The Risk Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

Most of your project problems can be avoided or greatly reduced through risk management. The simple act of identifying and discussing risks goes a long way towards reducing problems in your project. Let’s look at how to start the risk management process. How will you identify risks? How often will you perform risk management activities? Who will own the project risks. If you have a PMO, see if they have a risk management template.

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The Road to Effective Project Management Governance

What really is project management governance? With countless articles and books in the business spectrum conveying such practice, project management governance is in the sense, subjective. There’s no correct description of it and it’s safe to say that individuals or groups who employ and encounter project management governance have developed their own understanding of it. Governance and Decisions. To be more precise, project management governance.


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Kingspan Insulation Enables Growth with Successful Product Portfolio Governance

Arras People

If your organisation does not have effective product portfolio governance, growth can quickly become overwhelming and lead you into making inaccurate decisions. Here are several of the benefits outlined in the webcast: Resources are comfortable escalating risk and issues as everything is directly accessible by project teams – so there are no more surprises. Risks can then be more closely monitored by senior management and stakeholders trust the data. Growth is a good thing.

Kingspan Insulation Enables Growth with Successful Product Portfolio Governance

Arras People

If your organisation does not have effective product portfolio governance, growth can quickly become overwhelming and lead you into making inaccurate decisions. Here are several of the benefits outlined in the webcast: Resources are comfortable escalating risk and issues as everything is directly accessible by project teams – so there are no more surprises. Risks can then be more closely monitored by senior management and stakeholders trust the data. Growth is a good thing.

Your Basic Guide to IT Project Governance Framework

IT project governance framework has since been the answer to this equation, but people seemed not to fully grasp its function. This article tackles the importance and significance of IT Project Governance Framework and its impact on the projects in the organization. Project governance is crucial component of every project since the responsibilities that come with it are interconnected with different business cases, as well as the project’s overall success.

2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

This year I’m looking forward into 2017 to highlight some of the project management trends I think it is worth watching out for. A positive benefit to this could be employers putting existing professionals through the Higher Project Management Apprenticeship scheme, upskilling them at virtually no cost (or at least, through funds already paid to the government in the form of the levy). Will 2017 be the year we get our first Chartered Project Professionals?

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How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips ?

It also means successfully identified the stakeholders and risks and the project are already in the plan, ready for implementation. The two governance processes should be implemented constantly to keep track of the scope creeps, risks , opportunities, and also safeguard the following resources from running out. To stay within deadline means having a governance process that everyone will adhere to.

How to Keep Your Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Arras People

To put it simply, project controls encompass the people, processes and tools used to plan, manage and mitigate cost and schedule issues and any risk events that may impact a project. companies and government agencies an estimated $145 billion per year! This comprehensive output assures that the correct scope is being performed, risk mitigation is in place, no steps have been missed and every dollar is tracked.

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Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What does a PM Really Do?

Project Bliss

This prevents information from being missed by some and reduces risk. As the project manager, you may report to stakeholders, governance bodies, and anyone else who needs project information. These reports could be regularly scheduled or ad hoc, and could include data on status, risk, or any of the identified project metrics. Managing risk. The job title of “project manager” is pretty common these days.

2017 196

Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

Herding Cats

Managing Cost, Schedule, & Technical Performance Risk Is The Basis Of Good Project Management. Risk management is essential to the success of any significant project. The emerging risks that can be identified early in the project that impact the project later are often termed “known unknowns.” These risks can be mitigated with a good risk management process. Risk management is proactive, taking preventative actions rather than taking corrective actions.

2017 37

Project Status Reporting – 6 Key Considerations

Project Health Check

The Project should then be reporting its status regularly to senior management via a Status Report, as part of its overarching Governance arrangement. We’ve recently been involved in a review and update to the Project status reporting and governance structure for a major organisation with circa 150 Projects live projects at any one time. So there you go, some basic high level considerations for Status Reporting and Governance that we’ve used.

2017 192

So, you are about to start a project….?

Ron Rosenhead

Understanding the risks involved in the project. project management governance benefits management project management project manager project risks project sponsor project start upThe project started with a real bang. It was like watching the rush hour at a major London railway station. There was a massive amount of activity, people asking for data (sometime twice of the same person), people in the team doing the same work, lots of meetings and lots of ‘activity.’

2017 156

What Can a Project Manager Do Next? The Project Manager Career Ladder

Project Bliss

You need to understand risk and finances, and evaluate projects based on ROI. The Portfolio Manager may also establish portfolio governance standards and procedures for approvals, reporting and other needs. Building a project plan and measuring progress, identifying customer needs, and managing risk will be familiar to you. Have you ever wondered what career path could be next on the project manager career ladder?

