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Smart Goals for Project Managers

Project Risk Coach

What is the role of the project manager? The PMBOK® Guide, Seventh Edition says, "The project manager is the person assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives (my italics)." Defining clear objectives and goals is the foundation.

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Four Questions for Every Project Manager

International Institute for Learning

By Catherine Stothart. Project managers are usually naturally task-orientated – they like to get things done, they are used to working to plans and deadlines, and they expect to overcome problems along the way. They have the right mindset.

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6 Ways To Stop Burnout In Project Teams (& PMs) As Orgs Scale

The Digital Project Manager

One thing I hear from rapidly growing organizations is that growing pains are “a good problem to have”. And, certainly, I can get on board with that perspective given that businesses who are enjoying exponential growth are among the minority.

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Lean Project Management Dashboard


What is Lean Project Management? Lean project management is a type of project management that is based on the principles of lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a type of manufacturing that is focused on eliminating waste in all aspects of the manufacturing process.

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Level up Culture & EQ | Sign up for the #CultureDrop

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10 Project Management Certifications | Upgrade Career Skills


About 97% of organizations believe that good project management skills are essential to their success. Project management certification for project managers is important to IT operations of all kinds. If you are interested in becoming an IT project manager, or just want to add project management to your list of soft skills, these ten certifications will help you add to or boost those skills and increase your value.

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A Project Manager’s guide to Agile workflows

Resource Guru

The constant business hype surrounding Agile workflows can feel a bit like a buzzy food trend on your feed (avocado toast or matcha lattes, anyone?). You get that people love it, but you may not fully get why or if it’s worth trying for yourself.

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A comment on Architecture

Musings on Project Management

"Architecture" has been in the PM-domain commentary more and more as rapid and flexible methodologies compete with more experienced ideas.It's s been said, correctly, that architecture is where functional utility is addressed first (*)And it's been said, again correctly, that architecture generally imposes, usually conforms to, and applies the construction and integration rules for the domain of. architecture system engineering

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What Is Collaboration & How It Fuels Digital Projects

The Digital Project Manager

Collaboration seems like one of those words that is ubiquitous lately. Lots of folks talking about it but perhaps not a lot of folks doing it or doing it effectively. It’s hard to collaborate.

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How To Benefit from Asynchronous Communication as A Project Manager?


Remote work has pushed the boundaries of possibilities. Previously, interaction with colleagues outside the office was nonexistent, and team members communicated and collaborated in real time.

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Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

What Is a Program Manager? (Job Description Included)

In project management, a program is a set of related projects that are executed simultaneously by organizations to make the most out of their resources and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Program management requires company-wide collaboration and lots of planning.

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ERP systems explained simply


The origin and meaning of ERP systems The first predecessor of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was developed and established in industry more than 100 years ago. EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) did not require a computer at all, only pen and paper were used to improve time planning in production.

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Ensuring Employee Success for Your Business

Brad Egeland

Employee success plays a crucial role in business growth and success. For your business to thrive, your staff should be motivated and happy at the workplace. Employee success also means that your workers attain their goals and enjoy a satisfactory working experience.

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What is Scaled Agile Framework SAFe? | Video

Online PM Courses

Scaled Agile Framework is widely used in organizations. In this video, I want to answer the question, ‘What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?’. The post What is Scaled Agile Framework SAFe? Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Agile Project Management Project Management: What is.

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How to Improve Team Effectiveness & Reduce Workplace Stressors Through Exceptional Culture

Speaker: Galen Emanuele - President, Shift Yes LLC

Having a great workplace culture increases engagement and performance, yet many leadership teams lack the tools they need to successfully develop one. In this webinar, you will receive guidance on how to adapt your workplace culture and improve your employee experience.

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM): Understanding ROM Estimates

No one needs to tell you that projects cost money. But how much they’ll cost is an open question. The closer you can come to an accurate forecast of project costs, the more likely you’ll deliver a successful project. Rough order of magnitude (ROM) can help you better estimate project costs.

Modularized megaprojects: What we can learn from Tesla (Part 2)


In the first part of our two-part blog post, you learned that complex planning and a multitude of dependencies can make a project a very fragile construct. If a project fails, it always fails in its entirety. This is because the project only adds value after it has been 100% completed successfully.

