrets and science of a productive four day workweek


And working longer hours isn’t a sustainable source of competitive advantage. Working longer hours isn’t a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

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Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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As a young woman in a project management position, I was trying to influence others more senior and older than myself. PRiSM (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods). If you’re a fan of sustainability, this is the method for you.

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What is Strategy?

Herding Cats

If there is no fit among the activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little to sustain the strategic deployment process. 3] Strategic fit among the various systems components and the business processes they support is fundamental not only to competitive advantage but also to the sustainability of that advantage. Influences of IT Strategy. Strategy is a much overused, misused, and abused word.

How To Be Unbeatable At Creative Project Management


But if it comes at the cost of creativity, it won't lead to a successful project or a sustainable business. Harmonizer: The harmonizer is the calming influence on the team. Creative project management is that particular flavor of project management that you'd use on creative projects.

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Agile Through a Matrix Lens

Tyner Blain

Infrequent delivery – there is no one size fits all measure to define infrequent vs. frequent; some companies will have fast-moving competitors, customers with rapidly evolving expectations, and significant influence from evolving technology – others will not (for now).

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How to Make Project Managers Smile


In the end, it means nothing but taking over responsibility for an outcome you can only partly influence. The much-touted need for flexibility, which is needed for successful project management, is in fact only the answer to lack of planning and sustainability. On the Sense and Sensibility of Integrating Project Managers into Your PPM. Have you ever managed a project? I mean, a real project. Not that house renovation thing in your spare time. A business project. Did you like it?

11 Ways to Improve Collaboration Between Departments


Relationships among department heads can have a significant influence on how well team members collaborate and it’s important to create a culture of collaboration within the leadership team. Small wins help sustain momentum and motivation while breaking down barriers and silo walls.

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The 'death model' of change is done

Lynne Cazaly

Sustaining high levels of engagement throughout a change program is a challenge. Coupled with leading your own cohort, you still need to maintain a strong sphere of leadership influence among peers and beyond. If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevant even less.’ ’ - Eric Shinseki. Change and transformation are constant in organisations, and the reality is that leaders need to lead that change. And get used to leading it.

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Guest Post: Dhaval Panchal on Satir Change Model

Stepping Into Project Management

Actors who are compensating and sustaining late status quo find their situation is no longer tenable. This is a phase where leadership has most influence and gets tested all the time.

The secret to authentic leadership in projects

Susanne Madsen

If you don’t understand what the purpose of your leadership is, and what you big “why” is, you will be easily influenced – not just by external events and other people’s opinions – but also by your own emotions and impulses.

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Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


He says, “The difference today is that machines are going after people with college degrees, political influence and Twitter accounts. AI has already become a strategic factor to generate sustained growth and provide a competitive advantage to organizations.

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How Cognitive Overload Impacts Productivity?


The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is required for sustained attention has a novelty-bias and our minds are suckers and are addicted to new information like a kid in a candy store. It is challenging to focus and sustain attention over long periods of time.

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Should You Manage Your Time or Your Energy?


Schwartz and McCarthy have mapped out the following four levels of energy that every person should be mindful of: Physical Energy is mostly related to how healthy we are and is influenced by caloric intake, exercise, our general health and sleep. Breaks are found to result in higher and more sustainable performance. Everyone has some ideas on how to better manage their time and energy. However, there seems to be this common understanding that we have to choose between the two.

Limits of a Self-Organizing Team

Leading Agile

Neither are they free from influence.” The only one that has succeeded in growing and sustaining itself is the Mondragon cooperative in the Basque region of Spain, which has some unique characteristics compared to other examples.

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