How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever?

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How to “Brexit Proof” Your Project Strategy

Arras People

The event’s title of “ How to ‘Brexit-Proof’ your Project Strategy before December 14th 2018 ” provided a clear picture of the key strategies you should employ in order to best prepare for Brexit.

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The Best Self-Help Books to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

But we do know that when it comes to business, leadership, personal productivity and work-life balance, a slew of seriously helpful self-help books has recently been published that can help you make 2019 your best year yet. The idea of self-help has almost become a parody.

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How to Build and Use a Risk Register

Project Risk Coach

Risk Response Strategies. Strategies for threats include: accept the risk, avoid the risk, mitigate the risk, or transfer the risk. Strategies for opportunities include: accept the risk, exploit the risk, enhance the risk, or share the risk.

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Selling Data and Decisions to your Team

Speaker: Cait Porte, SVP Product and Customer Experience, Zmags

Strategies for getting to commitment, not consensus. Gathering support for a product feature or enhancement is a critical skill for Product Managers.

How to Handle Criticism at Work

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you strategies on how to handle criticism at work. Strategies for Using Criticism to Help You Improve. So, here are some strategies for receiving criticism at work.

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How to Handle Chronic Complainers

Watch Jennifer Bridges, PMP, to understand where chronic complainers are coming from, and learn strategies for keeping everyone happy and productive. Strategies for Dealing with Complainers in the Office. You probably work with someone who complains a lot.

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Strategic Planning in Business

A strategic plan is a strategy that’s devised to achieve overall goals set by a business, accounting for resources, market restrictions, stakeholder demands and more. Businesses thrive on certainty, and yet, the future is never certain.

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How to Improve Your Strategic Planning, Analysis, and Alignment

Project Risk Coach

What I found over the years is the most important thing is for a team to come together over a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy for achieving that vision, and then a relentless implementation plan. Additionally, they want individuals who can help define the organization's strategies and ensure that the projects are aligned with the enterprise goals. Project Goals) Define Strategy. Strategies may include action plans, projects, and programs.

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Infographic: How to Keep Different Team Members Motivated


Based on this model you can develop individual strategies for staff motivation. Strategy: social recognition. Strategy: safety and security. Strategy: attention and trust. Strategy: appreciation of accuracy. Strategy: freedom and responsibility.

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Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

But there is one essential element that is often left out of the conversation, and that is strategy. How does my product decisions support the overall strategy of the business, and am I tracking the right metrics based upon that strategy?

Why You Should Align Strategy, Financials, and Execution


Now, let’s get into the first two process areas by examining why it is crucial for your organization to align strategy, financials, and execution. Process Area 2: Aligning Strategy and Operations.

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Project Prioritization: Stop Working on the Wrong Projects!


How important is the project in the implementation of the corporate strategy? Resource allocation is based on using the domain and the domain program for the company’s strategy.

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Plug, Play, Repeat: The Best Strategies For More Productive Focus Time



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Is Your PMO a Healthy PMO?


Do you get straight through or do they adopt an avoidance strategy? So here you are, leading a successful project management office (PMO) and all is well with the world. Did you plan a phase two? Was there a next step that the business expected or is now requesting?

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Understanding Users at Scale with Product Analytics

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product, Amplitude

Whether you are building new features, trying to improve customer experience or battling poor retention - user behavior forms the foundation of your product strategy. Present and drive product strategy based on evidence.

A Look into the Relationship Between Demand Management and Project Management


So far in this series, we’ve discussed how portfolio-driven performance improves project delivery and how and why you need to align strategy, financials, and execution. Dialogue is critical in order to reconcile delivery capacity with urgent market needs and business strategy.

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10 Construction Conferences In 2019


Looking to add construction conferences to attend in 2019 to next year’s schedule? There are many different options of conferences, summits, and expos in 2019, so finding the right one for you is crucial! Construction Conferences in 2019. AEI Conference 2019.

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5 Science-Backed Tips to Manage Your Remote Team Effectively


Now, to give these owners and managers some guidance, we’ve highlighted a few strategies that have been proven by science to run a successful remote team. The digital revolution has done a lot for the modern workplace.

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

Online PM Courses

So, it’s time to refresh our list and put up a new one, in good time for 2019. So, here then is our list of the 52 best Project Management Blogs for 2019. We were musing on this because Ron has paused his blogging and is rethinking his strategy.

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10 Task Management Skills & Tips to Manage Workload Like a Boss

nTask Blog

Most of the times, we are unable to drive the change needed for a certain project or in our strategy. Our daily lives revolve around a certain number of tasks that we identify along the way to achieve our ambitions and SMART goals.

