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Basis of Estimating Software Development

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The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex. Here are some resources that will provide guidance to produce credible software development estimates, in both traditional and agile domains. Software Sizing and Estimating: Mk II FPA , Charles Symons, John Wiley & Sons, 1991.

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Scrum: A Brief History of a Long-Lived Hype

In the end, the sources I used for describing the evolutions of the definition of Scrum are: The paper “SCRUM Software Development Process” by Ken Schwaber (1995, 1996). The book “Agile Software Development with Scrum” by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle (2002). The book “The Enterprise and Scrum” by Ken Schwaber (2007).

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What is IT Service Management?

The IIL Blog

Most of these roles were based on aspects of IT operation, such as mainframe operation and maintenance, which later evolved into software development and commercialisation. ITIL v2 followed this in 2001, ITIL v3 in 2007, and ITIL 4 in 2019. As ITSM evolved, so did the ways of delivering Information Technology services.

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Get To Know Inloox: Martin - Software Engineer and Employee from “Day One”


Martin has been working for InLoox since October 2007 and is therefore the oldest employee in our company. Today, he supports our development team as a software architect with his many years of experience. For me, InLoox means continuous development and challenge. Pierre: Software Developer at InLoox.

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Real Cross-functional Teams for Creating Real and Better Products

Besides that, she has published her experience in her books Agile Software Development in the Large, Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams, Retrospectives for Organizational Change, and together with Johanna Rothman Diving for Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Cost of Delay in your Project Portfolio.

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In-Depth: Stable Or Fluid Teams? What Does The Science Say?

There is also the Dynamic Organic Transformation (DOT) team model for high-performance teams (Courtney, Navarro & O’Hare, 2007) or Kozlowski’s process model for team development (1999). Teams generally develop through a number of stages, although scientific models vary in which stages and in what order. 2007, August).

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Microeconomics and Risk Management in Decision Making for Software Development

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Take for example the deployment of an ERP system, the installation, and startup of a process control system, the release of a suite of embedded software controllers for a car, aircraft, petrochemical plant. A recent survey of 600 firms indicated that 35% of them had at least one "runaway' software project. Now To Risk Management.