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Interim Investing and ESG: The Evolution of Investment Strategies in Projects

Green Project Management

In recent years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria have rapidly moved from the fringes to the forefront of global investment strategies, profoundly influencing how projects are evaluated, financed, and implemented.

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What Does Project Governance Really Mean?

Projects like anything that involves a lot of people working together need governance. The government runs a nation and project governance in the same fashion runs the project. What Is Project Governance? You can look at project governance as a framework to help oversee the right course for the project. Structure.


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10 Emerging Project Management Trends In 2024.

The IIL Blog

This transformation signifies a need for adaptive strategies and mindsets to navigate the evolving project management landscape effectively. Project managers in 2024 will adopt more forward-thinking strategies, emphasizing scenario planning and agile responses to mitigate unforeseen challenges.

2024 158
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Summary/review Portfolio Management – Delivery on Strategy

Henny Portman

“ Portfolio Management – Delivery on Strategy ” edited by Carl Marnewick and John Wyzalek, presents a collection of 12 articles from various authors. The second article explores the relationship between corporate strategy and project management in product development.

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How has project management changed?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

At least, the 1950's were when project management emerged as a discipline to help manufacturing, construction and government initiatives deliver more reliably and with greater repeatability. PMI in particular is putting a lot of emphasis on projects as the way to deliver strategy.

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Review Generative AI framework for HM Government

Henny Portman

This framework, created by the Central Digital and Data Office of UK Government, aims to help readers understand generative AI, to guide anyone building generative AI solutions, and, most importantly, to lay out what must be taken into account to use generative AI safely and responsibly. Conclusion.

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Understanding the Organizational Governance System as Project Managers

Project Pulse Journal

Is it challenging to navigate the complex landscape of project governance frameworks? In this article, we will dive deep into organizational and project governance and systems in project management. At the heart of this lies the robust framework of Organizational Governance Systems.