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Opinions Wanted - Are Chromebooks Good for Business Professionals?

Brad Egeland

I want your opinions. Are chromebooks good for business professionals? My kids use them for online math, gaming on Minecraft, etc. and other creative undertakings. I'm trying to determine if there are good business uses for chromebooks and if they can/will become more mainstream.

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Back to Basics: Who Are Project Stakeholders and Why Are They Important??


About two decades ago, I was working for an IT Services organization. Our company got a re-engineering project from a Fortune 500 company, and I was designated as the project manager. The client had assigned a “user champion” to walk us through the old system and inform on the requirements.

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Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Data has gone from a mere result of applications & processes to being crowned king. Picking the right avenue to data architecture depends on your organization’s needs. Development teams should build in stages, starting with a task that can be solved.

10 Free Manufacturing Excel Templates

Manufacturing requires a lot of attention to detail and coordinating various moving parts to deliver the final product. In order to accomplish those goals and meet a tight deadline and an even tighter budget, you need these 10 free manufacturing Excel templates.

Modularized megaprojects: Failure of Conventional Approaches (Part 1)


Tesla as a pioneer in the modularization of megaprojects In Germany, it is almost a tradition that large public projects fail. A prime example in this context is the BER Airport. Originally, the megaproject was to be completed in 2007 at costs of only 2 billion euros.

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What is Cyber Security Software?

Brad Egeland

A Cyber security software is a computer program that helps to enhance the overall information security of a computer, system, or network. It helps to protect computer systems against intrusion, unauthorized use of resources, hacker attacks, etc.

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Your Guide To Achieving Operational Excellence In Project Management


Project managers are under more pressure than ever to deliver operational excellence. There are many changes to get used to in the post-pandemic world.

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Blueprint to Modernize Analytics

The longer you wait to modernize your application’s analytics, the longer it will take for you to realize this value. A blueprint helps you define your new solution, plot out how to get there, and determine what you’ll need in terms of time and resources.

10 Most Important Project Management Skills


Today’s project managers are required to possess a variety of talents, including expert quantitative understanding, solid communication skills, and a wide range of industry-specific expertise. It is understandable why qualified project managers are in such great demand worldwide given the extensive list of required talents.

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What Is An Agile Agency And How To Become One


“We’re an Agile agency ??.”. Buzzword alert. You probably already know—Agile isn’t just for software developers anymore. Increasingly agencies, consultancies, and other knowledge-based project teams are adopting Agile as their preferred method to deliver projects.

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Project Scheduling Methodologies That Drive Results


A few years ago, I worked with a Project Manager (PM) who was seen by many as a micromanager. During our weekly schedule tracking meetings, she would go around the room and ask each team member to give progress updates.

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5 Hidden Agile Impediments That May Be Blocking Your Transformation

Leading Agile

When it comes to Agile Transformation, every organization has to find a way to overcome whatever is blocking the organization’s ability to be Agile. Agile Impediments exist at many levels, but most large scale Transformations now require that technical practices are more sound than ever. . As strategic priorities shift toward a focus on technology, hiring Scrum coaches just isn’t going to suffice to make Agile work.

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Best Practices for Deploying & Scaling Embedded Analytics

Today, sophisticated capabilities such as adaptive security, predictive analytics, workflow, and writeback are taking analytics far beyond basic dashboards and reports. With cutting-edge capabilities like these, application teams are able to differentiate their products from the competition.

A Beginner’s Guide to Resource Management

Epicflow Blog

Successful project delivery is usually a result of efficient management of both workflow and resources.

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The 4 Best Time Tracking Apps in 2022


With nearly 600 time tracking apps to choose from–how do you pick the best time tracking app for you? You can easily spend 100s of hours going through all the options and reviews online. Just look at this G2 grid for the top time tracking software products. ??. Source.

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How to win buy-in from senior stakeholders

Liquid Planner Leadership

Ask any project manager why projects fail, and you’ll get a long list of reasons. One of the things at the top of most lists will be people: specifically, not having buy-in for the project. Without support, even the best ideas fail before they really get going. .

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