Why Identifying as a Project Business is Critical For Success

The Lazy Project Manager

The following article is the first of four in a series on ‘Project Business’ and is authored by Daniel Bévort. As such I am delighted to share these articles with you. For example, if we think of a Retail Business, it’s about reselling goods to consumers.

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Webinar recap: Agile Project Management with Microsoft Teams and Planner


Kyle: He has written numerous white papers, articles and delivered, engaging interactive presentations to over 25,000 people at leading industry events around the world, and as well as for the MPUG community. Let’s say you’ve got your process in place. Articles

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Project Management Job Titles: Understanding the Types of Roles in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article, we’ll go through what they mean and what you can expect to do in one of those roles. However, in this article, we’re focusing on people who predominately manage projects.

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Showcase Recap: Easily Capture and Manage Ideas/Demands with MS Project Online Integration


This is something that we even want to go a little bit left of initiation and then as we go through, and plan and execute, provide change, control processes and close out a project that, that can continue as well. Articles

10 Places to Get Free Project Management Templates

Girl's Guide to PM

We'll process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. As with many of the sources mentioned in this article (including my own templates) you’ll have to take off the original logo and replace that with your own (or nothing). You’ve got responsibility for a project.

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10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses That Cost $0


For instance, a plumber likely isn’t going to gain a lot of traction on Snapchat, whereas an e-commerce clothing retailer likely would. If blogging seems overwhelming, start small with just one post per month, then scale up to bi-weekly or weekly as you get more used to the process.

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Writing a Great PMO CV

Arras People

If you’ve not already read the previous articles, now is the time. If you think about the whole recruitment process for a minute – you’re looking to move jobs, most likely you’re looking for a job in a new organisation.

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Regaining Trust: The Winners and Losers of a More Cautious Tomorrow

Leading Answers

Air travel industries and support services could be severely reduced for a couple of reasons: First, more people have now tried remote collaboration and worked through the kinks and learning process. Mike first wrote this article for ProjectManagement.com  here].

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

“ Software is eating the world ” claimed venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen in his 2011, New York Times article. The goals (satisfied stakeholders and value delivery) will remain the same but the tools, titles and processes employed will be vastly different.

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Organizational Structures that Support Faster Innovation and Evolution

Leading Answers

Small organizations can change direction quickly because they have fewer people or processes to change. Think of a thousand people all moving toward a common goal—and their organizational structures and processes to get there. Examples include banks and retail organizations.

Entrepreneurship & Project Management [Interview]

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Entrepreneurship & Project Management [Interview] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Whether it is marketing, customer acquisition, price points, cost per unit, wholesale, retail, online, and so on, the individual who started the company should know these answers.

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Remote Work guide


Manufacturing and retail can’t use remote work. For your organization to be effective when people work from home, you need to have a set of processes and rules to lay the groundwork on how people work and collaborate.

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Webinar Recap: They Finally Did It! Microsoft Releases a Brand-New Version of Microsoft Project


So we move kind of, basically through the process of looking at one of the tools that are available. But in general, the retail pricing will be posted. Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s They Finally Did It!

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Six Reasons Why Strategy Execution Goes Wrong And How To Recover

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this article, we share six reasons why strategy execution might go wrong and how you can address them. the process of identifying and reacting to industry or environmental change, leading to changes in the strategy. For example, think about a retail organisation with many shops.

A guide to Remote Work in 2020


Manufacturing and retail can’t use remote work. Managing remote workers is not hard as long as you have set a good remote working process in place. . For additional resources check the HB article about remote work here.

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The New Need to be Lifelong Learners

Leading Answers

However, all industries are changing and terms like “ Retail Apocalypse ” are invented to describe the trend in just one sector. The condition prevents the body from processing the common building block of protein tyrosine.

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

“ Software is eating the world ” claimed venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen in his 2011, New York Times article. Not just technology companies (like Google, Apple) but every sector is being disrupted by software including retail (Amazon), banking (PayPal, cryptocurrencies), transportation (Tesla, Uber), and travel (Airbnb). The goals (satisfied stakeholders and value delivery) will remain the same but the tools, titles and processes employed will be vastly different.

