How to Make a Change Management Plan

A change management plan can be the difference between project success and failure. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to create the right change management plan for your project. In Review – How to Make a Change Management Plan.

How Change Management Fits Into Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How Change Management Fits Into Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Way back when I started managing projects, change management was a specific role in large organisations. Change Management has Changed.

What’s difference between project management and change management?

Moira Alexander

Project management involves the use of people, processes and methodologies to plan, initiate, execute, monitor and close activities. Change management, similar to project management, involves people, processes, and tools to effectively help organizations manage all the changes that occur, whether as a result of project initiatives, or other factors that might impact the business. Characteristics of Project Management.

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Is There Value in Integrating Change Management and Project Management?


Manage changes to projects or initiatives within an organization on both a technical and human level. Project management is the process of supervising a project team through a series of tasks that ultimately reach completion of a defined goal with a specified target date for completion. On the other hand, change management is intended to […]. The post Is There Value in Integrating Change Management and Project Management?

Next Generation Project Management Software

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The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing. It is changing so fast that it’s hard for practitioners to keep up with the latest offerings. A tiny snapshot of the analysis that the different software tools went through.

5 Ways to Lead a Change Management Initiative: Project Manager As Change Manager


But championing change is a hard thing to do, because people naturally have a resistance to change. Further Reading: How to Make Your Team Active Participants in Organizational Change]. Organizations have to be open to changing the way they do things, and on a regular basis.

Changing Technology, Process or organizations – Mistakes to Avoid in Change Management

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I recently had the pleasure of participating in an article on Process Change. Kathleen Irwin had been tasked with putting together the article to uncover tips on Costly mistakes that organizations should avoid when attempting to change technology, process(workflow) or team structure. You can read the entire article over at Software Advice’s site – Process […]. Best Practice Change Management Project Management change management

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Change Management Explained In 8 Easy Steps (We Promise!)


Wintour, project managers have a word we don’t greet with enthusiasm: change. Welcome to change management! What is Change Management? So what causes projects to change direction midway through the cycle and even beyond? Step 7: Build on the Change.

AlchemyWorks: Software Review [2018]

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This article, AlchemyWorks: Software Review [2018] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Remember to click Update Project before you navigate to any of the other tabs or you’ll lose the changes you have made. It ends up looking like a list of all the activities that have happened on the project, so it can appear like an audit trail of who has changed what. Risk Management. Software

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Adopting Agile is an Exercise in Change Management


Hours worked just fine for them so they didn’t see a need to change. Adopting Agile is an Exercise in Change Management. Adopting agile is an exercise in change management for a number of reasons: Software isn’t an order by number model.


The true value of change

The Lazy Project Manager

On that basis now is the time for you to ‘do the math’ and work your change portfolio investment out, an example was covered in ‘Challenge 1 – Invest in the right portfolio management’ – so you can reference that if you wish.

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7 Advantages of Online Project Management Software


Project managers of a certain vintage may find themselves, as I sometimes do, reflecting on the old days – as in a bygone era when rotary phones ruled the earth, when personal computers were neither very personal nor computed all that much, and when project management software was little more than clunky gaant charts and an extraordinarily annoying animated paperclip offering un-asked for advice. Take cloud-based project management software , for example.

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Document management – enterprise work collaboration software


Managing a project can require a plethora of different types of documents for planning, tracking and reporting. On the same token, however, documents need managing themselves or they overtake the process they’re supposed to facilitate. As they guide their projects, project managers can easily fall into the trap of producing an overload of documents that cloud the project objectives with repetitive information, ultimately contributing to a project’s failure.

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The Basics of Agile Transformation

Leading Agile

This means a move away from the predominate way of organizing, managing, and funding work. Agile Transformation is fundamentally about forming teams, building backlogs, and regularly producing increments of working, tested software. Step 9: Manage Communication.

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The Extinction of Agile Coaching

Agile Coach

” Had today’s-me existed along side of 7-years-ago-me he’d have wondered why in the bloody hell a relatively newly minted Certified Scrum Master, was having an organizational-level conversation with a senior manager and director. Change Management Coaching tips

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If It Was My Organization

Agile Coach

Do these coaches know what it’s like to sign a big name client with an account manager who’s a complete a **e, and you have to kiss their ass because we need the money? What about the managers? Tell them to manage the system? When I was managing a small team a looooong time ago, I wanted to hire an Agile Coach. Agile is sorta a barrier to entry in today’s software world. What I’d like to do: Fire all the managers. Grown ups don’t need managers.

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The 5-Step Expert Guide To Choosing Collaboration Tools

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. Since my book Collaboration Tools for Project Managers came out, one of the things I’m asked frequently is ‘how do I choose the right collaboration tool for my team?’. If you were managing this as a project for a client, you’d expect user involvement, wouldn’t you?

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Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books for IT, Software and Knowledge Work!


Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business. This is the original book where David Anderson first laid down the definition of and guidance to the Kanban Method for software and knowledge work. Kanban Change Leadership: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

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7 Productivity Tools for Teams That You’ve Never Heard Of

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These days I’m doing a lot less technical project management and a lot more business-led project management and change management. It’s a gmail add-on that lets you turn emails into tasks and manage your To Do list from your gmail inbox.

