Agile Project Management: The new go-to for marketing teams in 2020

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This is a guest contribution from Monica Georgieff, Agile Coach and Trainer at AgileSherpas. Leadership in uncertain times requires The goal of staying nimble, responsive, and flexible in these rocky times has become entrenched steadfastly in the minds of the marketing community. .

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Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

Arras People

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members). Leadership.

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“Organize Around Products/Services” is a great addition to the Disciplined Agile principles

Kiron Bondale

The Disciplined Agile (DA) principles were recently refactored and as part of this refactoring, a principle was added: “Organize Around Products/Services” While it is just one of the eight principles, this new one aligns very well with lean thinking.

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Can We Still be Agile?

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How does work from home impact our use of agile approaches? If co-location is no longer possible, can we still be agile? Yes, of course we can, and in many ways, now we need to be more agile than ever as we try new approaches, learn and adapt how we work.

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5 Agile Metrics to Improve Performance and Quality

Project Bliss

Agile has been a buzzword for many organizations in the last few years. And while many organizations are “adopting” an agile methodology, many are not fully embracing it. Effective implementation of agile requires a cultural shift. What Is Agile?

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Use the 7 Habits to create highly effective agile teams

Kiron Bondale

Covey’s wrote his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, it was used by individuals for self-improvement but the same habits could also help teams in their journeys to greater agility. Agile agile project management improving project management prioritization team building

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Agile Leadership and Challenges in Digital Transformations


The post Agile Leadership and Challenges in Digital Transformations appeared first on Agilemania. Agile CoachingIntroduction to digital transformation Digital transformation in simple words is the process of utilising technology to comprehensively change your.

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How to Become a Project Manager in 2020


From planning and forecasting to communication and leadership, a project manager has to wear many hats. Leadership and communication are both better learned in the field than in the classroom. PMI Agile Certificate Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Leadership.

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Best 2020 Online Courses, Events, and Resources for Project Managers

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Agile in the Program Management Office. Besides, PMI suggests passing not only this one but also the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Associate in Project Management examinations online. You can choose from the following PM topics: Agile Project Management.

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PMO Leadership: How PMOs Can Evolve into Savvy PMOs


PMO leadership today is about more than being a purveyor of governance and delivering projects on time and on budget. The Savvy PMO fosters organizational agility, cultivates efficiencies, and drives growth strategies.

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Leadership vs. Management w/ Ross Beurmann

Leading Agile

In this episode of SoundNotes, Ross Beurmann joins Dave to talk about the difference between Leadership and Management. Leadership is Language – L. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud.

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Project Management Conferences and Events 2020

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If you are looking to attend a project management conference in 2020, chances are there is something happening near you that will be fun and meet your professional goals. January February March April May June July August September October November December 2020 2021 2022 2023.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

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Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria. March 16-17, Vienna — The Digital Leadership Forum will bring together experts from top companies including Stiegl, Suntory, A.P.

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Project Management Job Titles: Understanding the Types of Roles in Project Management

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They may mainly work with agile approaches and often in a client-facing business such as an agency (although large firms may have in-house Digital PMs too). If you’re searching for a project management job, you’ve no doubt come across a range of different job titles.

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Soar Higher in 2020 – Learn and Develop New Skills

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

A major part of effective project leadership involves understanding the importance of continuing to learn and develop new skills. In this article, we take a closer look at why it is important to develop new skills in 2020. The Crucial Leadership Skills to Focus On.

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Project Management Framework Types, Key Elements & Best Practices

Unfortunately, as many as 57% of leadership teams surveyed said risk was one of the things they felt least prepared to deal with. Create an agile PM framework with our kanban boards. A project never exists in a vacuum.

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Top Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2020 and How to Get Them

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

As we move into 2020 and the start of a new decade, it is important to take the time to consider how your industry and workplace may have changed in recent years, and how they will continue to evolve in the future. Adaptive Leadership.

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Top 9 IT Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers [2020]

PM Basics

Also, remember this: All software development project manager interview questions require you to provide an answer from a leadership perspective. What is Agile, Scrum, and Kanban? Agile is an approach to managing something. IT Project Manager interview questions are tricky.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria . March 16-17, Vienna — The Digital Leadership Forum will bring together experts from top companies including Stiegl, Suntory, A.P.

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Enterprise Agility Framework – 3PC


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Use uncertainty poker to increase alignment on delivery approaches

Kiron Bondale

“ Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership. Agile Project Management agile project management improving project management project decision making Risk management

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Business Agility model

Henny Portman

The Business Agility model is the next one to add to my Bird’s eye view on the agile forest. The Business Agility Model (developed by the Business Agility Institute) consisting of twelve interacting domains across four dimensions to take into account when transforming your organization.

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Project Management Q&A: How to Step Up from a Support Role

Arras People

You may also want to go further and look at newer developments such as Agile approaches too. You may find that the project manager role may differ in two main areas from the project manager one – the level of responsibility and the amount of team management and leadership you’re performing.