43 Learning Resources for New and Experienced Project Managers


Unless you work in the retail or hospitality industries, November and December usually bring a quiet calm to the office. Sigmon gives project managers a defined process to not only break bad news, but also improve communication over the long-term.

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Why Agile is important?


You can’t piecemeal this process. Recently Mckinsey & Company published a great article on this subject. You have seen what Amazon is doing to retail companies and what Google and Facebook are doing to publishers and newspapers.

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Choose The Best Employee Timesheet Software And Save Your Time


Time management and work schedule are eased for many industries like service departments, retail shops, colleges, restaurants. The time entry process is convenient and simple with Everhour.

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Agile Planning: A Beginner’s Guide To Planning & Executing Iterative Projects


In this article, we’re going to guide you through the concepts of agile planning. So, if you’re looking to increase your knowledge of agile ways of working, as well as hear some real-life examples, this article is for you! The agile planning process provides a more iterative approach.

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10 Construction Conferences In 2019


This article includes a wide variety of construction events that will meet your interests. . Bringing together retailers and industry professionals, the Builders’ Show provides the opportunity to network and become more educated on new industry developments.

How to Stay Relevant At Work (Hint: It’s Called Upskilling)


Upskilling is the process of continuous learning so you can minimize skills gaps and master new abilities. AR has also been used to help retail employees learn more about the products they sell.

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The Secret of Successful KPI Metrics


In this article, we’re going to define the line between KPI and metrics so that you can better understand how to use them both to your advantage. Your KPIs should also be made clear to all team members and stakeholders from the beginning and communicated throughout the entirety of the process.

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Why Customer Retention Is More Important Than New Revenue


When it comes to retailer loyalty, 84% of adults in America are content with sticking to the same stores. So it may take some trial and error to really nail your analytics recipe (which we’ll get into a bit more later in this article).

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COTS – Commercial off the Shelf Lifecycle Model

Jez Lister

This article is one of a series covering COTS – Commercials off the Shelf Lifecycle model methodology, also know as package software. I wanted to share my experience with others who are about to embark on the process of COTS identification, selection, procurement and implementation.

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How To Work From Home Successfully

Project Management Hacks

In the research for this article, I found some surprising anxiety online. This article will focus on the first two scenarios of working from home as an employee. Use this three step process to gather information on the feasibility of working from home in your current circumstance.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Need up-to-date facts and figures for a project management report, article, or infographic? Having a knowledge transfer process in place boosts the chance of project success by over 20%. [6]. Most Popular Agile Tools and Processes: Scrum – 43%. Poor purchasing processes: 23%.

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Magento 2.0 Developer Common Questions & Responses


This feature was introduced to resolve resource usage conflicts between order management operations on the backend and checkout operations on the storefront in periods of high load, as well as to speed up the order creation process on the last step of checkout. is not comparable to the size of JavaScript, thus deferred processing of styles by moving them to the bottom page is not expected to bring significant performance improvements. Magento 2.0

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The Productivity Cheat Sheet That Every Marketer Needs


Apple’s over the top success, with the highest revenue per retail square foot in the nation, is not owed to trying to reach everybody. They whittle down their tasks with daily to-do lists, and they get one process up and running before they commit to new ones.

The Long Tail of Project Management


Chris Anderso n builds an interesting case around the concept of the long tail of retail ( The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More ). I recommend you have a look at this article by Mike Griffiths to get more details on this survey.

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3 Big Reasons Why Marketers Need Project Management Tools


There’s so many roles and checkpoints throughout the process of creating a product overview sheet that you’ll want to see dependencies and next steps every step of the way. This article originally appeared on the WorkZone Project Management Software blog.

JP Morgan Chase & Co Project Manager Profile: Paul Rezaie

Project Management Hacks

In this article, Paul Rezaie, Project Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Co, shares his career journey including what’s he learned working at JP Morgan Chase & Co. What was the process? Paul Rezaie, PMP.

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