Avoid extinction: modernize your project management processes in the era of network densification


The telecom industry is facing a similar cataclysmic event right now network densification. Extinction level event: Network Densification Network Densification is an extremely powerful force that will shape the telecom industry and mobile networks over … Continue reading. The post Avoid extinction: modernize your project management processes in the era of network densification appeared first on Sitetracker. 65 million years ago dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the Earth.

AGL Summit Top Takeaway: Overcome the challenges of tower colocation in the race to 5G


It’s a topic of great importance as the telecom industry races to 5G in this era of network densification. As technology progresses, the processes of operating cell towers change. Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker, participated on a panel on the technical challenges of tower colocation last week at the SoCal AGL Local Summit. The demand for greater coverage and throughput is aided by advances in wireless technology.

How Eric Got A PM Job (And How You Can Too)

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This is the process that I followed with Eric: We carried out an analysis of his situation. The process took approximately 2 or 3 months. About Luis: Luis Peluffo, PMP, has over 10 years’ experience in the telecoms industry and is based in Panama.

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Managing Cross Country Work with EWMS


For telecoms, managing work across numerous time zones is par for the course. In larger companies, work silos can start to form which break down the efficiencies necessary to keep a telecom profitable. Enterprise Work Management Solutions (EWMS) are well suited to assist telecoms with this challenge. An EWMS management solution can provide a streamlined process for achieving customer satisfaction quicker. For telecoms.

Understanding the Importance of Effective Project Management on Project Profitability


It applies whatever field you’re in, from marketing to consulting, technology, telecoms, public sector, private sector, creative, healthcare, even internal IT services…the goals are the same or similar – to increase client satisfaction and drive profitability.

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Strategy Implementation Needs Great Portfolio Management

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In recent years, portfolio management has evolved from an administrative process, in which projects are selected and prioritised, to one of the key ways in which organisations can focus on strategy implementation.

How to Identify, Analyze and Eliminate Muda From Your Kanban System?


Any system/ business process you are using to develop products or offer services will have a certain amount of waste generated. However, very few of these products have helped identify and measure the waste in your process. Upstream Process definition.

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If It Was My Organization

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I’d say it was for process improvement and such, but have nothing to show and eventually, I’d cave and terminate the coaching contracts. Free wifi wouldn’t destroy big telecom revenue? Taking an idea from The Feedback Wrap , this post was written on a beautiful Sunday night by the pool on the eve of Agile 2016, and after a skimming of “ Why Business People Speak Like Idiots “ I’m in a mellow mood, but feeling a little annoyed with whole world of Agile lately.

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Project Cost Management – The Essential Things to Know and Do

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Your ‘Project Cost Management Plan’ Establishing your costs – the processes of estimating and budgeting. Tailoring your project cost management process. I view project cost management as a master process, which you would document in your Project Cost Management Plan.

Awesome Leankor Moments from Dreamforce 17


Telecom Session with Mike Oliver from SOLUS Network Solutions. Awesome Leankor Moments from Dreamforce 17. Dreamforce 17 is another Salesforce conference that is now behind us but not easily forgotten.

Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

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By regularly moving to new places, I found myself regularly enjoying the process of meeting new people. There are conversations with clients in Finance, Telecom, health sector, Government, IT and engineering. How does recruiting work? What do recruiters want?

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Knowledgeline: Speaking of mergers.:: by Tom Baldwin


At SBALowDoc centers, the agency processes completed applications within 36 hours. The SBA provides a rapid response through its PLP processing center in Sacramento, Calif.— By Anonymous , at 12:52 AM Hi, We may share some interest part of telecommunications story or update, so visit my website **Telecom** site/blog. Knowledgeline Monday, December 13, 2004 Speaking of mergers.

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