Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

Mike Griffiths

This article explains what a risk-adjusted backlog is, why they are useful, how to create one and how teams work with them. What is a Risk-Adjusted Backlog? Prioritizing based on business value is an example of the lean concept of 'Taking an Economic View of Decision Making.'

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The Agile Manifesto from a Lean Perspective

To what extent, for example, is the Manifesto a reflex of “lean thinking”? There’s a clear synergy between lean and agile practice, and attempts to tease them apart can often seem contrived and artificial. Interestingly, in the published history of the Agile Manifesto, the word “lean” does not appear even once. Could it be that the authors were influenced by a “lean” gestalt which they saw no reason to explicitly acknowledge?

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The Complete Guide to Project Risk Assessment (Free Template)


Project risk assessment is an essential part of any project management plan. This guide shares 6 key steps in assessing project risk. So much of project success depends on spotting and eliminating these risks. How exactly do you figure out which risks to look out for and which to ignore? And once you’ve spotted these risks, how do you create plans to counter them? I’ll answer all these questions and more in this guide to project risk assessment.

Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults - Tim Lister. Risk Management Papers. “A Risk a Feelings,” George F.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition, Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk a Feelings,” George F. Hammonds, Risk Analysis 14.5

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


Dave is a Principal Consultant at Depth Consulting Ltd, and Program Director of the KCP Program at the Lean Kanban University. Value-system Influences. Both are heavily influenced by value-systems. Scrum is primarily influenced by the Agile Manifesto which describes the “Agile” value system. The Kanban Method pulls a great deal of its values from a Lean value system. There isn’t really a “Lean Manifesto” but the works of Taiichi Ono and W. Introduction.

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How to Be Smart in a Project with a Slack Team Member

Project Risk Coach

When I assigned Susan her tasks, she leaned back and away. Use your interpersonal skills to influence the team. Have you ever had problem team members? These individuals hide missed deadlines, possess bad attitudes, and criticize other team members. They seldom volunteer to help other team members or jump in to pick up the slack. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock (edited in Canva). Bonus: Keep an eye out for the FREE bonus at the end of this article.

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Cultural transformations of high-performing teams

Kiron Bondale

He suggested context (low or high) as a cultural characteristic which would influence the starting point for a team and which could then change as the team matures, but the same can be said for other cultural dimensions. (

2019 186

From Servant Leadership to Shared Leadership

Mike Griffiths

Willingness to take personal risks.   Willingness to take personal risks - It is desirable to have some skin in the game, to be personally invested beyond just a role, and to have some reputation or repercussion invested in the outcome.

Impacts of traditional project funding models on agile delivery

Kiron Bondale

A key enterprise partner is the Finance department and the organization’s model for project funding will have significant influence over successful agile delivery. It can result in higher risk, premature financial commitments. one sprint’s worth), but in most cases, project funding approval processes are not lean enough to encourage such behavior.

2018 137

How resource management can save you from The Great Resignation

Resource Guru

According to Harvard Business Review, these five Rs together, exacerbated by the pandemic, greatly influenced the Great Resignation: Retirement — older workers retired early to spend time with loved ones and on interests outside of work.

2022 80

Strategy Framework Canvas: How to Pick the Right Strategy Framework

The Strategic Project Manager

It can also be useful to implementers, including project managers, to sharpen efforts in project scoping, risk management, managing the schedule, identifying and handling stakeholders, and using project metrics. and Lean Innovation.

What is a Stakeholder in Project Management?


No matter how agile and lean you try to run your projects there are inevitably going to be a lot of people involved in getting you from project proposal to launch day. While anyone who is impacted by the project is technically a stakeholder, key stakeholders are those who have influence and authority to dictate whether a project is a success is not. Who wants to influence this project (positively or negatively)? But ignoring them is a risk you can’t afford.

2018 252

Are you an unbeliever?

