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Your Strategy Planning Meeting Agenda (with Template)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Have you been asked to pull together a strategy planning meeting agenda? In this article, I’ll explain what a strategic planning meeting can cover and share a sample agenda you can customize for your strategy sessions. Strategy planning doesn’t just happen. There’s no fixed cadence for strategy conversations.

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Stakeholder Communication Strategy: Part 3 of 4 Steps of Stakeholder Engagement

This time we will discuss how to build an effective stakeholder communication strategy. What Is Stakeholder Communication Strategy A communication strategy is our plan that outlines how we will communicate. Before we build a communication strategy, we need to understand What information do stakeholders need from us?


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Agile Scrum Roles, Ceremonies, Strategy and Projects

The Strategic Project Manager

This post reviews the basics of agile scrum roles, ceremonies, and their impact on developing strategy and managing projects. Sprint – This is a time box defined for regular and consistent work cadence and delivery. Agile Scrum and Strategy. Agile Scrum Roles. The developers perform the work.

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To Fix Your OKRs – Go Back to First (Familiar) Principles

OKRs aim to help you execute effectively on what matters most (your strategy), while overcoming silos, politics and turf wars , the ongoing grind (aka whirlwind ), and other management challenges. Figuring out the right Cadence . The right cadence also provides an opportunity to reinforce/communicate strategic priorities and focus.

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Unlocking the Power and Mastery of Development Approach and Life Cycle

Project Pulse Journal

This domain facilitates strategic alignment, optimized delivery cadence, methodology customization, increased flexibility, and improved risk management. The desire for a project management framework that sustains deliverability, supports the required cadence, and remains faithful to an adaptable methodology is now within reach.

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Capabilities Release or Cadence Release

Herding Cats

So do we pick a Capabilities Release or a Cadence Release? Cadence release puts value out on a periodic basis. Cadence release puts value out on a periodic basis. Those capabilities don't always show up in the Cadence, but that's a separate issue as well. . Strategy is Not the Same as Operational Effectiveness.

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Recharge to Reach the Finish Line: A Leader’s End-of-Year Strategy

The IIL Blog

This rhythm of exertion and recovery resonates deeply with the cadence of leadership in business. The memories of training came flooding back: the early mornings, long roads, discipline, and above all, the invaluable rest days. These were the moments that allowed sore muscles to recover and my determination to be renewed.

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