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A Guide to User Story Mapping: Templates and Examples (How to Map User Stories)


How to turn your user story map into a development strategy. How to turn your user story map into a development strategy. Backlogs are exciting. Seeing all those potential features, updates, and bug fixes all in one place, just full of potential… Yeah, sure.

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Using Portfolio-Driven Performance to Improve Project Delivery


Most organizations have strategies, or a strategic plan of some sort. For example, the following types of portfolios can be created and maintained: Strategic Portfolios: including missions, objectives, strategies, and tactics (such as defined programs and products).

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Stressed Out? 7 Ways to Boost Work Productivity By Saying “No”


In this post, we’ll walk you through 8 simple but effective strategies to increase productivity in the workplace by saying the word “No”. Being productive with your day is not a rocket science, but it demands a lot of hard work and an exceptional level of time management skills.

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The 7 Best Executive Assistant Conferences to Attend in 2019


Finding the Best Executive Assistant Conferences to Attend in 2019. With this list of the best executive assistant conferences to attend in 2019, we decided to give you a helping hand and some extra time back. Executive Secretary LIVE 2019. IAAP Summit 2019.

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Legal Conferences to Attend in 2019


You can complete all of the above in addition to promoting your law firm, fulfilling your continuing legal education requirements, and learning how to harness new legal technology by attending a legal conference in 2019. Legal Conferences 2019. Date: April 8 – April 10, 2019.

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12 Quick & Easy Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace


Use tools like Teamweek to communicate project strategies and keep everyone aware of the most crucial tasks at hand. Your ability to motivate your employees is built entirely on trust. Your employees must believe in you and be confident in your decisions so they can do their best work.

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15 Ways to Rock Your Morning Work Routine


Mix and match the strategies here to create a personalized routine that will help you start the day right, every day.

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6 Tips From a Project Scheduling Pro


Whether you realize it or not, you’re a project manager in some way. From school work, to a job in an office or even working freelance, you’re responsible for managing your own project scheduling.

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How to Get Hired in 2019: Explore your I, T or X-shaped Personality!


Be aware that an X role isn’t for everyone, as they are mostly focused on strategy and team management rather than operative tasks. Applying for a leading position is difficult, but it can be easier if you understand how your personality is shaped. Recruiters often look for either T-shaped or X-shaped personalities. But what if you’re an I? Can you become a T or even an X? What are I, T or X-shaped personalities?

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The Best Project Management Software for 2019


The problem is that not enough companies are advancing their project management strategy at the same time as they advance their other tech. This capability makes it easier to re-implement strategies that work and discard those that don’t. Has your team missed yet another deadline?

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10 Management Trends to Watch For in 2019


To give both old and new managers a head start to next year, let’s take a look at ten management trends to watch for in 2019. As far as management trends go, video marketing is potentially the most important to incorporate in 2019.

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The 11 Best Project Management Certifications to Consider in 2019


Agile strategies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean are featured for project managers to cultivate maximum responsiveness to market volatility.

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What are Your Services Firm’s New Year’s Resolutions?


It’s almost 2019, and while people around the world are making New Year’s resolutions, fitness goals are not just for individuals. If your company is not committed to increasing agility, make it your priority in 2019. Transform Your Business in 2019.

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2018 Budget Adds New IR35 Twist

Arras People

The many lobbying groups claimed a limited success in that the Government had listened to the arguments regarding extensive challenges if the legislation were to be implemented from April 2019. April 2019 Loan Charge.

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Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen - Developing Project Leaders

In 2016 the UAE government was named the second-most tech savvy government in the world by the World Economic Forum and the Dubai government has formulated a bold strategy to be the world’s most innovative city by 2021.

Best of 2018: Presenting Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts This Year!


A great strategy to increase team spirit and facilitate better collaboration is to use of a combination of collective and individual incentives. We are always grateful for suggestions, comments and constructive criticism so that we can keep on inspiring you with relevant and interesting articles in 2019 There was a lot going on at InLoox in 2018, which is also reflected on the InLoox blog.

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A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

There’s also a certification as an OPM3 Professional, standing for Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, which is a best-practice standard for assessing and developing capabilities in executing strategy in projects through portfolio management, program management and project management.

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How to Evaluate Product Management Tools


As an advisor to Bill Hewlett and David Packard during their time at Stanford, McElroy passed along much product strategy. Because product strategy is an extension of business strategy, the defined business needs for each product is one such piece of information.

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Portfolio and Resource Management Tips to Gift Your PMO This Holiday Season


Learn how to become an influential advisor and contributor to strategy and deliver value in this 5-part workshop series. When it comes to organizational strategy and excellence, PMOs are often too narrowly focused on project execution. Watch out 2019. It’s the holiday season!

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