Kiron Bondale

We always want to lead disruptive, innovative, sexy projects but just because you are working on a mandatory project doesn’t mean that your team members can’t express their creativity, especially in coming up with lean solutions to the minimal requirements. By keeping your organization safe, you are improving its brand, reducing risk and opportunity costs.

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Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022)


Agile management represents various software-development methodologies that have been influenced by iterative and incremental development, which include Extreme Programming (XP), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Scrum, and others. What are the 5 phases of Risk Management.

2022 82

The Best 53 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

Paymo App

Influence – We considered Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) to predict how a website can rank on Google’s SERP. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. What to expect: As a Lean and Agile project management expert, Corinna Baldauf shares her knowledge to help PM professional find and fix process problems. Influence. Influence. Influence. The Risk Matrix – Yet One More Time! Influence. Influence.

2018 87

How to Spot Trends Early and Pivot Your Marketing Strategy


If you’re too late, you risk drowning out in the noise, or worse, coming across as unhip and out of touch. Follow Influencers. Influencers, for better or for worse, shape trends (and the resulting demand).

2021 78

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

She noted that the women who can benefit from her video are those who fit the following description: They’re ready, which means they’ve advanced to the point at which they are prepared to take on the risk inherent in any new venture. Know when to “lean in” or “lean back.” Sometimes you have to lean in and lean back at the same time, depending on the situation. Number two, some wanna know when do I know when to lean in or lean back?

2018 218

A Complete Guide to the What and Why of Business Agility


The entire organization needs to use lean and agile practices to deliver solutions faster than the competitors. They are not afraid to take risks because delaying actions means chances lost. Agile leaders have a high appetite for risk. Always stick to basics of Agile and Lean.

2021 81

How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


The SAFe Agile Coach is supposed to enable the agile teams in their SAFe adoption, and they also learn a variety of Lean techniques/tools to improve the flow of value in their agile teams. The organizational culture focuses on learning, allowing for mistakes, and taking controlled risks.

2021 74

Strategic PM and the Kurt Lewin Change Management Model

The Strategic Project Manager

Engage with key influencers – Be strategic about this. In what areas do you need influence, with whom do you need to engage, and what is in it for them? You will need a strategy for getting the Change to take root with these influencers and disseminate to others.

2022 52

10 Best Project Management Quotes

You can be an expert at the textbook definition of a dozen methodologies, or an intuitive leader who manages from the gut, but if you lean too heavily on one or the other, you’re never going to fully realize your potential. There are outside influences that will impact it, not to mention the project is executed by people, and people are notoriously difficult to place in box. The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.” – Kenneth Blanchard.

2018 249

Customer Segments of the Business Model Canvas

The Strategic Project Manager

Consider competitive forces, competitive risks associated with different approaches, and where your company fits. What are the customer’s risks and barriers in this area? This will influence their approach to projects.

2022 69

Top 6 Tips For Handling Your Ecommerce Business Projects


Well, you can, but you will face higher risk of failing as well. It will be your guide to implement tasks efficiently while reducing risks. For example: an influencer marketing campaign can have goals like 200% ROI through custom URLS and 150% increase in website traffic.

2021 78

Overview of the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition – Lesson 3 Transcription


You have your integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources, communications, risk, procurement, stakeholders, right? Jeff: You know, employees consistent risk evaluation. You’re like, where’s the risk register? Where’s the talk about risk?

2022 56

Got Your CSM, Now What?

Leading Answers

If so, be more influenced by content and quality rather than recognition and opportunity. Lean, Kanban, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence are all topics that agile teams can benefit from. However, maybe you are not interested in agile and want to pursue risk management further. Maybe a PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) credential fits the bill?

2017 101

How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


The SAFe Agile Coach is supposed to enable the agile teams in their SAFe adoption, and they also learn a variety of Lean techniques/tools to improve the flow of value in their agile teams. The organizational culture focuses on learning, allowing for mistakes, and taking controlled risks.

