Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

So, save the date and mark your calendars, whether analog or digital: here are the top project management conferences of 2020. Change Management 2020 Conference. 2020 Project Management Symposium. The Power of Projects 2020. The Resource Planning Summit 2020.

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Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

Arras People

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members).

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Innovation Project Management

International Institute of Learning

We are excited to bring you this blog post on Innovation Project Management, which is adapted from Dr. Harold Kerzner’s new book of the same title. Below, he explains why this topic is so important, the types of challenges that innovation project managers face, and much more.

Design Thinking: Human Centered Design for Innovative Problem-Solving

Project Bliss

Design Thinking is a human centered approach to innovative problem-solving. His company works with clients to successfully solve problems using innovation and Design Thinking approaches. Anyone who wants to solve a problem can use Design Thinking to find innovative solutions.

2020 239

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

New Presentations for 2020

The Lazy Project Manager

It has been 10 years since The Lazy Project Manager was published and I have had the pleasure of presenting on this topic in 25 countries so far, but now, at the start of a new year, 2020 no less, I have decided that this will be the last year that I deliver ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ keynote. But, of course, this means that there is room for some new material as well and I am delighted to share three new presentations/keynotes that I will be presenting in 2020 (and beyond).

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2020 Trends and Challenges in Manufacturing

Epicflow Blog

In turn, it sets up new challenges and necessitates engaging innovative techniques in their processes, such as robotics, AI, IoT, and other solutions. . 3D printing cannot be called a 2020 trend as its successful utilization has been noticed worldwide throughout these years.

2020 68

The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader

International Institute of Learning

Through June 30, 2020, we are offering free registration to our on-demand course on Virtual Agile Teams (regularly $850 USD). The post The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader appeared first on The IIL Blog. By Frank P. Saladis, PMP, LIMC MCCP, PMI Fellow.

2020 Challenges and Trends in Construction

Epicflow Blog

Construction is one of the industries that don’t follow emerging innovative trends too quickly and enthusiastically but anyway it doesn’t ignore many of them to improve its state. Innovative Technologies in Building: AR, VR, and 3D Printing .

How to Make a Work From Home Policy (With Examples)

Fast forward to 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, and public health officials widely recommended that workers stay home to avoid spreading the virus. Since our company culture promotes autonomy, innovation and flexibility, we have an open work from home policy.

2020 308

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

ROWE: The Results-Based Culture that Supercharges Team Accountability

Girl's Guide to PM

You can see how this culture will encourage creative thinking and focus, as well as innovative approaches to problem solving. When I regularly traveled into London, I’d be at my desk by 7.45am. I was often one of the first people in, and I know others noticed.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria. Project Management Conferences in Australia 2020. 2020 Project Management Conferences in Canada. 2020 Project Management Conferences in France.

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How has project management changed?

Girl's Guide to PM

Here are some of the main tech innovations that have led to an evolution in the way we manage projects. We aren’t managing projects now in the same way that people managed projects years ago.

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Key Themes at IIL’s 2020 Agile & Scrum Online Conference

International Institute of Learning

June 4 th , 2020 will mark the opening day of IIL’s 5 th annual Agile & Scrum Online Conference. This article will take you through the key themes that will emerge at Agile & Scrum 2020. Culture and Innovation. Agile & Scrum 2020 goes live on June 4 th , 2020.

2020 59

Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Project Mgt. Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

Do you want to “change the game” in your company or the project management industry?In this webinar, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and the world of project management, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria . Project Management Conferences in Australia 2020. 2020 Project Management Conferences in Canada . 2020 Project Management Conferences in France .

2020 54

5 Tips To Re-Energize Your Daily Standup Meetings

Girl's Guide to PM

Because after a few weeks I realized that the energy levels weren’t what they should be for such a creative, innovative agency. Regular readers will know that I’m not an expert in Agile, by any means.

2020 272

Planning a Budget for a Proposal in 5 Easy Steps (+ Example)

Girl's Guide to PM

Your hourly rate must be related to the actual working hours you have in a year (this is based on The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Methodology ). About the author: Edoardo Binda Zane is an innovation trainer and creativity consultant.

2020 258

Book Summary: Think Better – An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking

Project Bliss

Learn how to think better by using productive thinking approaches with Tim Hurson’s book Think Better – An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking. Everybody talks about creativity and innovation these days, but very few actually know how to put them into practice.”

Capturing Actuals in 2020: Who Said Timesheets are Passé?


Perhaps without as much fanfare and excitement as the adoption of new Lean/Agile methodologies, but time reporting hasn’t stood still – although I admit that innovations in time reporting don’t always make the headlines. “Timesheets are passé.”. Nobody wants to do a timesheet!”.

