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Project Boards and Project Steering Groups: An Introduction

Rebel’s Guide to PM

These are all functions of a project board (or steering group). Strong leadership in projects is important for success, so getting your project board and/or project steering group set up as soon as you can is a good start. In other words, this is the group that takes the tough decisions. What is a project steering group?

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Project Management Process Groups: A Quick Guide

To keep to your schedule and manage costs, you need to gather and process project data throughout the five PMBOK project management groups. What Are the 5 PMBOK Project Management Process Groups? Project management software helps project managers stay on top of each of these process groups. Initiating Phase. Learn More!

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How to launch your product group

Blog post How You Can Define Your Product Group described how to create an initial definition of the product by examining organizational functions and components and considering their dependency types. In this blog, we build on that discussion and consider how to launch the product group into its first iteration successfully. .

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How you can define your product group

When many teams work on a product-part (that they call a 'product') that does not have the properties from the preceding list, then that group experiences unnecessarily reduced agility and long end-user feedback loops (We described this is described in the first and second blog). Identify typical external end-users of your group. .

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ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

At its core, data normalization is the process of creating context within your marketing database by grouping similar values into one common value. Well, marketers rely on this grouping to reach their goals. Why is this so essential?

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How to Facilitate the Nominal Group Technique

Project Risk Coach

Let's look at the Nominal Group Technique (NGT), a powerful technique for reaching consensus. What is the Nominal Group Technique? The nominal group technique is a structured method for group brainstorming that allows every participant to have an equal voice. It is a particularly effective tool for larger groups.

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Develop Enterprise Agility With Product Groups

The rest of the organization is mainly organized around semi-independent Product Groups that likely have separate leadership, finances, resources, and people, which may be augmented with shared services such as purchasing, sales, human operations, and finance. Let’s have a look at how a Product Group is structured.

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Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

In this webinar, Tom Evans of 280 Group will share insights and lessons learned to better help you understand how to integrate strategy into your analytics discussion. This situation is exacerbated even more when product managers are faced with the immediate pressures and urgencies of rapid and iterative product development methodologies.

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Use Discovery and Delivery to Experiment Our Way to a New Normal

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Why you should not create a different “discovery” group, but use collaborative teams to discover and deliver together. How short feedback loops, managing WIP (Work in Progress) and creating small bets creates an organization-wide approach to discovery and delivery. How to see and optimize for different planning cycles.