2021 56

How project management trends will change in 2020


The biggest tendency that impact and will continue to influence project management is Artificial Intelligence. All three features are aimed at estimating and reducing risks in project management, which will be a growing trend in 2020.

2020 78

How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This may be by adopting a new tool or approach, learning some new skills in listening, influence, or negotiation, or maybe simply allocating more time to it. XP, scrum, lean, etc.) Second, the use of lean and agile tools and methodologies beyond IT, software and manufacturing. Visual, lean tools that truly engage all team members are going to become essential in 2019. Lean in a little more to the opportunities before you.

2019 242

A Complete Guide to RACI/RASCI Charts

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Knowing what people do and the influence they have is an important of part of how to manage a project. When you don’t document who is responsible for what, you risk: Decisions taking longer because no one is clear who will be having the final say. amazon text=Agile Readiness: Four Spheres of Lean and Agile Transformation&asin= 1472417437] by Thomas P. Working out who does what on your project can be a challenge.

2019 264

How project management trends will change in 2020


The biggest tendency that impact and will continue to influence project management is Artificial Intelligence. All three features are aimed at estimating and reducing risks in project management, which will be a growing trend in 2020.

2020 78

Pulse of the Profession 2018: The Project Manager of the Future


Invest in actively engaged executive sponsors as they will use their influence within an organization to actively overcome challenges by communicating the project’s alignment to strategy, removing roadblocks, and driving organizational change. Organizations then have the ability to minimize risks, control costs and increase value. Versatile Manager: has experience with various approaches—waterfall, Scrum, agile, lean, design thinking etc.

2018 105

Top Solutions to Project Failure – Epicflow Research Part 2

Epicflow Blog

Ghaith Al-Werikat , a KTP Associate at Galliford Try and an academic at Loughborough University, also talks about the involvement of stakeholders and their influence on project success: “In order to come out with solutions, stakeholders need to understand the root causes of failure and not stop at the symptoms to provide proactive measures to manage projects.”. Perform Risk Management. Read more: How to Ensure Project Success: Risk Management Matters.

2019 63

The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Risk Up Front: Managing Projects in a Complex World. However, instead of leaning heavily on theory, it uses real-world examples to illustrate how these scenarios play out. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

2020 124

Product Backlog refinement: How far is too far?

The team should avoid refining too far in advance if it’s working in a higher-risk environment involving frequent changes in technology, business needs, or other factors influencing the Product Backlog’s order and content. The Product Backlog is one of the three Scrum artifacts.

2022 58

27 Product Backlog and Refinement Anti-Patterns

Join 150-plus peers on May 30, 2022: HoA #42: The Skinny on Lean Roadmapping and OKRs w/ Janna Bastow. The Product Owner may influence the Developers by helping them understand and select trade-offs. The realization risk of these themes at this point is too high.

2022 77

A Guide to Hiring for Organizational Culture Fit


That’s backed up by the stats, too, with workplace culture a key influencer for 46% of job seekers. They are happy to take risks if they can meet their customer’s needs quickly. Until the robots fully take over, it’s the people that make any company an amazing place to work.

2022 52

Transformation, Business Architecture, and Scaling

Leading Agile

You either change the tool to accommodate the organization or you change the organization and unfortunately, most of the companies that we were dealing with, didn’t have agency or influence to change the organization.

2022 116

Distributed Project Management: Modernize the Way You Work with Enterprise Work Management


A team that is aligned from opportunity to delivery reduces risks for costly missteps or slow-downs and improves the profitability of the project. As processes and technology evolve, so does the meaning of Project Management.

Large-Scale B2B Telecom Projects: Managing Profitability from Order to Cash


In fact, as early as the Request for Proposal (RFP) and opportunity development stage, decisions and actions influence profitability. This mitigates the risk of decisions based on the wrong data. Large-Scale B2B Telecom Projects: Managing Profitability from Order to Cash.