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Citizen Developer Foundation & Practitioner Review: PMI Training

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I use low-code and no-code tools for various different automations and data processing at work, and while I’m no expert, the low-code revolution is going to make it easier for us all to do a whole lot of stuff without input from IT. That’s because the course content is really about how to manage a low-code app project.

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How to Make a Construction Timesheet With Timesheet Software

There are paper construction timesheets, they can also be recorded on spreadsheets or spreadsheet software. But most common on construction sites are cloud-based timesheet software, which are more efficient than paper or spreadsheet construction timesheets. Our timesheets are also secure to ensure that your valuable data is safe.


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Facilitating Effective Sprint Reviews

In Scrum, the Sprint Review event is when the Scrum Team collaborates with stakeholders by inspecting the work that was completed during the Sprint and discussing how to move forward in a valuable way. However, in our experience, it is rare that teams get the full value that they should from their Sprint Reviews.

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Online Banking Fraud Trends and the Role of Detection Software


The Role of Detection Software Fraud detection tools in banking are your financial safety net as they can save you from falling for the tactics of cybercriminals. Here are some key features of effective detection software Detection software conducts real-time monitoring of your transactions as they happen.

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Demand Management: Process, Importance and Tools

Next, we’ll outline the demand management process to learn how to implement this planning methodology and how software can facilitate that process. Managing production is key to demand management and project management software is essential to that process. This leads to a reduction in costs due to overproduction or stockouts.

Process 327
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The Low Code No Code Opportunity

The Strategic Project Manager

“Low code no code” refers to digitization through more efficient means – through “citizen development” It is a growing trend that shows potential for growing and evolving over the next decade and beyond. The Problem – or the “Job to be done” Programming software is complicated.

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AI as a Scrum Team Member

Think of it almost as how pair programming in software development works where developers work together to develop, test and validate software development. Scrum was born out of software development and has moved well beyond to almost every type of complex product creation and management.