2017 198

Accountability on a Agile Software Development in the Presence of Governance

Herding Cats

So for projects that spend other people's money in the presence of uncertainty - Governance is a means to establish those shared principles. Governance is about Decision Rights. Specifying the decision rights and accoutability framework to encourage desirable behaviours in the developemnt and use of information technology and its supporting services. - IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Risght for Superier Results , Weill and Ross, Harvard Business School Proess.

Slapping projects on top of the day job – what’s your solution?

Ron Rosenhead

The group did highlight the possibility of increasing the risk profile for the project doing this. project management governance delegation project management project management priorities risk managementMost of the articles written on this blog site come from a mix of research, working with clients and stories told to me. This one is a mix of working with clients and a story told. Let me set the scene.

2017 153

Are your project management success rates improving?

Ron Rosenhead

The report concludes that: “The path to increased progress is still very important and should, as outlined by our 2017 findings, includes”. The path to increased progress is still very important and should, as outlined by our 2017 findings, including those above. PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017. Risk management strategies. project management governance governance project management project risks project sponsor

2017 109

Improving portfolio management must be part of an agile transformation

Kiron Bondale

There is a greater likelihood of having too many active projects which increases the risk of resource shortages. If governance committees aren’t selecting the right projects which are in alignment with strategic objectives, and only kicking off as many projects as can be effectively staffed, it won’t matter how efficient, empowering or customer-centric the organization’s delivery practices are.

2017 138

Managing Your First Strategic Initiative

Arras People

It will be interesting to see how many strategic initiatives British Airways will instigate in light of the recent issue of global computer failure causing chaos at Heathrow and Gatwick in May 2017 to rebuild consumer confidence in their battered brand. In addition, there are also governance functions—risk management, legal, etc.—that

Big Data and Risk Management

Brad Egeland

In fact, the IDC revealed that global data would increase from 23ZB in 2017 to 174 Zettabytes by 2025. Furthermore, big data is an essential and powerful risk management tool. These interactions offer an excellent opportunity to obtain organizational risk insight, which facilitates the reduction and assessment of threats. Once your business uses big data in managing risk, you will get a comprehensive overview that assists you in structuring your financial revenue streams.

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


So where did many of the business and technology executives and professionals frequent to find the top content of 2017? These three articles share some of the best practices and how-to articles to help your business reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes. Top 11 project management certifications for 2017 (CIO). Risk Management. The article shares a cautionary tale to IT departments about the risks of complacency.

2017 62

What is VUCA?

Arras People

Low-uncertainty introduces the need for “plan-B” or risk management while uncertainty favours reactive responding. PRINCE2® gave us a framework within which to create governance over the use of the tool-kit. Including the resources of the PMBoK we all need to gather a tool-set and governance framework that supports us to: Create and cascade vision from Mission plus Market-place pressure and Values. No it’s not Spock. The world is a dynamic place.

2017 151

Five expectations for agile tools…

Kiron Bondale

But without seamless integration at the logical connecting points, the risk of data quality or redundant effort increases. Without this, there is likely to be no consistency between product or project-based pods which will make it that much harder to enable a self-serve, lean governance and oversight model.

2017 131

Preventing Kickbacks to Those with the Power to Purchase

Project Risk Coach

He is the author of The Little Book of Local Government Fraud Prevention and Preparation of Financial Statements & Compilation Engagements. Last week, Harry and I were running, and he told me about his procurement risk blog series. Since I am a fraud prevention guy, we began discussing the risk of vendor kickbacks to those with the power to purchase. Given this risk, what can be done?

2017 173

What is the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act?

Moira Alexander

PMI's Pulse of the Profession report shows "only 64 percent of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals and business intent -- and that government entities waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on project and programs.". How does this bill impact PM practices within the federal government? The PMIAA bill impacts all areas of the government with the exception of the Department of Defense (DOD). How does this impact government agencies?

2017 125

Project Start-Up: The Plan for a Plan

Project Health Check

Du ring the Project Start-up and planning phase, projects will execute detailed planning processes to produce a Performance Measurement Baseline of Cost/Schedule/Scope and an associated Project Management Plan. The project schedule will then steer the project through the foggy waters of its lifecycle and eventually help it to find its way to delivery and closedown. But what about the planning phase itself when the schedule doesn't exist yet?

2017 177

Risk Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Project Risk Management includes all the processes involved in risk identification, regulation, and mitigation on a project. The objective is to increase the likelihood of positive risks (opportunities) and decrease the likelihood of negative risks (threats). Risk factors – When looking at risks, one should determine. The anticipated frequency of risk events from the source (how often). Identify Risks. Plan Risk Responses.