2020 87

100+ Tech Conferences and Events to Attend in Europe 2020


Europe in 2020 promises to be a rich landscape for conferences. The best annual tech conferences in Europe in 2020. Its second issue will take place from February 4 to 6, 2020. MOVE Europe 2020. Startup Grind Global 2020. HolyJS 2020 Piter. TeqNation 2020.

2020 52

Why Productivity in Project Businesses is Flatlining?

The Lazy Project Manager

If we look at this McKinsey & Company study , one of the main reasons stems from poor project management and the lack of technological innovation and adoption.

2020 228

Dr. Harold Kerzner’s Project Management Predictions for 2020

International Institute of Learning

Major changes to project management will occur in 2020 due to much of the new material that the Project Management Institute (PMI) has published and will be testing on in the new version of the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® exam beginning in June 2020. By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.

2020 103

Effective Collaboration for Outstanding Virtual Teamwork

Project Bliss

Seeing the human side of people fosters empathy, trust, and more collaborative and innovative teams. Brainstorming and challenging standard beliefs can lead to new and innovative solutions. Virtual teams need to put forth extra effort for effective collaboration.

2020 170

Review 10X Growth Machine

Henny Portman

The 10X Growth Machine – How companies can innovate, scale and win , written by Misha de Sterke, is a book to build your own growth machine by using innovation as a means. Growth governance : Lean innovation process and venture boards, growth policy playbook, and growth accounting.

2020 60

Project Management Tools and Services to Consider for 2020

Brad Egeland

Here's the beginning of my list of tools and services to consider or demo or download a trial of for consideration for 2020. The world of project management requires leaders and doers and shakers to make it happen.

2020 183

The Disciplined Agile Mindset

International Institute of Learning

This post is a supplement to Scott’s upcoming keynote at IIL’s Agile & Scrum 2020 Online Conference ]. Diversity is critical to a team’s success because it enables greater innovation.

2020 83

Love in the time of Corona

Growing Agile

On 25 March 2020 the Agile industry in South Africa came together to help the community deal with the current uncertainty, 2 days ahead of the 21 day lockdown in South Africa. Rapid innovation under stress can create beautiful things – never let a serious crises to go to waste.

2020 110

Managing Project Delays in the COVID-19 Age


That means being flexible, proactive, innovative and agile in response to changes, whether from the market, competitors or the economy.

2020 83

Leadership in Project Management: The Complete Guide

PM Basics

An innovation project (R&D). Also, it opens up opportunities for initiative, improvement, and innovation. This is complete guide on leadership in project management. The cool thing about it? It’s full of practical tips.

2020 77

Foundational Elements for Agile PPM: A Phased Approach – Part 1


Just as developers needed a way to deliver products to market faster without hindering innovation during development and production, project managers and PMO leaders need a way to deliver projects at a faster pace and with the same, or better quality.

2020 98

How the Fail Fast Approach Brings Innovative Solutions

The concept of fail fast and embracing failure entails testing new ideas and innovating on current strategies. Such failures will essentially lead to more knowledge and new innovations. Radical innovations are often begun through errors and failures, the Forbes article explains.

2020 26

PMO Leadership: How PMOs Can Evolve into Savvy PMOs


This requires letting go of a some control to promote agility and innovation. PMO leadership today is about more than being a purveyor of governance and delivering projects on time and on budget.

2020 112

Top 10 Project Management Conferences You Can Not Afford to Miss in 2020


To help you make the right choices, TaskQue has put together a list of project management conferences you can not afford to miss in 2020. 10 Project Management Conferences For 2020. Here are the ten best project management conferences to participate in 2020.

2020 93

Knowledge Management (Part 2): Why It Is Necessary to Manage Your Company’s Knowledge


Having a lot of knowhow gives you an edge, as it facilitates innovation which gives the company a competitive advantage and increases its competitiveness on the market. The last blog post examined the most important basic terms about knowledge.

2020 181

Project Management Trends for Agencies: What to Skip, What to Adopt


I’ll do a deep dive into the trends that will define project management in 2020 and beyond. More importantly, a focus on data helps you create the kind of reports clients want in 2020 - data-rich, metrics-focused. In 2020, I don’t need to remind you that silos are bad for business.

2020 85

4 Key Steps to Achieving Digital Transformation


Today more than ever, digital tools, innovations, and workflows play a vital role in an organization’s work methods.

2020 110

Project Management Methodologies 101: The What, Why, How, & Types Explained

ProProfs Project Management

Scrum was originally designed keeping software development projects in mind, but over time it has shown to work well for any complex, innovative scope of work. Project management is one of those things that appears to be a relatively easy thing to accomplish — until you get started it. .

2020 97

Agile Unplugged: EP01 | Mike Cottmeyer and Brian Sondergaard

Leading Agile

And then, so LeadingAgile will have its 10-year anniversary August first, 2020, yeah. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud.

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