The Basics of Agile and Project Management

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In this guest article from Germain Paris, a consultant at Genius Project , we get back to basics to see perhaps where the drive is coming from, what that means, and how the practical aspects of Agile, things like SCRUM artifacts are managed. Seek to regularly improve and innovate.

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2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

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If pure Scrum works, or you’re totally a waterfall shop, then as long as you are seeing results no one is going to care. I’ll be watching the Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform to see what impact that has on project success (lots, I hope).

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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Natalie Warnert

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You hosted a #WomenInAgile session just before Agile 2016. You work as a Scrum Master. They also ensure the team understands the principles and ceremonies of Scrum – they’re really the expert that enables and facilitates the Scrum process.

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Top 10 Things About Scrum That Will Change Your World


Looking for a fantastic explanation about Scrum and Agile, but don’t want to wade through a bunch of whitepapers, convoluted diagrams and confusing explanations with words you’ve never used before? ” And, you’ll learn how you can implement Scrum to help your team. This vision is shared by stakeholders and the Scrum team. Every day, Scrum teams ask themselves: “Is this project going in the right direction or do we need to adapt?”. Scrum is about people.


5 Tips To Re-Energise Your Daily Standup Meetings

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When I started working for White October we followed the conventional “scrum” format, where the team get together, share what’s new, what’s challenging and what’s happening, and everyone gives feedback and makes suggestions to unblock each other. Scrums feel more energised.

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French version of the Scrum Values poster

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While developing my book “ Scrum – A Pocket Guide ” (2013) I described how there is value in the Scrum Values. In 2016 the Scrum Values were added to the Scrum Guide. French version of The Scrum Values: Les valeurs Scrum.


What’s the Most Important Job of a Project Manager?


Building the plan is not a project manager’s most important job— especially for projects that need to innovate among a lot of uncertainties. If innovation is required to be successful, the most important job of a PM is to nurture an environment where the team can innovate.

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Sprint to Success with Scrum for Dummies (Book Review)


Traditional management methods are tossed out the window for practices that allow for both execution and innovation. Scrum is an offshoot of this strategy, and it’s summed up quite nicely by Mark C. Layton in Scrum for Dummies. Summary and Book Review of Scrum for Dummies.


The Secret to Finding a Job as a New Scrum Master

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It appears to me there are more jobs available for Scrum Masters than ever before! And for those eager to work in Scrum teams, the answer is also predictable. I opened my inbox today to a question from a former student of my Scrum class. Scrum is one of those.)


The Agile Cannon

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The paper Agile Base Patterns in the Agile Canon , Daniel R Greening, 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences is an important contribution to the discussion of agile at scale in organizations beyond 5 developers at the table with their customer.

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Estimating is a Learned Skill

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And the same process is applied to the Scrum development processes on those projects. . Fixed price without fixed specification,” Magne Jørgensen, Simula Research Laboratory, 15 March 2016. Springer International Publishing, 2016. An Analysis of XP, TDD, Pair Programming, and Scrum (Using Real Options),” Dr. David Rico, [link] 2 (2016), pp. Springer International Publishing, 2016. September 2016.

Why Executives Don’t Go to Agile Conferences

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Anti-Scrum pundits say Scrum ruined Nokia. There is only the dance of competition and innovation. I worked at an organization years ago that was almost put under by a postal strike. Let’s say at the time, cash flow was a problem. The owner had to put in a substantial chunk of his own savings to make payroll, all because of a 3-ish week strike.

Fika Stories 1 – Help! Our Kanban Died!


In this 2-part series, we are honored to publish a couple of blog posts by (2016 Brickell Key award winner) Christophe Achouiantz, Kanban thought-leader, consultant and coach. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Scrum user story

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Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

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What are your observations on market demand for permanent full time vs contract roles in 2016? In the Greater Toronto Area, I have noticed an increase in the number of permanent roles in 2016 compared to a year ago. how much are you supported), attitudes to innovation (i.e.

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2019 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss

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APM is always an exceptional event and I’ve spoken at it in the past (You can read my write up of the 2016 conference here ). The theme is Innovation Made Possible by a Project Manager. Global Scrum Gathering: Austin, Texas, USA, 20-22 May 2019.

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2018 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss

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The theme this year is “Disrupt or Disappear: Connect, Innovate & Transform.” Global Scrum Gathering: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 16-18 April 2018. I’m not an Agile expert by an means but if Scrum is your wheelhouse, this could be a good event to get to.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance for “Brilliant Jerks”

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Catch Christa Kirby’s presentation “Cultivating an Agile Mindset: Creativity, Trust, and a Plastic Toothbrush Case” at this year’s Agile & Scrum Conference! .

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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XP, scrum, lean, etc.) The lesson I need to remember is that, whilst experimenting is an integral part of innovation, the most successful programmes are those that recognise the ongoing needs of business-as-usual and balance the tried and tested with the new.

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Software Estimating Resources

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Effort Estimation for Mobile Applications Using Use Case Point (UCP),” Anureet Kaur and Kulwant Kaur, Smart Innovations in Communication and Computational Sciences. Minku and Xin Yao, Automated Software Engineering, 28 December 2016. “SW Ramakishore, IEEE Computer, 2016.

Risk Management Resources

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A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition Programs,” Roshanak Rose Nilchiani, Naval Postgraduate School, Thirtieth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, April 30, 2016. 3, 2016. 80, 2016. 798-814, 2016. November 2016.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition Programs,” Roshanak Rose Nilchiani, Naval Postgraduate School, Thirtieth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, April 30, 2016. 3, 2016. 80, 2016. 798-814, 2016. November 2016.

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Modeling Negative User Stories is Risky Business,” Pankaj Kamthan and Nazlie Shahmir, 2016 IEEE 17th International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering. Bumbary, 2016 International Conference on Information Systems Engineering.

Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Agile Project Management


But this is an exciting topic, there’s a lot going on with agile, it’s probably one of the hottest buzzwords for the last almost decade and there are still emerging concepts that are coming up that literally there are foundations, there are accreditations that are emerging since 2016. And so whether we’re talking about extreme programming or scrum or Kanban basically how a product is organized versus how we’re actually doing the work.