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7 Tips to Successfully Lead a Remote Team During Challenging Times

Project Bliss

While this hasn’t been easy, teams who are agile and able to adapt in these times can overcome new challenges and stay focused on their goals. Agile teams can be especially successful because trust and transparency are crucial to workflow. Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash.

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Q&A Responses to Driving Organizational Agility


In a recent webinar with PMO Strategies Founder, Laura Barnard, the audience had some great questions about organizational agility and how that relates to the PMO. Here are her answers to the Q&A portion of the webinar on Driving Organizational Agility.

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Capture More Agility by Tailoring Practices

International Institute of Learning

[This post is a sneak preview of Jesse Fewell’s talk at IIL’s Agile & Scrum 2020 Online Conference , and is based on his upcoming book Untapped Agility ]. We’ve been told that to achieve more innovation, more collaboration, or more agility, we need to adopt modern practices.

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Playing in the Gray of Hybrid

Leading Answers

Neither black nor white, predictive nor agile, project managers are increasingly finding themselves in the gray area of hybrid project management. In project environments, the use of both predictive approaches and agile approaches results in a hybrid approach.

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Handling complexity requires psychological safety

Kiron Bondale

” This aligns well with two of the leadership actions which Amy recommends in her article. Agile Facilitating Organization Change Project Management agile project management improving project management management failure Risk management

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Agile Unplugged: EP01 | Mike Cottmeyer and Brian Sondergaard

Leading Agile

Agile Unplugged is your chance to explore LeadingAgile’s freshest ideas, mental models, frameworks, and solutions with the people that are actually doing the work of leading large-scale Agile Transformation, out in the field. “Tell me what Agile’s about.”

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Reset, Refocus: 2 Concepts and 8 Tips for Making Progress During the Pandemic

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Agile Project Management Events Exceptions Leadership Personal Agility Planning Risk Management TeamsIt is a dilemma. We need to move forward. Not just to make progress on projects, but also to give people something else to focus on beyond the tragedy and fear filling the news.

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Do your experiments fail even before they are run?

Kiron Bondale

One of the many traits associated with business agility is the frequent running of experiments. An example of this is when a leadership team wants to assess whether an adaptive approach might result in a higher degree of success than a predictive one. (Many thanks to Scott W.

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AGILE NXT 3rd edition

Henny Portman

In this third edition of AGILE NXT — a magazine designed by Xebia’s thought leaders and experts to inspire and inform you, offers 15 new insights: The Ultimate Model for Managing Performance in Agile Environments (Daniel Burm). Need Business Agility? Agile English Post review

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Project Leader vs. Project Manager: The 7 Essential Project Leadership Skills


Leadership is a hot topic in every part of a growing business. The 7 essential project leadership skills. Servant leadership. As project management expert Jim Highsmith wrote in his book Agile Leaders , “most projects are over-managed and under-led.”. Servant leadership.

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Project Development: Everything You Need to Get Started

This is usually mapped out from the perspective of leadership, and then passed down to project managers for further development after the fact. You’ll assess this with leadership during this phase. So, you’ve got a project approved, and you’re ready to kick off the first phase.

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Design Thinking: Human Centered Design for Innovative Problem-Solving

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The key to success is having leadership support and have them modeling the desired behavior. This ties into business agility and organizations delivering value faster. What Is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a human centered approach to innovative problem-solving.

An Essential List of Leadership Skills to Manage an Uncertain Future


A list of leadership skills is essential for modern life. In this article, we’ll go through some of the qualities that make a leader successful, by providing a list of leadership skills as well as some examples, tools, and resources to help you improve your own abilities.

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Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

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Listen to the Agile Unplugged Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to Agile Unplugged on: Apple Podcasts. Remember to subscribe and listen to Agile Unplugged on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbean—and watch each and every episode on YouTube , IGTV , and Facebook.

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100+ Tech Conferences and Events to Attend in Europe 2020


Europe in 2020 promises to be a rich landscape for conferences. The best annual tech conferences in Europe in 2020. Its second issue will take place from February 4 to 6, 2020. MOVE Europe 2020. Startup Grind Global 2020. HolyJS 2020 Piter. TeqNation 2020.

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Regaining Trust: The Winners and Losers of a More Cautious Tomorrow

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Open-plan offices favored by agile teams were criticized as “germ factories” long before COVID-19. Agile Project Management Leadership Tailoring Approaches TeamsPeople are smart, resourceful and inventive. We are also dumb and irrational.

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Agile Planning: A Beginner’s Guide To Planning & Executing Iterative Projects


With more customers looking at reducing project risks and realizing value faster, more teams are adopting agile methods. According to a PMI survey , over 70 percent of businesses report using some form of agile to plan and execute projects. What are the Levels of Agile Planning?

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