2017 38

How effective is your benefits management framework?

Kiron Bondale

Benefits management, like project risk management, is practiced poorly by most organizations. This is especially true with discretionary investments as the benefits from mandatory projects are usually related to risk reduction and are usually immune to changes in strategic objectives or external environmental influences. This analysis should focus on assumptions and risks impacting benefits realization.

2017 139

Increasing the Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Capabilities Earned Value Estimating Governance Management Performance-Based Project Management® Principles Requirements Risk Root Cause Analysis Technical Performance MeasuresIncreasing the Probability of Project Success Simple in Theory, Complex in Practice. When we hear any suggestion about improving the probability of success of a project, there are some simple tests to confirm there actually is such a thing.

2017 69

Moving from Permanent to Contracting in Project Management

Arras People

Why take the risk they tell me. At the beginning of 2017 I started to think – would I prefer a contract project management role? So going back to the start of 2017 I started to think about project manager recruitment. But it will most likely only a matter of time before the government cotton on to this and update the rules. Thinking of making the jump from permanent into contracting roles? It can’t be that difficult can it?

2017 150

How to connect business strategy with project management

Moira Alexander

The second component is leveraging a rigorous portfolio and project management governance process. The first step provides strategic focus ensuring business alignment across multiple stakeholders and minimizing the business process risk," says Srinivasan. are done properly thus minimizing technology risk.". Without this connection, project risk points increase.

2017 138

The Calm Before the Project Management Storm

Arras People

So now we have to see what happens with: Our Government. If you do risk management then some or all of the above will be factors which will affect our daily lives. We, the profession, kid ourselves if we think that the first person the Prime Minister or members of the Government or those Civil Servants in Whitehall think of is us.

2017 150

The #1 Challenge in Project Management (According to the Experts)


The first step was to join forces with Aberdeen to release the recent report, “ 2017 Project Management Software Trends. Many organizations that we meet with think it is hard to align the business to the strategy and place governance to the process of project selection. The root cause often lies in two points: ineffective estimation at the start or poor project governance regarding changes.

2017 100

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Sofia Hess

Girl's Guide to PM

I also use risk management and negotiation skills for planning our medium and long-term marketing initiatives. The Office Survival Kit We are moving offices (it feels like only yesterday that I last did an office move – from beautiful Avenue Matignon to crummy La Défense), Inspiring Women in Project Management: Amy Hamilton This inspiring woman in project management, Amy Hamilton, shares her experiences as a project manager in the US Army, for the government, and her Tedx.

2017 188

Your Ultimate Guide To Portfolio Management Tools

You also need to resort to a software that triggers “what-if” scenarios to prepare you for the oncoming risks and similar issues. Financial Governance. Risk Management. With projects come risks. Grouping the projects into a single portfolio will help you see clearly the projects that are prone to risks. Portfolio Governance Management. Portfolio Risk Management. Large projects call for complex processes and the need for more management procedures.

2017 103

How to Talk About Estimates

Herding Cats

The best starting point for determining the NEEDED precision and accuracy is to determine the Value at Risk. . If I'm risking two weeks of work for the Scrum team of 5 people it's a much different need from the risk of a $10B manned spaceflight program being supported to congress for budget authorization. . IT Risk Management. What is an estimate? An estimate as a noun is an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults - Tim Lister. Risk Management Papers. “A Risk a Feelings,” George F. February 2017. “A

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What is Project Portfolio Management : The Basics

Portfolios are thus born to organize and prioritize projects and govern the resources and team within each of them. Portfolio Governance Management. Portfolio Risk Management. What is Portfolio Management? It’s one of those questions that can be really complicated when someone is not really that familiar with project or portfolio management. To understand something is always the first step.

2017 111

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Karen Chovan

Girl's Guide to PM

A lot of my focus ended up working with the PMO to improve the process of identification of risks and opportunities, trade-off analyses, decision making, and stage-gate reporting for improved performance in environment, safety and inclusion of external stakeholder needs. Inspiring Women in Project Management: Amy Hamilton This inspiring woman in project management, Amy Hamilton, shares her experiences as a project manager in the US Army, for the government, and her Tedx.

2017 183

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Epistemic uncertainty can also occur when there is a subjective evaluation of the system - a risk from a rare event or an event with little or no empirical data. One starting point is the value at risk.

Agile Release Train (ART)


Principles governing the Agile Release Train. The Agile Release Train provides alignment and helps manage risk by providing program level cadence and synchronization. Each of the PI are also accompanied with a list of identified risks that were uncovered by the ART team during PI Planning meeting. The concept of Agile Release Train is central to understanding the constructs of SAFe and to implement them. So, what is an ART?

2017 85