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Dealing with Change Requests and Issue Management


Ask any project manager and they will probably tell you they aren’t a huge fan of change. Change to a project means the potential for resource relocation, budget mishaps and delayed deliverables. Project managers spend a lot of time allocating these pieces of a project and having to rework the plan can be messy and time consuming at best, detrimental the budget and company at worst. Changes can be major or minor and effect projects accordingly.

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Clarizen as an alternative to MS Project


The answer is simple; it’s available, affordable, and includes a very necessary set of Project Management features. The next question we asked was, “why is Excel even more popular and commonly used in Project Management practice than even MS Project?” Everyone can use it to keep the list of required tasks, even though it does not include even the most basic Project Management functionality. Concept – people need Beyond Project Management solution.

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Is Proggio Right for Your Team? An Independent Review

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This is a review of Proggio software using Firefox browser, in November 2018. Languages: I didn’t see any options to change the software language. Proggio is task and project management software that looks visually attractive and is fast to build out schedules.

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The 7 Best Blog Posts on Project Management in 2018

Project management is thriving. We’re just happy to help people manage their projects with our project management software , blog posts and videos that offer practical solutions to things like time management, using resources more effectively and managing teams.

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3 Crucial Keys to Creative Project Management


If you think overseeing creative projects and supervising creative teams is the same as managing a project with software developers or a manufacturing crew, you may want to think again. Creative Project Management Requires Empathy.

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2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

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This time last year I reviewed the trends in social and collaborative technology in the project management space: some of my predictions had come to nothing and it was interesting to look backward and hold myself accountable for what I said would happen. Expert Views Project management

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How to Actually Develop a Project Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

If this is true, why is it that some project managers put so little time in developing a project management plan? One of the reasons is that project managers may not know what to include. What is a project management plan? 2=Planning Project Integration Management

What is a Programme in Project Management? 3 Types of Programme

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What is a programme in project management terms? A programme is a set of related projects and activities, managed in a coordinated fashion and under a structure that allows for the delivery of outcomes and benefits. Book Recommendations for Programme Management.

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How to choose the right project management methodology

Moira Alexander

In " How to pick a project management methodology (PMM) ," I covered the some of the most recognized methodologies, as well as a few high-level factors, that may impact selection decisions. Keep in mind, this process itself may require reassessment and modifications as business factors change.

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All Set for International Project Management Day 2018? The only Project Management guide you need


Men and women from all over the globe came together to share ideas, discuss problems with experts and meet project management professionals to pick their brains. Get certified and grow yourself as a project manager. Software. Being a project manager is super-cool.

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10 Common Project Management Mistakes You Can Easily Correct Today


You are a project manager who has to juggle multiple projects simultaneously without messing up any one of them. When you analyze it, you will realize that you are making some project management mistakes repeatedly that are hampering your project progress. Poor Resource Management.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sciforma for Your Project Management Solution

Brad Egeland

” series, I'd like to introduce you to the Sciforma project and portfolio management (PPM) software solution. I expected solid project management. I was very pleasantly surprised by the power of it's resource management, risk management and change management functionality.

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Using Quizzes In Project Communications

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And that includes communicating and embedding the change to try to ensure the best result for the business. Are you ready for the changes coming at the end of the month? But what if your email software doesn’t have voting buttons?

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Top 7 Project Management Conferences That Will Make You a Successful Project Manager In 2018


Factor in time constraints, financial limitations and scope creep issues, and you have a complex challenge on your hands.This is only half of what project managers have to deal with on a regular basis. The Project management industry is evolving at a frantic pace. Project Management

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How to avoid a Project

The Lazy Project Manager

It goes something along these lines: Corporate change initiative approved and announced, everyone cheers loudly. A department or team are asked to pick up the project and implement the change in relation to their day to day work. Change’ comes the loud reply from all.

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The Battle Between Process and Progress

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As Project Managers, we’re all familiar with process. In fact, sometimes it can feel as if a project manager’s world is but a never-ending universe of interlocking processes and procedures. After all, project managers are not process monkeys.

8 Free and Low Cost PM Resources

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So here are some places to find free project management templates and other resources, and some low cost/high value resources that I find myself recommending frequently to people who are on tight budgets. has a huge free library of free project management templates.

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A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

Project management is no different. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. The Project Management Institute also sets the standard for ethics in the field. Ethics in Project Management.

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The ESP connection

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And do the sponsors interact and engage on a regular, bi-directional manner with the project managers? If you don’t declare a complete and utter ‘No’ then the next step of the ‘ESP’ test is to consider any weak points in this ‘Executive board to Sponsor to Project Manager’ relationship.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? I’m sure you take away tips and ideas for making this your best year yet managing projects at work. Agile project management is on the rise.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

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#PMOT is the Twitter hashtag used by Project Managers on Twitter. If you want to follow project management conversations on Twitter… Or if you want to keep up with the latest articles, or products… #PMOT is a good tag to follow. Project Management People.

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