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16 Strategies to Fight the Global Skills Shortage


Today, we will find out how bad this shortage really is and what you can do to change your talent strategy to secure top talent even in a challenging climate. Fight current and future skills shortages with a smart talent assessment strategy. The US is one of many countries currently facing a skills shortage in the job market.

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Introducing: Mastering Multiple Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I assume you already know that and what you need is the EXTRA layer of strategies, tools and techniques for having more than one project on the go at the same time. The live calls start on 15 February 2021, so if you are interested, sign up soon! I hope to see you inside the course! Learn more about Mastering Multiple Projects.


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?? Daniel Stillman: Designing Powerful Questions to help you Coach, Create, Connect and Lead

Learn from Daniel Stillman how designing powerful questions helps you coach, create, connect, and lead from the 35th Hands-on Agile meetup of October 5, 2021. ?? Free: Download the Agile Metrics Survey 2021. Your primary influence is the environment you create. Powerful Conversations are the environment that drives change.

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What Scrum Teams Can Learn From The Ferrari F1 2022 Season So Far

I can stress the next point enough: The best product will not grant success if you fail in the strategy department. The latest example of bad strategy calls by the Ferrari team was the last race in Hungary. The whole year has been filled with poor strategy decisions, driver errors, and failing car components. It does not?

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6 Biggest Challenges Facing the Professional Services Organizations in 2021


How can we develop innovative and effective marketing strategies to acquire new clients? Keep an eye on trends in the industry, including new technologies that may influence your services and employees. The list of challenges facing professional services firms in 2021 is long. Create a career development plan for employees.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pareto Principle in Time Management in 2021


This principle also has a very important place in the overall time management strategy of a business. This time management influence of the Pareto principle states that more than 80% of the results that the company generates, come from 20% of the effort that their resources put in their work to generate more business.

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Virtual Learning in 2021: The 7 Trends to Look out for

International Institute for Learning

With hope for rosier days ahead, what does 2021 hold for learning and development (L&D) professionals and online training? These 7 notable trends may influence our lives as L&D pros, learners, and employees: 1. Typical virtual classes are an hour long, and nearly half are part of a blended learning strategy, Huggett reports.

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